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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello! Back to bloggie again!
Soooo. Today is a happy day overall for me.
Except in the morning when bby and me got abit of arguement, but it's all fine now and he's beside me now :)

so, today went shopping w mummy! Loveeeee all the loots i got today. Went to editor's market and then clementi mall. Spent quite abit of money but i think we got quite alot of things :)

Anw, had dinner at ajisen and then, continue walking for awhile before heading home.
Went for night jogging w mummy! Longgg since i had exercise and it feels good :) should keep it up :)

Babyboy, you're such a pig, but you're my dearest. Dont so xiaoqi le hor! :P loveyou!

12:21 AM

Friday, July 27, 2012

In lesson now, but i cant be bothered to listen.

So, last 2 nights, baby was w me :) which makes me happy cause i can see him :) he was on mc for 2 days which made me worried. But anyway, yesterday we went swimming together! Alot of fun w my boy!

and then, i've decided to lose weight and be healthier, so i bought a few protein bars and what not. And i want to start exercising alrdy :) hopefully i can last.

Bby is at my house resting now, so, yeah. I miss him alrdy, and i wonder when can see him again.booboo iloveyou!

12:07 PM

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


it's our 21th month together already. and through our good and bad, you're still w me baby!
nowadays, i feel like we are so used to each other and comfortable w each other, but yet we love each other.
this month you start your internship already, so our tyme to meet is lesser, but i dont feel like our love is decreasing. even though we can dont talk for long hours, i still feel like you're beside me, mentally. imissyou so much, and everyday i wake up feeling that im a blessed girl and thankful that you're still w me.

i cant wait to see my babyboy later in the night after he ends work! :D


12:10 AM

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sooooo. Im in lecture now but i decide to blog since it's so boringggg.

For the past 2 days, boyf came to my house after his work. And i swear i freaking miss the tymes he spend as my house. He's also really sweet and considerate. I was busy w projects thus he dint disturb me. So touched. And he still give me massage! Woohoo!

Now boy is at my house resting till it's tyme for him to go to work. Ohbabyboo, imissyou so much. Tmrw i will go maple to find my boy. Now that his internship starts, every moment spent w hin is really really treasured cause our tyme of meeting decreases.

11:42 AM

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today is NOT a good day to start with. Have ILR interview at 9. And i only woke up at 8.20. it's a miracle im able to reach school on tyme.
And then there was a lot of things that happen. And tbh, i really dislike today. Ohwell. Anw, i went off to meet friends for dinner which cheered me up :)

and when i was on the way home, called baby and he entertained me :) gosh, i miss him sooo much :( boyyyy, i wanna you to be beside me again so i can hug you and feel normal again. Iloveyou!

12:31 AM

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So... yesterday night i dint have the tyme to blog. So here i am todayyy.
Yesterday make up lesson was fun, we did smokey eyes for ourselves, at the end of lesson, everyone became vampy like. Sexyyyyy. Hahaha!
Went for dinner w wati and then head home. Reached home around 11.30 and i rested awhile. Started AM work and some ROM proj work needed. Which means i only slept at 4.

Causing me to wake up late. I set my alarm at 615 and i only woke up at 720. rush to prepare and all, now im in the bus ,hoping that i can reach school on tyme.

Yesterday was sort of the official day boyf start work, and he complain complain to me. Hehehehehe. Babyboo, you must jiayou wor, it'll be hard. And this is the outside world, so must ren. Next few days he's working afternoon shift. Hope he will get enough rest. My babyboy, iloveyou.

8:23 AM

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

so today i woke up at 845 to prepare for fem tutorial. was waiting for boy msg, then realise that when he doing his checkup he cannot use phone. make me worry for nth, thought he still sleeping. 
then when he was done, he ask me call him and he told me he gg tts. told me what happen and i was quite worried for his daddy and him. i couldn be there for him and i feel really bad about it.
anw, then i had lunch and went for ILR tutorial. after that stay back awhile and i went to kovan to meet baby cause he says he want me to. 
im glad to know his daddy is okay now, but i can see that boyf is still quite worried. i wish i can help him or do smth for his daddy also. 

babyboo, dont worry too much okay? and also dont tire yourself out, with your internship and have to travel to tts to look after your daddy, must still remember eat and rest okay? anything just tell me, i will always be your listening ear and your pillar, just like you are mine. iloveyou.

11:32 PM

Monday, July 16, 2012

Todayyy baby start his internship. And im so happy because when i woke up, i saw boo's long morning msg. It totally make my dayyy la. No monday blues for me! :)

Then i woke up and prepared for school. Accounting lecture in the morning. Sian maximum. But i was laughing w the girls so it wasnt too bad. Has lunch and then grp proj meeting. Lesigh! Last proj for the sem and im so tired of projects alrdy.
Then had rom.

Andandand, there's my makeup lesson again. I reallyreally like this course. So fun. And there's more joke now we have spent 10 lessons together.

Im really missing my babyboy. Sighsigh. Boy, you're always on my mind. Iloveyou. Sosomuch.

10:32 PM

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Peek a boo!
So today i woke up early and prepared and went to sentosa w grpmates!
Suppose to meet at 9, but amanda and linds reached late. It's okay though. We had lots of fun! playing volleyball, playing w water. So much laughter. And then it started being cloudy and thunder, LUCKILY, we already played all we want le!
so went to bathe and then finish the food we brought. Went off and then i rushed home. Finally back to my baby's arms :) Teehee.

And then , prepared for the second tyme for mummy's birthday dinner. Ate at ahyi restuarant :) and then baby cabbed home and now im home.

Boo is starting his internshio tomorrow le, and our tyme to meet will be much lesser. Baby, i'll miss you. And please work hard for your internship. Me here will give you moral support. Iloveyou.

10:53 PM

Saturday, July 14, 2012

back to blog again! so... today i woke up at 8.15 and then prepared and went to school to do BOE. i swear this module is a total waste of tyme. It does not make sense at all laaaa! dumb ass! waste wo de tyme.

anyway, after that, me and grpmates went to kfc for lunch and we chit chatted, much laughter and all! :D then went back school for ROM makeup lesson. trevor is sooo boring, luckily was w grpmates so we made jokes among ourselves!

after school i went to bugis to meet kathy, this girl ah, forever the same. walkwalk and i bought a wrap. hahahah! shoo nice! okay, then we had mac and talked alot.

today boyf dint come find me, he said he will come tomorrow and hopefully i will see him when i get back from my ndp volunteer work. he's starting internship on monday already and i am so gonna miss him. can already predict next 6 months we wont be seeing each other much. LESIGH.
babybooo, i wanna see you soon. iloveyou,

12:15 AM

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yoohooooo. Today woke up at 10.30 and then prepared for school! i love the every morning makeup routine i do. I dont mind waking up early to do my makeup, cause it's my perk me up!

Then went to sch and meet my grpmates for projects and there was alot of laughter and bimbo moments.
Went for acct which im sure my grp has alot of fun and jokes laaaa! :)

and thennnnn, went to PoMo for my lesson! todayyyyy, fadiah did colour bridal makeup for me. Super gorgeous can! hehehhe.

And today babyboo was on my mind the whole day! LESIGH! WHY HE MADE ME MISS HIM SO MUCH. hehehehe. Cnt wait to see my baby and hugggg him again. Idk when though :/ iloveyouboo!

12:54 AM

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back to bloggie!
So today i skipped fem cause i was too lazy to wake up and dw to go sch for just 2 hrs. So i let myself sleep and had sufficient sleep.
Woke up to baby beside me :) freaking happy lo!
Then we went to raffles for boyf checkup. Wanted go bugis get my stuff, but no tyme. So yea. Tomorrow boyf is gg to raffles hospital for his xray and smth. So yeap.
Then went back and had dinner w his mum. Yummy tomyum! :)

Then we went to hua guo shan. They played ball and i watched for awhile before heading home. And now im home, missing my babyboooo so much le. :( prolly can see him on friday if he's free. Baby, imissyou. Muackieee. Iloveyou alright? :)
Andddd, i really think my room is your comfort zone where you can sleep longer lo!

3:02 AM

Friday, July 6, 2012

Back to blog.
so now im at temasek green again! to do project w my grpmates and hopefully we can finish our project by morning. this few weeks of chionging project is no joke lo!
tomorrow baby is going to sign contract w conrad! woohoo!!! happy for him and if i have the tyme, i will go find him and peh him! andandand!! tomorrow baby is staying over at my house! woohoo! after saturday i haven seen him already. miss him so freaking much!!
babybooboo, even though i neglect you cause of my projects, but i still love you as much! LOVEDIEYOU! and tomorrow, it's MY bed that im lending you, not yours hor! :P

12:26 AM

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bloggie tyme!!
todayyy was quite sian in sch, cause it was project and then accounting.
Anw, when i was going to pomo for lesson, baby asked me call him and he told me he is most probably accepted for internship! Woohoo! Happy for him!

Went for lesson and i was super happy! So the night went well. And then tomorrow imma gonna stay w grpmates at temasek green to finish up.projects. lesigh!

Babybooboo, imiss you! Cnt wait to see you on friday! loveyouuuuu much!

12:39 AM

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yoohoooooo! submitted ILR todayy:) and it's a great load of the mind. But, next 2 weeks got a hell load of proj to do as well. Shagggg ah.
This 2 days my baby good life. Sleep in till so late, still go out nighttyme. Luckily he now resting at home. If not ltr his body clock screw up.

Tmrw is a longgg day and im sad im not gg down maple to see baby play ball. Sorry darling. I really miss you and cnt wait to see you again!!

1:41 AM

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Peekaboo! idk how long never blog already.

so... the past few days i was sooooo busy w projects. sigh! thursday till now straight have been staying back doing project and even today, a saturday i still went to botanic garden for trail making! SIAN!
anyway, this week, baby has been at my house since wednesday :D hehehehe! so happy laaa, but i neglect him quite a bit and have been leaving him at my house alot cause i had projects and couldn come home early.

but im happy in a way that he is okay being at my house alone and HE IS TREATING MY ROOM AS HIS LAAA! howcan! D: but it's comforting to know we are okay w each other like this. there was alot of fun and disturbing this few days.
he went home today and god! i miss him soooo much D:

babyboy, iloveyou. and i wish you get a good hotel soon! booboo! <3

12:00 AM


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