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Monday, April 30, 2012

Today is a bad day. Last night i came home after drinking abit and the moment i step into my house, i vomited. LOL.
Went to sleep and woke up w a massive migraine.

And today me and baby had a lot of arguement. To the point i couldn take it and texted him smth. I really was too upset as he was w me.
And we got into a really bad situation. Thing is, we love each other and i think we can work this out somehow.
I really miss all the old tymes w baby when there was arguements but we could laugh it off or when we were mostly happy everyday.
And im trying my best to go back to those tymes :)

Anw, baby, i really love you. And ide anyone to get us quarreling again. Im sorry for the hurt i caused okay? Smile always

1:36 AM

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's our 18th month today.
Yet it's not like before. I know i hurt you, i know you're unhappy. But i just dk wht to do. The course dint change me you know? I changed.
I just decided to think for myself, to be what and do what makes me happy.
I love you, really do. But i just dk if it's enough.
I want you to be happy, but this few days you aint. And i feel bad.
What you said in twitter hurts me, but what it hurts more is that you are hurting and upset.
If we split, it's not cause i dont love you. It's cause i dont think we can be together in the far future, idk if it can work out. And all our arguements recently really made me tired.
What changed? Idk. Maybe it's me, maybe im just not the one for you.

Im afraid if i leave one day, you'll be upset and do stupid things. I want you to move on if that happens. All r/s have only 2 endings. It's either we get married or we breakup.
And if we break, i want you to know that i never stopped loving you, and no matter where i am, i would be wishing for you to be happy. If someday, we can be back together again, i guess it's fate. If not, than im sure you'll meet someone else, someone that really deserves you.
I just dw you to stop being happy if im no longer there. Before i appeared, you lived okay, and you can do the same too. But now, it's different. You'll be leading a mature life. A life that has responsibility. Dont do things that you'll regret.
And if we split, we can still be v good friends. Because, i know i will not forget our memories. And i love you, even till now. But sometymes people who are in love just cannot be togethr, sometymes, love just isnt enough to keep the r/s going.

Idk what i want. Idk whether i still want to be w you. But i know i love you still. And i really want you to be happy.

11:47 PM

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today i had lecture in the morning and then i went to meet the awesome for lunch and slack :)
Then had another lecture before going to find boyf.
Lectures were fun though today! Lecturers were awesome but i kind of am afraid of my new classmates.

Tomorrow is 25th. Yet, i still cant make sure what i want. I do love you still, but idk if it's enough. Idw to hurt you, but im afraid. What is the right thing for me to do?

11:15 PM

Monday, April 23, 2012

First day of school today.nothing much. Went school for nothing in the morning except lecture. Ohwell.

I know im hurting you, but i really dk. It hurt me too, and all im doing, is, for once, thinking for myself. Thinking of what really makes me happy, and what i really deserve and want.
All i want is to be happy.

11:00 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today woke up and went for facial. And then went to pasir ris to meet nic, before meeting syai and jj. :)
We went to Nic's house to have lunch and headed to bedok point kbox :) hahaha, so much craziness w the awesome! HAHAHA
Thanks to syai's boyf who sent me home too.
School's starting tomorrow. And im kinda excited yet scared to meet my classmates. Sigh.

Idk what i wan, and im sorry if im hurting you. But im hurting too, and im confused. I know you're trying, but i really dk.

11:45 PM

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So today morning woke up abit earlier for work and i did makeup. LOLOL!
Work was kinda boringggg as always.

And after work went to find tt piggg of mine :) so longgg since i met him, and it was nice seeing him again. But i was really damn tired! SIGH :(
Soooo. Anw, was there watching them play bball. I miss seeing him play sports! hahah! Baby iloveyou :)

11:26 PM

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's been awhile since i blogged. Just dont have the feel i guess. After TNS ended, i worked continuously till today. And im super tired. Over the weekends, me and boy had arguements, i think it's the first tyme even though we dint quarrel face to face, we dint just end it there. We let each othercool down.
But also, thanks to my friends who were there to talk to me and his friends who accompanied him.

Anyway, tomorow im meeting him aagin. Maybe im short-tempered cause i hadnt got to see him for a week. And i missed him. Finally, less than 24 hrs and i'll be in his arms again <3

11:27 PM

Friday, April 13, 2012

Weeee~ today woke up at 12! Cause yesterday slept at 6! HAHAHHA! Fun only~ and damn, im tired.
Hahaha, went for rehearsal for presentation and came back nua-ed till now.
Last night for TNS :( i will miss my friends here! They're so awesome!

But, i also cannot wait for it to end cause i miss my baby so much an i wanna see you! Sigh ;( i just wanna huggg him man! Iloveyou! :)

12:06 AM

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yoohoo! Back to blog cause babyboy wants me to! :P

Today was suppose to have consultation but i dint go cause of my cramps and my grpmates dint wanna disturb me. They're so nice :)

And then nua-ed the afternoon away until bff came find me. Hehehe! Finally after so long meet him :) and he dyed his hair, so funny yoooo!

And then celebrated the birthday of 2 of our classmates, so much nonsesne sia! LOL.
And then gonna spent the night playing i think.

2 more days till end of tns, and i wanna go home to my baby arms. I miss him so much. Boy! I wanna see you soon! Loveyou!

12:36 AM

Monday, April 9, 2012

today is the start of the 2nd week for TNS stay. reached here at 8 and then studied for the test.
i think i was one of the least prepared one lo, but the paper was quite do-able. not that hard. lucky i dint spent too much tyme studying, else waste my tyme.
then went to had lunch at techno and then bought some groceries to cook for dinner tonight. after that, nua abit in room.

then went to watch a culture movie which is very hilarious. :D hahahahah! came back, use com and nua-ed again. prepared ingredients to cook and then watched some running man before cooking. the food was really not bad but it was all pretty spicy.

and then now it's project tyme. sian! but i finished my part le :D

today baby was really funny and nice. but he weird weird one, suddenly ask random question, made my mood drop!! but it's okay, i still love him. and i miss you very much.

9:31 PM

Sunday, April 8, 2012

annyeong! been long since i blogged.
so last thursday i came home from school and then baby came find me from thursday evening until today then went home :D
thursday dint do much, just slacked at home! and then friday went tampiness w mummy and aunt. shop shop and went home.
saturday me and baby went bugis and bought quite a number of things for both of us. hahahah :D happy w our buys!!
sunday also shopshop. been spending alot of money :D hahahah! but i like the stuff i bought.

other than shopping, another thing that make me super happy is that i managed to spent alot of tyme w baby after not seeing him for awhile. plus, he's starting school tomorrow and i wont be able to see him that often le D: but he'll always be on my mind and thought every moment, i just cant describe how much i love him, sosooo much. even though we small small thing also quarrel recently, but they dont last long and soon we're back in each other arms laughing again! baby, i miss you. and im sorry to make you angry if i did. loveya!

9:51 PM

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DAY 3 of TNS ; today lesson started at 10 am :) lucky us though. We were suppose to wake up at 8. In the end, 9.15 then wake up! Tsk! Totally coma siaa!
Than had breakfast. Today my flatmates cooked :) nice! But we still had tyme to walk to our class instead of run! So it's good :)
Lesson today was kind of dull as always due to the theories! BUT out class made it interesting :) only had morning class today cause of the international buffet we had to prepare :) started at 1 plus and we went to rest awhile before the cooking! The end product actually wasnt that bad :)
Ate and chit chat for awhile with classmates then came back flat nua. And now imma gonna sleep, lessons at 9 tomorrow!

I miss my babyboy so much! Wish i can see him tomorrow cause we're checking out tomorrow :) take care pf yourself okay? Dont go home too late today. Iloveyou ♡

2:33 AM

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 2 of TNS:
so i woke up early w one of my classmate to prepare breakfast for some of our other classsmates. seeing that only one stove is working in all flats, we can only prepare for a number of people. so we prepared 8 shares for those we are closer to :D hahaha!
then by the tyme wait for everyone to eat and all, we had to run to class.literally. and it's so far from temasek green to business school! SO SUPER FAR! hahaha, we reached class w 1 minute to spare! :D
and then we had lessons. which we also asked teacher if we can change the class tyme! hahaha! so our afternoon lesson started early and ended early also! WOOHOO! class was very fun and many jokes were made!
then we ended class at 330! SHIOK MAX! :D

nua in flat awhile and went to buy things for international buffet tomorrow! and had an afternoon nap >< sooo tired laaaaa. went to tamp for dinner with flatmates and had ajisen :D
came back and we tried cooking the food we wanna do tomorrow! hahaha!
done and took pix show boyf, and we tasted. there's more to improve and thank you baby for some advice <3


11:41 PM

Monday, April 2, 2012

So today is like the start of my 2 weeks stay for TNS. technically not 2 full weeks, just 8 days! HAHAAHAHA! woke up at 6.50! was damn tired cause my baby couldn sleep last night and i kind of keep waking up to him. anyway, today when i left house, he was still sleeping peacefully, though i wanted to wake him up to say bye cause i'll miss him, i see him sleep, i couldn bear to.

anw, i came school and checked into the flat. was quite bad at first, but now, it's good :D cause after lessons, we went for dinner and then bought all the necessities to clean the flat! although we only have 4 people, but ah, we super efficient! :D half an hour finish cleaning alrdy.
and now i feel super cosy in the room!

done with my journal entry also! so it means i have the rest of the night off!

baby, i miss you! i cant wait for thursday to seeeee you again! please let tyme past faster! iloveyou!

10:14 PM


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