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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bonjour! HAHAH :D
back to blog again cause my piggy requested :P
anw, we just pass our 1y1m anni on friday!
after school, we met and then he stayed over at my house :D showed my boy a few attitude D: sigh~
anw, went home and then slacked and disturb each other for awhile and then we went sleep le. my boy was so tired cause of the lack of sleep recently D:
then next day piggg wake up soooo late! HAHAH! after wake up, eat lunch!
and played with pokka! like after soooo long! and then we went to kovan to meet babe for market trip project! soooo glad got baby oeh us so we can fastfast finish our project! :D woooo~
came home and then watched show and he played his game. after we had prata for dinner, went to watch 'puss in boots' at tiong! :D funny!
after that came home and watched show again before turning in!
today i woke baby up cause he has to meet his friends for project! thought wont see him alrdy!
until he msg and say ltr meet me and mummy at bugis street! he peh us while we shopped :D
heheh! happyhappy!
it's always enjoyable to have my baby with me! :D
iloveyou dear!

10:06 PM

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Booo! Im back to blog! Cause my dear pig wanna me to blog! Hehe!

Anw, this week has been a super good week:D everyday ends well even though there are some unhappiness in between :/ BUT, all i need is a positive mindset and thinking that no matter what, nth cannot be solve. Especially when i have my baby, bffl and good friends with me <3

Tmrw is a start of a hectic and stressful week! But i believe i cn pull through! Jiayou! Hehe :D

Tyme pass so fast! It's alrdy the 20th of nov! Soon gonna be exams and all!
And in 5 days is 1yr1mnth with babydear ^^

Oh! And breaking dawn is coming out sooon! Woohoo~
This month is gonna end on a great note! Cause i'll be happy everyday :D

11:32 PM

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

oops>< longgg tyme never blogged again :/ i realised i need baby to remind me before i will blogg. hehe! thanks PIG!

anw, 3 days ago was the 5th of nov. and this year, i turned 17. older, but still, young always at heart yo! HAHAHA!

day before bday, went to chompchomp with girls and had lots of fun just eating and chilling out. then, went to meet baby awhile at NEX. he dua me, LOl! hahah! but i was surprised when he gave me the piglet iphone cover! it's my fav thing now. :D
then went home.

next day, which is my bday. went down to office awhile and colleagues gave me a little surprise with the cake :D and then after that baby came to look for me at bugis. slacked awhile and then went back my house to put down his stuff and to go for dinner with family at long beach :D fun!
after that, went to cine to wait for jason and rest, but all super late, so we went walkwalk and had waffle with ice-cream. YUM!

HAHA! after that went to party world :D they open martell for me, but we cant finish it all though :/ lol!
anw, after that , had supper at wendy's. and when we wanted to go home, the rain was soooo huge we had to wait.
Oh, and BFF sent me my bday msg that made me almost cry :D he's always there and im so happy to have him and baby in my life!

reached home ard 6 plus and slept till 3. baby slept till 5! so PIG! i from 3 call him wakeywakey he still dw wake up! HAHAHA! than had bak kut teh for dinner.

after that went prawning with bear bear and all. was fun! but had alot of dinner thanks to ice D:
prawned quite alot. but when they were bbq-ing the prawns, me and elis went to the car and i slept! oops>< think i was kinda piggg, cause i didnt even know they drove off until reached my house area! LOLOL! haha, but i vaguely remember baby kissing me on my forehead and brushing my hair off my face. and when i thought of it, i smile, cause soooo sweet. i love all these small actions.

anw, came home and slept till afternoon and nua till now. okay! GTG! hope i wont forget to blog! hehehe! oh, and baby just ADMITTED he's a PIGGY :D

3:05 AM


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