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Monday, October 27, 2008

today really is stayin at home to rot..super sianz lor..

1 good thin and 1 bad thin..good is that chalet is comin..woahs!!
bad is that i dono wan go trainin ma? coz of some reason...makin a difficult choice

anw, yesterday had a fun time coz went bowlin and aft thatmy cousin and aunt came as well..my cousin still bring his gf and good fren..had lots of fun yesterday

shall end my post here..cya soon..

1:02 PM

Friday, October 24, 2008

gettin emo now, only hope tat i can get cheered up on the chalet( which may be the last time the whole of 2F can be together again for fun and joy)

many thanks to norman, jacelyn and grace for ur help and support
norman, don get too fedup lor, say so many vulgar, i shocked sia

2:49 PM

Thursday, October 23, 2008

today was quite sianz..and i realised sometin bad(which i dowan to say)...

went to Singapore Flyer and realised it was not fun, it shod move faster than beta, anw, took some fotos too lor..
went bac sch and slack until sch end, i rather hav lessons lor, super bored de can? nth much to play except stress and poker cards..

im lookin forward to wed,faster come ba...really cant wait..

wonder y it comes to tis end, tis week is jus not my week..

3:11 PM

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bac to blog again aft 3 days.don feel like usin com..anw, im still unable to upload the photos, so wait again ba..hehes

yesterday had trainin wif oni 5 people fr our squad turnin up.the trainin was fun, had P.T and tok crap and sort of 'counsellin'..however, i was sad and disappointed, haiz..

today got bac report book.my results was so-so nia..not veri happy wif it but not veri disappointed either..yesterday papa let me go for the chalet..yah! cant w8 for the chalet next wednesday..

next next wed is my bday oso..cant w8 for that day too..gonna ask some people come my house play, so if i do ask u, pls do come..if i don ask u, doesn mean u r not my frend, but i can oni ask limited people..

tomoro going singapore flyer..quite excited, but its oso the end of sch..sianz

im gonna giv up hope soon le, although i don wan to___, maybe i might a wrong choice in the beginnin...i hope i don hav to__ and i hope i did not make a wrong choice..one last chance only..

7:30 PM

Saturday, October 18, 2008

nth much to blog today..now rottin at home..
ltr going out..have been watchin wrestlin for the whole afternoon le

i realise life is so fragile and full of ups & down..
wat is happiness and wat is sufferin?
maybe my whole like is destined to suffer a lot..
when will my life be filled full with happiness and bless..

6:04 PM

Friday, October 17, 2008

bac to blog again..wanted to blog in hk but the connection in the hotel need money so nvr blog..

anw, tis post gonna be long and pics will be posted aft i hav time to upload time to my com..

knew some of myresults and was not happy wif some
chinese-50+ ( super sad bout chinese marks )

hk was quite fun..so im gonna tok bout it..bear wif me

Day 1- woke up at 5 and went to airport..aeroplane took off at 8+..i was damn scared throughout the flight coz i got aeroplane fear or wateva u cal it..landed at 12+ and waited for the tour agency to drive us to hotel..aft tat my relatives in hkcame to find us and we went to for lunch wif them..aft lunch they took us shopping and then dinner was soon aft..by the time we reached hotel at nite..it was like 10+ and i was super tired..first day was more or less about tis..quite borin..

Day 2-woke up at 9 and went to ocean park..first we went to the panda habitat..they r super cute lor..when i post the pics, u will noe wat i mean..aft tat went to see the bird show..so-so only..wanted to take the cable car to another part of the ocean park but coz of the strong winds they stop the cable car until the winds get weaker..we waited for an hr b4 decidin to take the bus up..went to c the animal show..tat was superb..the animals are super clever lor..knew wat was goin to hapen and they knew every step well..then we took the cable car down..the ht between ground and the cable car was long and the ride was quite scary..went for dinner and shoppin at 'miao jie'..aft we wenty bac to hotel, went to hotel lounge b4 goin bac to room ad sleep..

Day 3-woke up at 7 and rode the ferry to macau..it was 1 hr long and i suffered sea-sickness the journey there.then went to some places for sight-seeing..macau tower was scary lor..it was 61 stories high and there was an glass ground to see the land from 58 stories high..aft that went to the venetian to shop and my father went to the casino..there was like nth much to shop so we waited for our father and went to 'zhu hai' by walkin..macau and 'zhu hai' was veri nr lor..jus need to walk from one custom to another..went there to shop..there got more thing to shop and we bought a number of things..aft that went bac to hk and must seat ferry again..tis time i almost vomited..the sea was rough lor.once again go to lounge and slept at 12+..

Day 4- went to a temple to pray then went shopping at 'nu ren jie', bought a lot of things and spend my day shoppin aft that ate dinner and went bac hotel sleep..

Day 5-woke up super early and went to 'tung chung' to take cable car up to 'da fo'..reached there must climb 244 steps to reach the buddha..super tiring lor..aft that walk walk there and sit the cable car and went to hotel to w8 for the bus to take us to airport..on the way bac was bad..coz i got vehicle sickness so i sure headache and the plane goin thru rough air.was super relieved when the plane landed..aft tat home sweet home and now im bloggin..

end my post here..hope to be able to upload the pics soon..

2:13 PM

Saturday, October 11, 2008

yay! tomoro flying le..my father wan me bring my laptop..but dono got time post ma..so if no time i will be postin bout my trip on fri when i come bac..

anw, today was forced to wake up early..then go eat breakfast and aft i come home..was busy makin my blog..i changed my blogskins..i like tis more than yesterday de..
again, many thanks to xiami for helpin me bout my blog things..if she nvr teach me, i tink i now die of confusion le..

hav to go help my mummy find things from the net le..so hav to stop postin for today..cya people next time when i come bac..

4:09 PM

Friday, October 10, 2008

yay..finally mummy let me hav a blog..thanks mum..muacks
thanks xiami for helpin me create..

umm..today went to sch for nwsp..a bit waste my time..
going hk on sunday le..quite excited but a bit sad coz cant noe results..

umm..stop my first post for the blog le..need go pack clothes

tomoro got kusu island public duty...mummy..pls let me go..i really wan go..

3:18 PM


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