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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

okay, so im in marketing lecture now and im bored.
and baby keep asking me to blog so i shall, else he keep complaining ! hahaha! like a pigggg :D
this few days have been so tiring, slept late and wake up early. i really really cannot wake for the semester to be over. yet i dw it to be over cause of the awesome people in my class :/
all these projects and all are really making me super tired.
anw, in another 2 days it's gonna be baby's 18 bday! means he can do anything le lo!! HAHAHAH!
faster go get car license and drive me around ah! :P

i hope that his bday will go well and that he'll be happy !
fingers cross! iloveyou kay baby! must always smile:D

4:34 PM

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

okay, so....
i woke up at 12 today and then prepared and headed out to meet YunYue to do our work at library. because once im at home, i CANNOT concentrate on doing work. no mood!
so, we spent like 5 hours in the library and we were pretty productive. done with psychology and also commskills~ hehe!
and then went to watch we not naughty with her! that show is so fucking hilarious i cant stop laughing. but amos yee makes me wanna puke. EWWWW.
and then went to find boyf for awhile. hehe. awhile today meaning 5 minutes. but still, managed to see him makes me soooo happy :D
i cant wait to spend tyme with you again! <3

off to watch runningman nowww!

11:26 PM

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tyme passes by really fast doesnt it?
In a flash, it's the 25th again. Today marks the 15 month that baby and I have been together, hand in hand, through the various obstacles.
I used to think that his character and mine dont suit each other. But now i realise, it's not about character compatibility, it's about how we can accept each other, accept the flaws we have. The more steps we take together, the more i feel that i can be myself. The more i can show him who i am, the more i feel comfortable with this man. This man changed me, alot.
We learned to say sorry, to apologise, to make up when we quarrel. Learn to compromise. It doesnt really matter who is right or wrong, so long as one of us is willing to start talking, apologise or just do something. It would be good and we can work things out.
I think im a very sensitive, a little protective, not exactly a good girlf. But he accepts me for it, we may quarrel often due to our character differences.
But baby, so long as you're trying, im not leaving. Never leaving you, cause you're someone so precious to me.
I never experienced what people mean by reality is better than dream, until this 15 months when i really get to know him, to be together with him, understanding. Though sometymes he's just a typical boy who cares too much for his games, but at least, these little things make him, him. If he was the perfect guy, maybe i wont even love him that much.
Iloveyou for who you are baby. Happy 15th month! and many more to come <3

11:36 PM

Thursday, January 19, 2012

boyf has been asking me to blog for days and im finally coming around to it! LOL
okay, so today i managed to sleep in till10 plus and went to school at 11.30 :D
love sleeping in!
but lessons were boringggg today! hmph!
and then went home, school wasnt fun!

i reached home at 7 and then went ntuc with mummy :D haha!
i cant wait for tomorrow cause it's party tyme and i get to see my babydear :D
super miss him ttvm~
wish i can see him every min!
oh well! short post cause am gonna do my nails, hope they turn out well!
bye! :D

10:47 PM

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SO... today is presentation day. woke up at 7.45 and then prepared. have not worn formal for this semester yet and i think i look pretty okay :D haha! and then went down to carpark, mummy was waiting for me and fetched me to school.
met commskills grpmates and discuss what we had to do, im really impressed with what we can come up with in 20 mins! HAHAHA (Y)
and then went to meet marketing groupmates and rehearse for our presentation. but we spent alot of tyme bitching, AS ALWAYS :P hahaha!
i think we did quite a good job and i really like this team of mine! :D

after that boyf came to find me and then we went back his house, i napped awhile and went down to have dinner with his mummy. haha, and cause of the food i ordered, suddenly i know much much more about baby! cause, his mummy started talking about the food that i was eating and all and then talk about boyf when he was young! sooooo naughty lo he, CRYBABY :P heheh
and then went to maple and otw there, we continued talking about his past and how he was like!
reached maple and there was no one, this tyme talk abit of my past also, but i really got to know more of boyf today!
I cant wait for us to take one day out to talk all about our past and understanding each other. i really really was happy to know more! <3 baby, saranghae!

11:52 PM

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today was my first day at work at YANKEE CANDLES. So, i work up at 9.45 and started preparing for work, then i left house at 10.30. Luckily the bus came fast, if not i sure late de. Anyways, i reached the store with about 10 mins to spare.
So i was taught like the stuffs and all, i really like the place. And my supervisor. :) oh well, sales was like $1500+! but it was pretty slow and boring unless there were customers.
Anyways, after i end work, mummy came find me with bro and we had dinner and then went to jack place eat.
Then , boyf's suppose to come find me, but tt piggg did not answer my call so i presumed he must be sleeping, expected him not to come.
But he, woke up at 8 plus and still make it to find me :) which i thought was really sweet. So, im kinda happy. Baby, thanks. Iloveyou

11:01 PM

Friday, January 13, 2012

Today is friday the 13th but it's not unlucky. :)
So, i woke up and went to school! Aft that had POM lecture. In which halfway me and suzann left and talk nonsense! :) anw, then had 3 hours break with loads of fun and laughter! :) woo!
After tt was econs, DRABBBBB!
Ohwell, and then went to find BABY! weewee! Soso happy to see him! He's such a dear <3
And thn came back my house and went for dinner with mummy and baby. And then came home and had a few unpleasant stuff. Ohwell.
But still, having baby with me makes thing better :) iloveyou.

11:10 PM

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blogblogblog! Boyf nag at me to blog! HAHA! okay so i shall! :)
Anw, today woke up early and reached school early. Which was good. And then waa kinda productive in the few hrs break. Aft tt it was cds tutorials which were boring and then home sweet home!
Today i missed my baby so much. He's such an arse by being a pig and not taking care of himself.
Talk to him bout an hr before and he sounded really sick :( he went to sleep le! And he so pigpig, never reply my long night msg to him. but all i want from him now is to faster recover! Counting down the hours till i can see him again!

10:49 PM

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So school today was really boring and uninteresting. Kind of.
But well, i woke up late today cause of the awesome weather that was tempting me to sleep! but, i still managed to get to school in tyme. Awesome eh? Hehe.
And then lessons and break and lectures. Just a boring wednesday. Went to library and borrowed a storybook, miss reading. It really makes me happy. Anw, i shld get back into reading soon! And i gotta pack my shelfs! Hmmmm! Lazyyyy.

But today, my dearest was on my mind ths entire tyme. Worried about his illness, about his mealtymes, about everything. And i miss him so much too. I just wish tt when im with him, tyme can stop there and then. Baby, iloveyou!!

10:57 PM

Okay, so the tyme now when im gonna start to blog is 1.29am.
So the day before, ( which is like 1 n half hrs ago, LOL) i woke up with an excellent mood because i got my 8 hours of sleep :)
And then prepare myself for school. The bus came almost instantly and i wasnt late ;).
The day just keeps getting better. So, the lady contacted my for interview! Hehe! And my online items that i ordered have been cfmed :) marketing tutorial was very interesting & engaging as well :)
Andandand, baby came TP to fetch me :) hehe, aft tt headed to ahsoo for dinner and thn meet jason and went maple.
Watched them play bball for awhile and thn i went home :) and watch RM. Exciting much!
Anw, aft tt, when baby otw home i called him, and he's falling sick D: heart pain cn! Baby take care of yourself! Body important!
So force him eat medicine and go sleep! It was already past midnight, but he still sent me a long before sleep msg which makes me happy. So today will be another awesome day! :) weee!
Baby, i miss you! :) saranghae!

1:35 AM

Monday, January 9, 2012

Annyeong! im in a good mood today! :D
i think i know why. hehe!
well, boyf stayed over from sat night till this morning! which was awesome! :D weee~ HEHE!
saturday i went to find him after his 'work' and then head back to my home. after that we played and slacked for awhile before going to lala land! :D
next day i woke up and went for facial with mummy! woohoo!
anw, after that, came home and keep disturbing baby but he wont wake up! WHAT A PIG!hah! so i went to entertain myself with FO, until he woke up and we went to watch tv and prepared to head out at night, went to watch 'We bought a zoo', it's a fucking awesome show! everyone should watch it! :D came home ard 12 plus and i went to do my marketing case study! LOLOL! after that went to sleep and this morning woke up early to wake baby up for his school and went back to sleep. woke up alittle while ltr to continue my case study. ohwell! :D hehe.
and i headed to school and all. school was kinda tiring and tough.
anw, i got home and then relaxed by watching tv and shopping online! cant wait for my items to arrive! OMG!
haha! and mummy and daddy are better, not completely okay but better :D yay!

anw, i miss my baby so much D: it sucks to not be able to see him when i miss him and wanna hug him, especially to sleep! <3 hehe! okay, gonna continue my work while burning my candle and missing my pigg. saranghae dear!

10:49 PM

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Annyeong! today my day started kinda bad cause of school stuff.
almost overslept today :/ lucky my maid woke me up.
and then otw to school, found out FnB change timing. if i known earlier i would have slept longer! HMPH! but still, went for psy lecture with my babes and slacked till zhihao come and we went TCA for our FnB. which was like slack much!
joke a lot with mr kwok, he's super funny and i super like him as our tutor :D
anw, went back to business school and went library to look for project stuff and went to find rest of class. omg! suddenly all become super joker and kid around much. was alot of laughter and it just makes me happy :D
and then econs and im off to go home!
came home, slacked for awhile and waited for mummy to eat dinner.
and i went to do projects. :D
done with what i need to do today!
i said i will end today good and i did! fuckyes! :D

oh, and i miss my baby super much okay! like super super much!
cant wait to see him again, but idk when ;/
saranghae dear!

10:58 PM

okay. this post is not gonna go as i wish.
today was kinda good, cause i managed to see baby for awhile, and just being with him makes me happy.
but once i reached home, im stuck with projects, i cant have a moment to rest. not to mention there's so many other things that are happening recently. im not a superhuman, i just CANNOT take any of this anymore, i just cannot.
maybe it's cause of my workload and all, maybe it's cause i cant do my work well that's why im blaming myself, plus everything that's going on.
i really really tried to be happy, and i did for awhile. when im with my classmates or baby and his friends. but once im home, i just feel useless.
dk why im ranting here, but i really need to get it out.
i need to talk to people, idw to be alone to face all these now. i just feel so useless.

baby, i know you'll read this post, im sorry. i know i said i wont cry. i tried.but i just cannot cope with everything around me. i've reached my limit.
i need you! more than anything now.

1:12 AM

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ello! Imma back to blog again on the 3rd day of 2012. :P
Anw, since i last updated my blog, boyf has been at my house till today. Yesterday woke up late, both of us and by the tyme we did, it was close to dinner tyme! LOL.
So we went to have steamboat as i craved for it with mummy & brother.
And them went home :) played ard for awhile and baby keep tickling me @.@ hmph!
Anw, after tt i watched my show and he went to play maple again!
So we spent our tyme on computer, but having him beside me makes me happy :) and then i went to sleep first cause i was tired and he slept at 4.30.
Today i woke up at 1 plus and tt pig only woke up at 3 plus! Teeheee! Oink! And thn he headed home, i went to people's park with mummy. She rebond her hair and i trimmed mine. Neeways, after that went to tiong for dinner and home.
Oh, and my boyf slept all the way from when he reach home till 12 plus! So piggy lor! But i still adore him.
Baby, saranghae! <3

1:17 AM

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR :D it's 2012 people! :D
on the last day of 2011, i went to find boyf at recipe and then headed with him home, wait for him to change and went to meet jason, elis and ice. had 1st round of dinner at huaguoshan. HAHA!
and then baby TIKI go play bball with some children! made him sweaty again, so must peh him go home change AGAIN! heehe! pigggg!
and then went to elis house. waited for elis to prepare and than headed to jason office for awhile.
after which we went to Jack's house for 2nd round of dinner! and talked abit. haha! the guys than went to chiong their maple with caiyun. i watch FamilyOuting with elis. hehe!
11.45pm and we went to Jack's house higher floor to see fireworks! haha!
super nice and they made a lot of jokes :D
and then went back to his house and continued watching FO till around 2 and we headed home! :D

even though it wasnt much, but being able to spend eve of new year and countdown with them makes me happy.
baby came back to my place and we're heading off to sleep soon :D

my biggest wish now is for my family to be alright again.

baby, iloveyou. thanks for spending tyme with me :D

4:10 AM


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