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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So.. I haven blogged for like 4 days? Cause of my laziness and exams. But, here i am again.
So.. On the 25th, boyf came over after his work and we went out with mummy. Hahaha! Feel so bad for making him shop with us :/ hehehe!
And then had dinner at soup spoon. The chicken is superrr delicious can!
Anw, after that, he stayed over. :) :)

Next day was sunday, we went out also i think. Couldn remember muc about sunday :/ hahha! But i know im with my boyf! :D and then had to study abit for FnB. Cause monday had exam :( :( and i think i slept quite late. But it's okay cause i hv boy with me! :)

And then monday i went to schoolfor FnB while boyf still sleeping. Hahah! LIKE PIG lo. HEHEHE! After exam went to have lunch with classmates and then went to airport to study with yunyue, cheryl and zhihao :) lucky got them kay. Else ah, i would never be able to study anything! Cause im lazy like that. But it was quite productive. Stop studying about 9 and went off. Wanted go home, but boyf msg me, complain i nvr go fetch him. So i went lo. SEE, im a nice girlf okay! WAHAHHA.
Came home and slept after slacking awhile with baby.

And then POM exam the next day. Boyf work morning on this day, so we left house together. So happy can! And then went to sch, but i was mad tired, literally exhausted till the extent i couldn open my eyes. Dint do well for POM. Anw, went home and slept. Suppose to wake up and fetch bouf and peh him go home take things. But i was so tired i couldn wake up. So he went alone. Sorry!
Anw, i slept till he came back my house again. Had pizza for dinner. It was sooo good. Hahah! But, we had abit of arguement :( ohwell, but it was okay. And then went to bed.

Today woke up to wake boyf up for his work. Haha! But tt pig still lazing ah! LOL. Than accompanied him to bus stop and i went home. Wanted to sleep but cnt sleep le . So i nuaed until it's tyme for me to go work.
Work was boring as usual :/ ohwell. And now i ended work, going to fetch boyf and go home! MARKETING TOMORROW. :(
Anddd, boyf has stayed at my house for 4 days, and he's gonna stay till end of the week! HAPPYDIEME!

Baby, ILOVEYOU. And dont be such a pig okay! :)

10:19 PM

Friday, February 24, 2012

So it's 12am again! Which means it's the 25th again :D
HAPPY 16th monthsary babyboy!
I miss you so so much! Another 16 more hours can see you le!
And you'll be at my house till wednesday!
So happy at the thought that i can spent alot of tyme with babyboy the next few days :D
But i still have exams next week, oh well, babyboy also have to go for his service. At least at night i get to see him for longggggg and can hold his hand to sleep!
He makes me happy and sad sometymes, but no matter how much we quarrel or fight, im glad we are still together, we can thinkg more maturely. 16 months, not long nor short, but it wasnt an easy journey through, still im thankful for him being my boyf.

11:01 PM

Blogging again! Cause my pigggg wants me to! :P
So, past 2 days, boyf came over and sleep! And i was really really happy. Cause this week is my study week! Means im at home longer. So, tuesday i went find him at maple to see them play bball and then we came back together. :)
After that, wednesday, he was still on MC, than, he dint went for work. Instead, he peh me when we wake up, had maggi for lunch and peh me went work.
So, he was just at the arcade beside me waiting and he bought me food when i was hungryyyy. Touched to the max :')
And then! When we came home, hahaha! Helped each other do polish out nails, and he helped me paint my toe nails again! YAY! :D
Then went to sleep! This morning, he went to work and i went airport to study with yunyue and zhihao :) thanks to them, i understand econs and have more confidence! WOOHOO~
And now, im at home watching healing camp before going sleep.
Econs exam tomorrow :( wish me luck!

12:23 AM

Monday, February 20, 2012

Okay, so once again, my babyboy requested me to blog again.
On saturday, after his work. He went out with his friends and then came find me when i end my work :) haha! Had dinnet with mummy also and head back home. Oh, and did i mention i was super happy cause i seen baby ? I missed him so much.

Anw, sunday we slept till late. But if course he slept later, cause he's a BIG FAT PIG ;) hahaha! And then he went to paragon with me to collect my stuff. But it wasnt ready until 4.30. So we had lunch at grandma's. The food is nice ;) and then went to coldstone fot ice cream. Was my first tyme there. And it was SOOO nicee :) haha! Then went back to get and home. Then go out for dinner with family again.

Today, i woke up early to prepare an head out to work. Before tt i woke baby up cause he wanna do makeup for his work :/ so yea.i left house and start to miss him already~
And then after 4 plus 5, he said he was unwell le. And at 6 plus, he wannna faint. Made me so worry and scared. I told him to go home and rest, luckily he listened to me.

Babydear, pleaseee take care of yourself! You dk how much i worry hor! So yeah, and cnt wait to see you again tomorrow. Iloveyou ;)

Hmm, sneezing non stop! Who's missing me? :p

10:22 PM

Friday, February 17, 2012

So today is the last day of class with K02. Had POM in the morning which was kinda redundant. And then 3 hours break which we went study. And then econs. It wasnt so bad today. After that went for dinner with most of my classmates. Sigh. It's so fun spending tyme with them. Like really really fn.
Then had marketing lecture. And it marks the end of lessons for year 1. All this dont feel real yet. Tyme passes so fast, and i really HATE to change class, i love my classmates and the fun, the bond we hve. Dk how many tymes i sh le. Sigh. Cnt wait for exams to be over and class chalet again!

Anw, today boyf dint stay over. Ant i miss him alot today. It's like he's purposely making me miss him! Tmrw going for work and imma gonna fetch him after i end from his work. He's staying tomorrow! OHYEAH. Hope there wont be any bad things tomorrow. Babyboy, I LOVE YOU ALRIGHT? And seeya soon!
Work tomorrow at 10 :( bye!

11:51 PM

Thursday, February 16, 2012

back again! i wonder why my babyboy want me to blog everydayyyyyy! i want him tweet everyday he also lazy! then me where got tyme leh? keke! see ! i so nice, you ask me blog i jiu blog :P

so anw, today my alarm rang and i went back sleep, then woke up 7.45 alrdy, lazy to go for commskills alrdy, so i slept more. woke up again at 9.15 and prepared for sch! SOOO redundant to go back for FnB which was pointless. and we had to wait for half an hr before our lesson! somemore is with other class! oh well.

and then went for lunch with classmates! had KFC. ohman! tomorrow is our last day together as a class for lessons alrdy D: sad die me! i dowant change class laaa! stupid system!
had french speaking test which i screwed up D: sigh!

ohwell! then went to work, which was fun and i before i start work i had 2 hours plus so i went to walkwalk! and i bought a blush/highlighter and some accessories! haha! this is why i cannot have free tyme alone, if not i would be too tempted to buy things. but lucky i control and buy those i really really wanted. but it feels good to finally buy things for myself. i always am okay with spending money for presents and things for others, but not myself D: i guess i should start saving and spending for myself :D

tomorrow is a longgggg day ahead. and i hope hope hope boyf can stay over tomorrow so i can see him and hold his hand to sleep! i really miss him soo much. you know how some couples get sick of each other after a while? well, we're coming to our 16th month and i still wanna see him alot, i miss him everytyme im not beside him!
babyboy, iloveyou <3

11:47 PM

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another post for today cause boyf wanted. So yea, today my school was uninteresting cause it was only 2 hours.
So i shall write a post to my boy. Baby, you know iloveyou right? And i miss you soso much. Im really really happy and blessed that you're my boyf, not any other people. And yea, i know i'm demanding and irritating sometymes, but i hope you know that no matter what i do, i dont mean to make you unhappy if i did. And i really hope you have accept me for who i am.
From our past only msging tymes to now calls, im glad we did not let this fade till now :) all the daily calls, even if it's short, makes me feel like you're just beside me for that moment, like 8 know what you're thinking and doing.
The only thing i regret is that sometymes when you are unhappy or upset, i cannot be there for you pysically, but boy, know that im always 8 digits away and if you need someone to talk to, to just be beside you. I am always here for you.

11:21 PM

Yesterday was Valentine's day :) went to school for conmskills roleplay :/ think it went not too bad. And then had some tyme with the class, last week of school with them alrdy. Had loads of fun and laughter. I swear i'll miss them. Anw. Then had marketing lecture, which made me laugh like mad! But results wasnt that good. Sigh.

And then went to find babyboy at hos house :) sooooo happy to be able to see him again. And then i got some sleep while he watched show with y ipad! HAHAH! Pigggg.
Had dinner with his mummy. And boy said he actually wanted to buy flowers for me. That makes me really happy. And then went down to maple to watch them play bball. Hahaha!

Boyf then came over to my house. Otw he said he was thinking of names for our future kids! HAHAHA <3
Watched show at my house till 1am and then went to sleep.
Today boyf woke up alittle bit later, dk if he got late and get scolded not :(
Anw, before he left, as usual he gave me peck on my forehead and helped me close my curtain etc, thus i could sleep till 11 plus 12 than wake up. :)
So shuang :D hahahah!
Im starting to miss my babyboy. When can i see him again? Hmmmmm.
Saranghae dear.

1:36 PM

Monday, February 13, 2012

Last night boyf stayed over at my place :) and well, he was an ass! Haha :p
But today morning, he woke up at 7 and then looked after me. Close the curtains for me, hug me, kiss my forehead. I just love this small little things. Ilovehim for taking care of me.
And then i woke up at 12 :/ i was sooo tired but ohwell, went to sch and my afternoon pass just like that.
Came home, nua awhile, painted my nails and watching tv now.

In awhile more, it's Valentine's day. And i know that i can see him tomorrow and he's staying over makes me so so happy. I dont need to go out with him like everybody, i dont need him to buy me gifts or anything. All i want is him by myside. And his love.
Babyboy, saranghae :)

11:20 PM

Friday, February 10, 2012

Today woke up at 7, and was soooo reluctant to go for lecture. I wanted to sleep more but mummy dont let.ohwell.
Than went to sch for a super boring lecture. The lecturer SOOOO naggy :/
Anw, aft lecture called baby and managed to talk to him for awhile :$ so nice to hear his voice after yesterday nvr talk to him much :)
And then had 3 hrs break and econs! -.- stupid tutor. Presentation was kida bad. And then went to submit FnB. Then headed to work.
Today work was boring. But last hr when i gg close shop, several customers come in, hai me end late. :/

Anw, tmrw got commskills and then PP's seminar. But most importantly, i can meet boyf tomorrow and he's staying over :D like happy only! Cant wait to see him and hug him again :) iloveyou babyboy!

11:10 PM

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today was sooo good in the morning cause i managed to sleep in :) like awesome right! Hehe! But my boy called me a piggg! So guofen! Hehe!
And then i had my brunch ( salad and soup ) ! Haha! And prepared for school.
Went to meet grpmates early an he to discuss presentation :/ and then we went to the hall. So many screw ups. And fuck tt bastard who mess with my grp. Bloody hell. Make us lose marks! _|_

anw, i came home and had dinner with mummy and now am watching high sch musical while texting my boy.
Didnt get to talk much to him today :( and this makes me miss him soooo much! I wanna see and talk to my babyboy. Want to feel his arms ard me again! <3 iloveyou

10:19 PM

Okay, so today i managed to sleep in alittle. And then woke up at 10.15, prepared and went to meet boyf for a while to pass him fruits for his daddy :)
Though it was only a short 5-10 mins meeting him. I really felt happy :) nothing beats being able to spend tyme with my boy!

Then i went to work. Which is so tirig cause of many things and my feets are aching alllll over! And i realised that my attitude towards china and angmoh customers is totally difference.too bad for the china, who ask you all guailan me? :P
And then mummy came fetch me from work and now am home watching runningman. Oh, and the weather is getting hotter again. Think this is the first tyme in 2 months i on aircon. Hotdieme!

Andandand! I super miss my boy alot :( i wish can faster see him and hug him. And just spend tyme with my love <3

12:12 AM

Monday, February 6, 2012

okay, so today was a pretty good day!
alarm went off at 7am, which im supposed to wake up to wake baby for his sch! but, he woke up on his own. oops! guess i was too tired. and he's a really sweet boyf! honestly! he helped to close my curtain so the sunlight wouldn hit me. he only switched on my light for like less than 1 minute so he dint bother me. and! he gave me a kiss before he left. so sweet aye? i know it might not sound like alot, but, all these small things are the things that make me smile the whole day.

after that i continued sleeping to like 11.30. so awesome to be able to sleep in! and econs proj is due today! which means it is OVER! woohoo! and many hilarious things happen in sch! hahah! chris concidentally code with mine, jonathan forever sleeping and my bitchy groupmates. haha! wrote so much on twitter today so am lazy to write more!
so anw, i came home and laze till now.

i miss my babyboy so much! was awesome having him by my side to sleep and now he's not here, make me wanna teleport over to him! HAHAH <3

11:30 PM

Friday, February 3, 2012

So it's 2:38am now. And baby is asleep beside me! We just got back to my house around 2 hours ago from mbs TODAI.
It was baby's 18th and i wanna make it enjoyable for him.
Hehe, did a little lie and then surprised him at midnight. But it didnt go too well! Oops! :/
But well, baby, you know, it's the hert that counts! HEHEH! But at least he likes me present! *wink*

After that i went home & than slept till 7. Went sch for awhile and headed home. Rest awhile and went to fetch boyf from recipe. Afterwards, came my house, i dressed up & prepared.
And then to boyf's house.
Met kelvin, elis and daryl at amk and train down to marina. Hehe!
Buffet was niceeee. And we had alot of fun and laughter also :)
Baby, i hope that you loved your 18th! Saranghae!

2:41 AM


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