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Sunday, August 26, 2012

So this weekend isnt v productive for me to study although it should be. Hahaha.

So yesterday me and mummy went to nafa fair to book family trip to korea in december. Yayayay! And thennnn.. baby tried to surprise me by coming to my house and wait for me. And then, at the end he caled me using my house phone, thinking i will be home soon. Baby abit fail :P but i love his act of surprise for me! Lovelove him.

Went tamp mall for dinner w him and mummy and then came home tog. Boyf stayed over ^^
This morning he had to wake up super early for work. And see him tired my heart pain. But ohwell, he has to.

Then went mbs w mummy in the afternoon to walkwalkseesee. And had thai food for dinner. Cannot wait for this week to be over and holidays come!

Babybooboo, imissyou so much! Loveyouuu oh <3

11:33 PM

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So here i am blogging, in the middle of the day because my boy has been bugging me to blog since forever agoooo. Why baby why? never see my post you cannot sleep, cannot smile ah? :/

Anw, now is the exams period. And the 2 days before yesterday, baby stayed over at my house. And on sunday we went cycling w cousins, alot of laughter, happiness and fun. I just loveee outings like this. But i was mad mad tired once i reached home.

Im soso stressed and scared for exams. And last night baby made me worry, play mia w me. Was so worried for him till i slept only at 3 plus 4. Woke up this morning early and was v tired. See baby, your girlf here cares alot okay! Cause iloveyou

5:12 PM

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello! So it's early in the morning and im already in bus going to school. Why? because fem submission is at 9am! Sometymes i think school is trying to be a joke. So, i chionged assignment to 11pm, watched a bit of show and slept at 12 odd.

Today, is also the start of 7th month. Tbh, im pretty scared, not that i did wrong things. But that, i may do the wrong things and offend some. Im superstitious but i always believe in the existence of them.

Anyways, i really miss baby, cannot wait to see him tomorrow night. And im able to spend sunday w him and cousins. Oh baby, i wish you were here. Then i wont be so tired, because you are my energy booster. Iloveyou

7:16 AM

Monday, August 13, 2012

So, today i woke up next to my baby boy, and I feel so happy with him ard! But sadly he has to go to work in abit :(
Accompanied him to the bus stop, and i cannot forget the heart shape he showed me w his hand when he is in the bus and im walking home. Gosh, that was just totally adorable. And hi baby, i love you.

Then came home and went ntuc w mummy. After that , prepared and headed out for dinner. Really dont like the idea of this dinner but no choice have to go. Neeways, reached home ard 11 and nuaed till now.

I miss my babyboy sosomuch and i wish he is by my side nowww! Iloveyouuuuu~

2:35 AM

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today is a longgg day i guess. Hahah! Went to meet amanda at funan and went over to maxwell to collect our 250 laoban for pushcart biz!
Abit of arguements here and there, but we managed to finish it in hours! Good job to us! Woohoo!
After that, went to meet leonice to arab street to buy stuff for our makeup lesson tmrw. Then went over to bugis and walkwalk. Hahaha, she and i can click well leh.
Went to find mummy at tiong for dinner and walked back home w her. And then home to watch runningman and nua!
V fun but tiring day. I love days like this.

Andddd, of course, my baby is a part of my day as always. Even though he is not w me physically, but i miss him every minute and i swear i think of him alot. And even though we dint talk long on phone today, but i love the conversation we have. And i think, baby loves me alot, from his dream and everything he said. BUT DEFINITELY LESSER THAN MY LOVE FOR HIM :) Boy, i cant wait to see youuuu!

12:48 AM

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today woke up feeling v nua and lazym had to literally dragged myself out of bed :/ hhehhe, then slowly prepared and head to sch for proj meeting to discuss presentation.

Feeling kinda angsty today cause of my cramps. Lesigh. Anw, the day pass like tt, nth interesting.
When night came, woohoo! Lessons at makeup was so fun and make me a happyhappygirl! Heheheh! Gosh, i just loveeeee makeup!
And then, came home and relaxed

As usual, tonight i was able to talk to bby until he reached home. AlwYs my energy and happy pill my baby! And he recieved his iphonr cover alrdy. Happy he like it :) cant wait to see him on friday!

12:27 AM

Monday, August 6, 2012

Bloggie tyme!
So, last 2 nights baby stayed over at my house and now im so happy cause i gt to see him. BUt idk why, recently, i get tired v easily, so like, i sleep much esrlier than him. Cannot really peh him :( especially since by the tyme he ends work and come my house alrdy 12 plus. Anw, today morning i woke up early for facial w mummy and baby woke up ard 1 to leave for work. Dint get to say goodbye to him :( nor received his hug. Gosh, imisshim soso much.

Ohwell, everyday, my motivation is the late night calls when he's on the way home. Hearing him talk about his day and us makes me happy. Boo, iloveyou. And please take care of yourself! You're mine and im yours :)

1:04 AM

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HELLO! back to blog again!

so.. today i went to school for fem tutorial whch is a waste of tyme, but luckily it is the last one alrdy :D
then had lunch at bistro walk w grpmates and went for ILR lecture. mr lee is full is full of sarcasm -.-
anyways, our grp was chosen to present to sbg, which means our presentation must be better.
thus, we went to botanic gardens yet again, it's alrdy my 4th tyme, to take clearer pictures and then the view and all.
went for dinner at a place near the botanic garden. really nice restuarant called the wine company and the ambience is really good for couples and all! HAHHAHA! but we 3 girls go there, so weird. then talked and went home ard 10.

reached home, bathed and called baby. now, the only thing that keeps me going everyday is the daily call to baby and talking to him makes me soso happy. boo! imissyou! cant wait to see you again.
boy is off tomorrow but i wont get a chance to see him. so yeah, needa wait till friday. iloveyou my booboo!

12:33 AM


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