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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Woke up at 1 plus today. Hehe! Thn met korkor! Like finally. He peh me go interview..
Baby woke up close to 4. Hehe! PIG leh.
Managed to meet him awhile after my interview. :D he was with ice. Peh them go bowl and i went home around 7 plus.

Tomorrow going meet baby thn accompany him go his ITE interview. Hehe. After tt baby coming my house! <3

10:45 PM

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

today went find baby early, cause all need wake up early, baby and guodong didnt sleep. i had a nap for 3 hours, hehe. but last night baby was very sweet sweet :D after met baby, go meet guodong and justin and peh them go simei ITE, i really hope they appeal will be successful. anw, baby today let me bully him alot, WAHAHAH! i like! came back and they went kovan suppose to take baby phone but not ready yet. they went bowl slack slack awhile after that go ice house and what not. 6 plus i went home and had a power nap until now. dk what is baby doing. mayb also sleeping? see him so tired today xintong. baby, i like it when you're sweet to me, you said you go back and see all post from last tyme. you kiss me on my forehead, hug me. all these small small thing make me very happy. ILOVEDIEYOU!

9:04 PM

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spent the whole of today rotting. And missing my boyf.
Im looking for a job but so hard find:( sigh.

Later can meet baby le, going peh him go his ITE. I love you. And don leave me:)

11:58 PM

Monday, March 28, 2011

today went to find baby. he's such a PIGGG :D then went AMK to meet ice, he played arcade awhile then headed to kovan to do baby phone. lend him a spare phone for him to use this few days. met guodong and slack slack. saw baby played bball, handsome eh! and im home. start to miss him. haha! and finaly my ibanking device send le. after soooo long! baby said friday will come find me! <3 WOAINI!

10:13 PM

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Woke up at 3pm today -.- wanted go HQ to see FAC today de. But im too piggg:(
Oh well, woke up, ate abit and went back to lala land again. I think i officially woke up at 3.45 or smth. Hehe.

And have been watching tv for dk how long le. Shag. Tomorrow going find baby. After 2 days can see him le :D
Miss him sooo much!
Hope baby wednesday can come find me. Babyboar, iloveyou!

7:40 PM

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Went to sleep around 3 plus. Too tired to wait for baby to come back from malaysia. But he texted me when he back! Hehe <3 wake up reply and go back sleep.

Baby pigg pigg, sleep until 4 plus thn wakey wakey up. Big fat boar! Now he's working, miss him so much. Hope monday he can come find me. Ilovemyfatfatboar!

8:18 PM

Friday, March 25, 2011

HAPPY 5th month to babyboar!
This 5 months is very enjoyable with you. Though we got quarrel and all, thanks for being there, thanks for not leaving, thanks for loving me. You dont know how much you mean to me uh. Haha!
Through so many ups and downs, we are still together now :D
Anw, remember that you are to always have a smile on your face. Im sorry also that i always made you unhappy, but thanks for being understanding.

Today went find baby and went punggol park slack slack. Haha! Abit lame uh. But it's good cause we never waste money:)
But too hot, so sit under a void deck and talk talk. Never had a talk with baby like this before! Haha! Baby said i can call him chat chat anytyme i want! Woo~
Baby now at LAN, haha! Missing him le even though im otw home and just left him awhile ago. Tonight he going malaysia with jason, ice and all. Wanted wait for him come back than sleep, but he forbid me! :/
and bi, dont stress uh, must smile!

Baby, iloveyou. Let's walk down this path together forever <3

7:11 PM

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sian! Today at home rot. Baby phone sot sot de. Anw, last night had a 2 hr plus talk on phone with baby! Awesomeee ttm! I love it! Hahahaha!

Tmrw can meet baby le! Woohoo~ 3 hrs plus more to 25th!
Baby, ilovedieyou, missdieyou!

8:54 PM

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I really wish you're here, mayb just hearing your voice. Cause i need someone to talk to. IMY.

7:11 PM

Idk what to do anymore. Crying dont help. Not at all. I want to cope myself up.

I miss you badly. Kinda sad today he didn come find me, but i understand. I just hope 25 can meet him. So fast 2 more days jiu 5th month le. <3

6:51 PM

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Actually today wanted stay home and go training de. But baby was upset over his phone. I hope it'll be okay soon, dont want see baby shag :(
Then met kathy and went see bobby at ttsh. Sigh, bobby is damn foolish uh.
Whatever it is, i hope they'll be fine too.

Tmrw baby say he coming find me! Hippe! Yay! Iloveyou!

9:13 PM

Monday, March 21, 2011

Went to find baby today. That piggg ar! Slept so little. :@ disturbed baby alot! Haha :D

And then went find guodong and go ice house meet him. Shengli came awhile after. Then went down 129. Saw bobby and talked to him. I pity him, but he's really foolish. Hope they'll be alright:/

Anw, baby was nice today! Hoho!
He finally played bball after dk how long.
Iloveyou baby!

9:36 PM

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Went to sleep around 3am cause was msging baby. Wanted to wait for him to go home thn i sleep, but too tired. Sorry baby:( bi reached home ard 5. I love it when i wake up to see baby message:D
Glad he enjoyed himself last night! Wahahah!

Woke up ard 12 and laze ard. I think i left my bed at 1.40+pm. So piggg lo. Oops><
Went to find CD series to watch. So have been watching CDs for hours! And baby keep popping in my mind. Haha!

Went for dinner with family. Sian.
What's the irony? I dont eat fish or i dislike eating them, but i had fishhead steamboat. LOL. Sian! Totally no appetite, i think i ate 1/3 bowl of rice jiu nv eat le. Whatever -.-

Baby, i miss you! You're working now. Haha! 5 more days to 25th :D
Cant wait cant wait. Hope this few days can see you! BOAR I LOVE YOU <3

8:36 PM

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Went to find baby after i wake up. Haha!
Baby got disturb by me alottt! Woo~
Then who kinda played in facebk.
Went to NEX, otw there i told baby i love it when he post on my facebk wall! Haha!
He went arcade play awhile. I like seing baby play bball(sporty!).
Then went his workplace ask if got slot for me. Hmm. Tmrw thn confirm. Hopefully got lo.
Met guodong at ahsoo then slack, he's unhappy:( hope he'll be okay soon.

Baby's with ice and jason now!
Hope he has fun! Wonder when can see him again:/ imissyou!
Let's hope this coming 25th really can get a couple watch:D
Baby, enjoy urself okay? Iloveyou!

8:42 PM

Friday, March 18, 2011

Woke up close to 12 today =.=" so pigg!
Then texted baby awhile before he fell asleep. And then went to shopping spree with mummy. Bought lots of things :D

Tmrw can see you le baby! I miss you sooo much!

8:54 PM

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby msg me in the middle of the night asking if i morning want meet him :) so i woke up and went find him. After that went to AMK, had mac for lunch! Haha!
Played arcade awhile and then accompany baby go workplace.

Cant meet baby tomorrow cause mummy is on leave. Oh well, saturday can! Yay! Will miss him ttm!
Baby, must remember to smilee everyday hor! Iloveyou<3

9:39 PM

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Went to KKH today for my appointment. Rain damn heavy! Anw, i spent 1 hour going there and im outta there in 15 mins. Went to find baby after that :D
Meet ice and guodong, slack around. Until justin called them. Waited for justin and went his house for them to play their mahjong! Haha!

And im on my way home now. Starting to miss that piggg of mine.
Sigh! Cant see baby tomorrow. :(
Oh well, guess i prolly be going GESS.
But friday can see baby le! Yay! :D

I hate myself for thinking too much. Once promised baby to not think so much. And im going to try my best not to! Smileee :D

BabyBOAR! iloveyou! <3

7:48 PM

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

today supose to go training, but just to lazyyy to drag myself off bed.
then waited for baby to wake up and went find him :D
2 days never see him le lo. went AMK to play arcade awhile and slack.
and then i peh him go his workplace for work, baby also helped me ask if got slot for part timer, see how bah, hope can eh.
then, i came home.
come home jiu get scolded and nagged by stupid grandma and dad. knn, every single day i'll get scolded. where your grandson go idk also my fault! fuck la, then i dont come home la. knn.

baby baby, you are a pig! and iloveyou<3 haha!
waiting for baby text after he end work.

7:55 PM

Monday, March 14, 2011

I really got something i wish to say, but idk how. Baby i miss you.

Spent today rotting at home. You're on my mind every minute baby. Hope to see you soon. <3

8:00 PM

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Went to meet baby today. Thn went NEX, suppose to go AMK meet baby's friends but they busy.
Meet bear bear and ice, they played maxtune. Haha! Damn joker can?
Had long john for dinner and i headed back home while they went to find guodong.

Idk why im feeling like this, really wish to tell baby how i feel, but i scared he unhappy.
Anw, ILY babyboar!

10:09 PM

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Went for sj training after not returning for foreverrr>< thn head to hq to take tins for flag day! alot sia! Anw, cabbed back school with 200 tins with sharmine, puiyee and eileen.
In school, shaggg lo. Pushed the tins back to sharmine home and went for lunch at tiong, after wards went her home and do all the tins and stuff. Tired.
Went home ard 7.

Baby started work today. Whole of today never see him. I miss you! Tomorrow cn see you le:D loveyou<3

9:22 PM

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today woke up early, waited for baby to wake up. But he's a pigggg! Woke up at like 2 plus! Haha!
Then he went meet guodong and met me at tiong. They ate and we slack awhile after tt head back my home and mahjong tyme! Haha! Damn fun and lots of laughter! Ice came also and played! Hehe! Woooo~
Ordered mac for me and baby cause ice and guodong dowant eat.
They left ard 8 plus 9 and he's slacking with ice, guodong and shengli now!
Btw, shengli sister was found:) haha!
I think baby's happy cause it's been a while since they 4 brothers slack tog!

Anw, im boredd! I miss my baby! Tmrw got training and he got work in the evening, cnt meet him. Sunday gg peh him meet his friends that he haven seen in a while. Abit akward eh! Haha! But i love spending tyme with him! Muack!
BabyBOAR, iloveyou!

11:05 PM

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bad day today huh? Why the fuck cant you all just stop commenting? Do you all know how i feel? I cant even write how i feel without being scolded? Seriously, like that, might as well lock me up.
My boyf like status, not cause he's happy tt i quarrel, cause he agree, cause he knows what im going through, CAUSE I CRIED IN FRONT OF HIM!
Im really tired of all this.

Anw, went to find baby. Think i made him angry in the beginning, whatever, and today baby let me disturb like alot alot! HAHA! Went to NEX to slack and back to ice house to wait for him. Awhile ltr, shengli sister went missing and we all helped find. Hope he can find his sis soon. Cried in front of baby, he's not happy about tt, sorry! But i know you care<3

Baby say tmrw coming find me! Yayness! <3 <3 <3 baby, i love you!

8:16 PM

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today, baby came find me and peh me go raffles take my medical report! :D thn went to slack slack and im home.

Idk what to say, i want this job alot. But if you think they fake or what not, help me call also cant? Wtf. But i also dk how. Sigh! Wish tt mayb a miracle will happen and they'll call me tmrw or smth.

Baby, i miss you! I feel tt im kinda a bad girlf somehow. Sorry! But iloveyou<3

9:12 PM

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Went for interview today, hopefully i can get the job! If can, jiu hao le:)

Umm, thn went to find baby, peh him and ice go NEX cause both of them want find job. Baby more lucky, kinda got the job i think.
But.. Im kinda scared:( how? I dont dare tell him. Sigh!

Guess my pigg is playing his bball now!
Baby say tomorrow will come find me. Happy happy! :D iloveyou!

9:23 PM

Monday, March 7, 2011

morning went to meet baby and slack awhile! after that he peh me go NEX do the cake for norman! hahah! lucky i bought the small one eh!
miss my baby so so much! <3>

went to vivo to meet BFFL! and went to white dog to eat! haha! saw afew ex-colleague, and i kinda miss the tymes there, but not the injuring myself part! LOL!
slacked at skypark after with gong cha! (Y)
camwhore like crazy! found a new camera application that is so awesomeeee!
next tyme can take with baby! ><
went home at ard 6.30 and here i am blogging!
interview tomorrow! really really really hope i can get the job!

norman, weird that so many years of being BFFL, we seldom go out like today and just sit down and talk eh! let's try to make this a monthly thing? :D

baby! glad i can meet you awhile today! hope tomorrow you can come find me! and remember to smile! :D haha! you were damn cute today!

7:58 PM

Sunday, March 6, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORMAN TAN! ILY bestie! <3 happy you enjoyed your birthday! Cya tomorrow! And take care of urself!

Today was really boring in the morning! Went to great world for dinner and i bought 2 scented candles! Like finally! Found them after so long. Burning one now. Smells sooo good.

Haven seen baby for 2 days le. Miss him so much! He's such a piggg! Anw, iloveyou no matter what. Always smile!

11:22 PM

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woke up close to 12 today.
Actually idk how to feel. I want to tell everyone, just respect my decision! And support me, but since they choose to do it this way, what can i say? I cant deny im sad losing them. But what if they are the one making the choices. Nvm!

Im surprised you msg me, after everything. Sometymes idk how to face you. Sigh! I can only say im sorry.

Anw, baby is nice today, other than he being naughty. Wonder when can meet him again. I miss you! He's prolly playing his mahjong, but baby, as long as you're happy, i am. Just dont be like last tyme okay? I love you PIGGG! Hope can see him soon bahs! <3

10:05 PM

Friday, March 4, 2011

today was such a unbelievable day. like a drama-.- kinda.
well, went down to kathy's house and yea, kinda happen alot of things, was told something that made me break down. but whatever..
baby was confronted. im surprised he wasnt angry, at least he bothered to talk to me and explain and all. anw, i chose to believe him, but i guess it means losing all of the rest. sigh!
why cant they just understand? their way of handling things aint like me, i dont like when i have to chose between 2.
but, i wont have regrets chosing baby, cause after so many things, and close to 2 years of knowing him, mayb he did something wrong before, but baby, i truly love you. that's why i chose you. and i wont regret.
maybe losing the rest kinda upset me, but i guess that's something i have to take.

Norman, idk whether you are disappointed or what. but í know you'll support me and i will do whatever i promise.

BABYCKC, i love you, and i dont want you to be affected by all this. main thing is i believe you alrights? i dont want to see you unhappy cause of this eh! and remember what you said to me! haha! miss you! <3

10:33 PM

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Idk what to say or do anymore. Im really afraid of whatever that may happen.
after tomorrow, everything will come to an end, will have a conclusion.
After tomorrow, mayb, i'll be back to how i was 7 years ago. Mayb im just a fool after all. I just dw to be hurting anymore. Mayb the decision i made will made me regret.

CKC, i love u, till the end. Forever.
No matter what, know that i love you.

11:48 PM

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

today, woke up at 9 plus due to a nightmare :/ LOL!
then went back to sleep and woke up again.keep being like this. until my pigggg say he wake up le.
went to tiong to meet him and suppose to meet girl de leh, but she went to find korkor.
sigh sigh sigh! was feeling moody and all, told baby why and i kinda showed him alittle attitude. SORRY! D:
anw, came home and we were better, baby played read archie boooks! like surprise uh! baby reads de eh! but is only comics! :P haha! then he played blackshot! i super sian so went out watch tv. baby join me after he finished playing and he had dinner at my house! force him to eat 2 bowls! wahaha! BABY's A PIGGGG!
peh him go bus stop and then he went home at 8, so here i am blogging! :D

my dear baby, sorry for always being so sensitive, i promise i'll try to do what i say and not always be like this.
but whatever it is, I LOVE YOU to the end! :D

8:20 PM

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dont know why im feeling like that. Actually i do, but i just dont want to admit. Sigh!
Very long since i dont want to tell anyone, but idw made him angry.
Guess i made girl angry though, sorry!

I miss him. Wish to be in his arms again.

11:40 PM

Ello! Am at home now. Cause im not allowed to go out _|_
Baby is being nice and come my house accompany me. Helped him to jailbreak his phone lo! Yay! He said will be happy for whole of today de eh! Teehee! :D
Anw, he's busy playing online games, childish PIGGGG! And me is updatin my blog so he wont complain le eh!
Anw, if tmrw cant go out, baby said he'll come find me.:D thanks! And i shld start doing all my enrolment things le. Gonna start tomorrow and prolly going to checkup tomorrow! Sigh! Dont like visitin the doc! Hope my boyf will accompany me. Haha!

Baby, be happy hor!

4:27 PM


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