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Saturday, July 18, 2009

haiz..yesterday mum and dad both went macau for 'holiday'..coming ba tomoro..
sianz..kena coped at home alone nw..bro got his cross country training means im totally stuck at hm wif nth to do..except maybe revise for my tests ba..
super stressed week ahead..so many tests to go on and still got o lvl chinese listening cum fye eng oral..cant realli take the stress..all teachers gg super fast, chiong chapters like dono wat..haiz, fye is like in another 2-3 months..y time pass so fast?
at least there is a gud news..aft so long, cca is finally gonna resume nex wk! yeah!! finally moe allow le..lookin forward to training, wonder if its coz can go hm late or i miss sj..haha..will get more stressed ahead ba..sj stuff, studies, and problems..haiz..
nowadays i seem to be getting happier...to those that noe y..keep it a secret..haha

4:17 PM

Monday, July 6, 2009

went safra wif jon hon and sharmine today...was glad shar came at the end..
had lots of fun playing billard wif them..was like difficult to determine the winner thus we r on par..XD

tis few hrs we tok a lot while playing and we discussed bout my matter..argh..wat shld i do sia?
how i wished i was not sick during the 3rd day of anco camp..shant elaborate more..those hu noe will noe wat im toking..
need guidance..i oni hope there realli is a guradian angel and help me thru tis..

tink too much le..need a shoulder, seriously..

10:33 PM

Saturday, July 4, 2009

first week of term 3 is over..i realised time past damn quickly..soon, in 4 days, i will be having my o lvl chinese oral..super stressed out..i hate tokin to outsiders, will nervous and forget what to say, will even stammer and speak non-chinese..can oni hope for the best..

next week got no training again..although training or no trining makes little difference to me coz i oni next yr then got more things to do and now pd oso nth much..i would reather they hav training so i don hav to come hm slack..i wonder if its moe or the sch say next wk no training..haiz..the sec 2 s wil be the most stressed batch if the training starts 3rd wk..they will be havin bnco..kinda pity them..

anw, this week is quite an eventful week..i somehow started to more chiong studies..do more work...oso on sj day, smth happened and it make me happy and guilty..
considering whether to go safra wif jon and gang on mon..coz apparently there are people who don wish me to go, i seriously hav to change my attitude, or else i will get more hated and inpopular ba..haiz..but shld i change?

im sry, i noe tis decision upset u..i don dare to look at u nor tok to u le coz i feel guilty whenever i c u..i noe no matter wat i say, it wont change a thing..once again, im sry.

9:43 PM

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lets see..shall start wif mon..
had mass dance practice , but nvr participated till the end, jus veri emo..for some reason..
then the sec 1 and sec 2 had to fall in..seriously i look at them, i dono laugh or cry beta..so ya..
Nabil, be more firm k? ur face too nice guy le, i cadet oso wont scared of u de..help u tink strategy...haha

then yesterday, nth much..jus after sch got mass dance prac again..b4 that was fall in, im seriously pizzled over whose pants it was.. then aft like a 15 mins of tok and arguement, we jus decided to do the punishment..and for nth!!
did 100 push-ups..my hands are like still hurting now lor..tis just proves how long 07 nvr do push-up le..last time 100 was ok to us..will be tired but not as bad as now..too long nvr train le la..i tink js is the oni 1 who did standard thruout can? he super serious suddenly, shock me..
anw, half way thru the mass dance, kns come down kb us..mr goh like go tell him we did punishment when there is like not suppose to have cca..always him de lor..he like not happy wif us..then kns ask us to go hm, say 45th kena postpone..WTH cn? then he keep sayin we veri irresponsible blah blah blah..i wonder if he realli care bout sj at all..he oni care bout whether he will get fired and whether he will get scolding..super unfair cn?
then took 195 hm wif jh..aft that slack..

today, was ncc day but oso celebratin sj day, super wat cn? is like 2 ug celebrating on the same day and no parade, its like so weird la, then we wear full-u for wat? show ar? seriously, i don get it, y must everything be suspended coz of h1n1? its JUST a flu..jus coz people died from it, then make such a big fuss..y la? it willl be here for a long time, sooner or ltr, it willl be just like any other illness, just a flu..wif medicine and vaccine everything..it will be fine..
anw, heard a great news tis morning, next week cca is resumes..~~woohoos~~~so glad..finally got cca and finally don hav to come hm slack le..realise tis term a few of our teachers change and oso all the teachers suddenly become more strict then ever..dono y..then had pe..don hav to do anyting except take ht and wght..then slack wif triple science sj people at speakers corner..tok a lot bout squad..sianz..i oni got squad to take next yr...but nvm..got jh acc me, he oso under pd..haha..the both of us so suai sia..
then lesson..and hm sweet hm..then called norman, tok to him and chatted a lot of things..

wonder what is gonna happen in near future..2 things im super worried..
no1. im scared i failed anco camp..i don wan fail..but i scared my 3rd day performance drag me coz i nvr participate except for moi and went for firedrill coz nt feelin well..god, pls let me pass..
no2. i wonder aft 3 months probation wat will happen..im kinda fine wif my post le..hope wont change..
bt, cant do anyting, neither can i predict anyting, jus take 1 step at a time ba..let nature take its course...

^^lets just hope for the best^^...*fingers crossed*

7:36 PM


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