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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sooo... Today i woke up ard 9 and went to work :P full shift today so was kinda sian! BUT, i brought 2 books to read. I finished them by 8 though. So there wasnt much to do after that. Talked to Riza and then, tyme pass super fast! Unknowingly, 9.30 alrdy. So prepared to close shop and home sweet home!
TNS starts tomorrow and im really excited. Hope i'll get good roommates! And then, tomorrow i can also see my baby! Cant wait! It's been such a torture not meeting him for sooooo long!
Baby, hurry come beside me! Loveyou! HEH! ♡

10:52 PM

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nth much happen today. Worked full shift :/ and i was mad tired! Like really tired! Ohwell. And then i went to work and the whole day was pretty much spent like that.
I somehow cut till my hand though :/ and idk how it happened, which sucks ,cause small cuts always hurt the most! :(
And then, i missed my boy so freakin much today. Like he was on my mind so much. I cant wait to see him again. And to be tog with him again! Loveyou baby. ♡

11:12 PM

Sunday, March 25, 2012

HAPPY 17th monthsary babyboy! :D
This boy, makes me so happy, and he's such a baby, want me blog than happy! Tsktsk! BIG CHILD :)

And now while im blogging, this pig sleep alrdy! P to the I to the G!
So, yesterday night had fun partying, reached home ard 4 and then slept al the way till 1 plus. HAHAH! Tired max! Baby came find me and mummy for lunch :) and we nuaed abit before going to VIVO to walkwalk :) and bought some storage things for my girl area :D WOOHOO!

Met daddy for dinner and came home! Watched show and now we're gonna sleep :) tomorrow wildwild wet with boy! EXCITED MUCH! Iloveyou

12:39 AM

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chalet today till friday :D
So i woke up at 11 today :/ hahahaha! And started packing my bag and all. I took quite long! Like an hr. tsktsk! Last minute me as always.
And then came to chalet check in with cheryl, she thn left for smth and in left alone waiting for some! HAHAH! Awhile ltr, yy, chris, christina and april came. So, aft tt it was not so boring, played some mahjong and went to tanah merah for dinner with them! Hahaha!
Bought things for the night and hea back. INTERESTING NIGHT AHEAD :) hahaha!

Anddd, i miss my baby much! It's really sad i cnt see him till saturday and when i knew he is tired. It really makes my heartache. Sigh! Baby ah, please take care of yourself and sleep more alright! And thank you for helping me buy the magazine! Even though it was expensive but you still bought cause i liked it. Thank you for being a nice boyf. Iloveyou.

11:27 PM

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Was able to sleep in today :) and then woke up, bathed. Felt refreshed and went to bugis office. Tyme just pass there and then i went to kovan to find my boyyyy :)
Before tt i went heartland mall and bought 3 more books of Vampire Academy to read! WOOHOO!
Anyway, then headed to baby's house where we watched tv. Hahaha! It's nice to be in his arms again. And, he said he last night almost cried missing me. Though i dint say anything, but it makes me happy that im in his heart, but him crying dint make me happy.

Anyway, went for dinner with his parents and head down to maple to see him play bball :) i honestly miss him soooo much, and seeing him actively running ard, playing smth he likes makes me really happy :)

I left him bout half hr ago and omy home now. I honestly miss him. Chalet for the next 3 days. Ohbaby, i'll miss you.

10:16 PM

Monday, March 19, 2012

Today is the start of the week. And it's really nice. Early morning woke baby up and he got prepared to leave for school. When he hug me before he left, idk why but i cried, maybe cause it's long since i meet him and sleep knowing he's beside me, that's why i miss him and cried. But he kissed me on the cheeks and hug me tight, i feel back asleep soon.

Then i woke up again at 8.45am, which is quite late seeingim supposed to meet YY at sengkang at 9.30. HAHAHA! At the end, i 10 than reached. So, went sengkang wanted to swim, but found out they were cleaning the pool today :/ so, we had mac for breakfast and went to hougang swimming complex to swim. Swam and played for ard 2 hrs, and i really like it. Except i got pretty sunburn :/ OOPS><
Then, went to tamp mall to get gongcha and some bread and went to sch for TNS briefing, still got a frw days than i know if i'll be in TNS. Sigh :/ but now, whether im in or not, there's a good and bad point to both.
So, after i end, called baby as he miss call me. And then he ask me go kuishinbo have dinner also with his family. It's his mummy's bday :D food was really not bad and i think it's the first tyme, i eat with his family and we can laugh and joke. Hahaha! They still make fun of me :@ but i was happy, to see them smiling and that i can see my boy again. And, baby now got 4s le, he today auto take out his phone and took picture with me using his phone which never happens before. And i really like it. :) I miss him so much now that im home and not beside him.

Babyboy, do not for a second think i do not miss you. You're constantly on my mind ♡

11:33 PM

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Annyeong ^^
So yesterday, baby came to find me when i end work :) which is totally awesome :) because i just miss him so muchhhh! And i bought 3 candles :)
Then, parents came to fetch us and we went to had bak kut teh for dinner :) hehe! And then came home, burn one of the candles and chilled the night off with boyf.

Today, surprisingly, me and baby woke up earlier than family! Miracle much? Normally is they wake up first! Hahaha! Then went to ahyi seafood restuarant for lunch, but we had dianxin! First tyme eating their dianxin, quite nice actually :) and then, went to tamp mall to shop with aunt, mummy and boyf. I think i've the best boyf on earth. He doesnt complain when we're going to shop and he accompanies me, helping me take the bags of stuff. Though i know he's bored. And i feel glad and lucky to have such a nice guy as my boyf.
Then, went home after 3-4 hrs with quite a number of stuff, but i've to say, i really got to cut down on the amt i spent :( especially is parent's money! Sigh! Have to be more cautious! But nevertheless, happy to have such nice parents who are willing to pay for what i want, and a awesome boyf who gives in to me alot ♡ i really am lucky and happy to have them :)

11:56 PM

Friday, March 16, 2012

Today, i am able to sleep till i naturally wake up. Which feels super good :) been quite a few days since i can sleep in. Anw, i thought i was gonna be bored today cause i've no plans. So, i had breakfast and then watched tv.
Halfway thru, rachel called me to go to work cause stocks came! WOOHOO! Happy me! :) because, not only i have things to do, tyme at work pass super fast cause of the many things to do. So many cartons of stocks came! And i really really wanna buy a few of the scents!

Thn, before i end work, an unknown number called me, and it was baby! Hahah! That boy of mine finally got his new phone! And im really happy & honoured that the first number he dialed was mine :) hahaha! He's just so sweet & adorable. Anddddd, tomorrow he's coming to find me! Finally after so long i can see him again and just this thought makes me smile sooooo wide!

I love you baby. Always have, always will.

11:57 PM

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back to blog again.
Today i was super late for work, as in, really late :( i start work at 10, but i only woke up at 10 :/ anw, thanks to the many years of practice, i managed to changed and washup in 10 mins and reach gwc by 10.25. Still late though :/
And today was a boring day at work! Sigh! I miss my babydear..
After i end work, mummy came find me and we had dinner at jack's place. In the middle of dinner, rachel called me to say someone steal her phone. Went back store. She was really sad.and then called police and all.. Ohwell.

Now im home, thinking of my bany. Missing him, every moment. Loveyou dear. And i wanna see you soon. Sadly, we cnt meet tomorrow :/ ohwell. There's alsothe weekends.

10:09 PM

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Annyeong! Blogging again ^^ as requested by my boy :)

So...today i woke up to a sweet morning message from my baby! :) how awesome to start a day! And then, i went to work. 10-7. And it was pretty boring...BUT, rachel came back to work todayyyy :) yayness to that! Hahaha! And, hopefully, stocks will come in tomorrow or the day after so i've smth to pass my tyme :) teehee!

Anyways, after that i went to find boy :) and it was great to see him and be in his arms again. :) HAHAHA! Watched him play sport is one of the things i like. My silly boy look so energetic and filled with sunshine! <3
Before i left, he whispered sweet nothings into my ear and hug me. Iloveit when he does that.
Babyboy, i miss you. Cnt wait to be in your arms once again.

11:35 PM

Monday, March 12, 2012

dint blog for a week, i think :/
cause last week i was super busy doing full shift at work, and also, cause i dint get to see baby. so i was really tired and my pillar of strength was not with me.

anw, yesterday night baby stayed over, and i saw him after a week of not meeting him, i cant even describe the mental torture it was on me, because i miss him soso much! and i mean it!
so, yesterday i went for BBQ with my primary school friends and then he came find me, he LIE to me say he dk got stay over anot and all, then meet till me, give me 'bad' news say tonight i have to hear him snore! i stun for a moment than i literally jump with joy. this boy, has a way of making me smile like no other can <3 anw, then we came home, nua awhile then went for dinner tog with parents :)
after that came home, baby auto say he wanna watch runningman vs bigbang! see! im such a good girlf right? :P introduce you to niceeeee show :D
hahaha! and once again, i hear him snoring beside me, i feel his presence by my side and i could sleep really, really well.
then this morning i woke him up for sch and went back to sleep >< before he go off, still remember the little details about taking care of me and giving me a kiss on the forehead. i cant tell you how happy i was :D
today, he aint here by me. and im feeling alittle upset. i cant wait for the next tyme to be in his arms again. till then, BYE!

10:28 PM

Monday, March 5, 2012

Okay. So it's the 5th of march. It's a brand new week ahead. But it's the holidays! :D so yeap!
After like a week of staying at my place, baby went home today. I really dreaded this day coming cause for the past week. Though he went to work and i went to mine or just out. I know that i can see him at the end of the day and sleep knowing he's beside me. Also, waking up next to the one you love, that's one of the best feelings in the world.
I was alittle upset that he's not staying anymore. But it wont be the last tyme he's staying! :) hahaha! There wil still be tymes he'll stay and i look foreard to those days.
I have to say, this week has been really awesome with baby, but there was also a bit of arguements and quarrels, but im glad at the end, everything is okay. I dont like seeing us quarrel/unhappy. But sometymes, this incidents made us know more about each other :)

And, recently i bought ALOT of books and random stuff. I really am happy with all the things i buy and i cant wait to start on my series of books!

Babyboy, im missing you. And it feels weird without you by myside now. Our nightly disturbing of each other till we fall asleep makes me laugh and happy. Iloveyou baby!

1:00 AM


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