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Sunday, November 23, 2008

fdc yesterday was so unexpected, we lost...i cant accept tis fact and i feel so sry to all officers..
we wasted 6 yrs of sjab effort, wasted all effort of people in the past 2 fdc com..i dono how to face them..

yesterday once we reached the maris stella, my heart was really poundin, i veri scared we gabra..once it reached our turn to perform, i seriously was damn nervous..although we had a little minor mistake, but i tink we did well..i seriously tot we had the chance to win champion..when it was time for the results, i cant w8 for it yet im scared to noe it..

when mdm tengteng announce the result for 3RD: maris stella, i felt relieved..i couldnt hear what mdm teng teng say 4 the 2ND position, but when i saw ryan march to receive the second prize, i knew we were over, first went to holy innocent..i endured my tears and break down when hai sing cheered and screamed aft bersu right..i cried..

thanks lots to siir lee, he comforted us when we were feelin down..he was disappotined and yet he nvr scold us, instead comfort us and told us to work hard for fac..i must work extremely hard for fdc, beat the other sch and not disappoint sir lee again..i begin to change my opinion of him le..

went bac to sch and listen to mdm siew huai and sir hakim tok bout the result and all..they tok to us in 2 different manner..sir hakim comforted us while mdm siew huai sort of insulted us and nvr went to help us up, instead she stabbed us again.makin us bleed..maybe we really did badly, but u shld not scold us at tis point of the time..

i will be gg for atc..hope to c my squadys..
the outin will be on 27 nov, tis thurs..lookin forward to it, hope it can relieve us of some pain from yesterday..

7:37 PM

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BORED is like the oni word that can describe me now lor..

today trainin is bad sia, my hand is hurtin like hell..i kinda hoped sat faster come, so aft that don hav to be tortured again..i gg hav breakdown le sia, the anxiety and nervousness in me for fd is really unbearable..3 more days to the finale, to the end of our 'sufferin'..

anw, next wed is our squad outin, i seriously hoped all of u can come and we don hav to postpone the outin, trust me, tis will be a gd time to boost our friendship and make us more united than b4..i feel that 07 is not as united as ever le..pls peeps, to me, all of u are an important part of my sjab life..we shld be as united as we were last yr..lets strive 4 that.

yesterday nite i cant sleep, however when i finally sleep, god had to giv me a dream that make me frustrated and bad, i seriously hoped to forget but i cant do it, and now, god had to giv me a beautiful dream that i had always hoped would happen in real life last time..but now, it jus increase my pain and sadness..and today was a bad day durin trainin, other than the toughness, theres still this matter that breaks my heart..im sad yet i cant do anything..i feel so helpless
shall end my post here le..

7:53 PM

Sunday, November 16, 2008

sianz..nth to do now..so jus post lor

in 6 more days is fdc le..veri scared and stress..
trainin yesterday was ok until sir lee come..then trainin totaly went down..he come tok crap and suan us like every sentence he said..really cant stand him, keep sayin he veri good and like sj without him will die..tok crap and say sj must be first piority..i like sj, but it doesn make it my first piority.i join sj for a cca, not for my life..although sj is important, bu studies are even more so..sj will nvr be my first piority although i like it..it cant be my life..i wan to win the com but if he starts forcin us like that..i will go crazy lor..

anw, today my bro bday, so happy bday derek..

end my post here la..

2:07 PM

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

here to update again..

yesterday had training and i feel it was the best trainin for the past 2 weeks...almost everyone was there and it was jus quite good..next sat is fdc le, must jiayous..jus train hard 4 2 more weeks, 10 days, 5 trainings..must try our best to win tis fdc again..
but it is still veri stressful though..在忍多两个星期吧..

tink gg to end my post here le..will update again soon..

12:58 PM

Thursday, November 6, 2008

yesterday was my bday, had a few presents..thanks lots to people who wished me happy bday..ur presents rox too..mummy and papa present were the best, books on snakes(woahs!)

ltr hav to go for trainin seriously, im damn reluctant to go, waste of my time and energy, i rather stay at home and slack and relax..

tis will be a veri short post so i will end here..

11:14 AM

Monday, November 3, 2008

been quite some time since i last posted, was not free to post ba..

chalet on wed was fun but nobody slept much ba, i nvr even sleep 4 the first nite, we played bowlin and arcade and more, quite fun..

next upcomin event will be on tis comin wed, my B'day..but norman cant come..and oso it was not really how i wanted it to be..so tats a sad thing

umm, jus bought a new fone yesterday as my b'day present from papa and mama..quite nice and is a touch fone, hoped it don spoil too soon..if not im in 4 a big trouble le

end my post here le, coz needa do somethin bout my fone..

9:14 PM


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