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Sunday, December 25, 2011

HOHOHO! Merryxmas! :D
and also happy 14th baby! <3

yesterday xmas eve was super awesome! so i was suppose to wake up at 6, asked baby to morning call me cause he didnt sleep, but, he called me since 6 and i only picked up at 6.43 on his 14th call! LOL! oops>< haha! but lucky i didnt wake up at 6, cause jason drag tyme. i prepared for like 45 mins and after that, jason is still not done! WAHAHAH! so drag a bit tyme and then head to harbourfront to meet them :D had breakfast at the market and then sit the bus in to rws.
bought ticket for USS and off we go for our amazing day! hehe, like awesome only!
although there was alot of people, but we managed to play alot of rides~ hehe!
first thing we went was to sit the transformer 4D, damn! that was so fun and real, but was pretty scary. haha~ and then went to sit the mummy ride, which i of course was very scared.
and cause it was roller coaster, i super scared can! and then the photo took during the ride i was super unglam la! :P but whatever, baby & jason keep making fun of me using that expression! hmph!
and then went to ride the canopy flyer, we waited the longest for that ride! hahaha!
though there was abit of rain, but that didnt stop us from having fun yo!
canopy flyer was very nice, very relaxing! and i also know that baby also scared of heights yesterday, but he was brave, never show out to people! but he still tell me! i love how baby tells me alot of things :D
then went and walk around, took super lots of picture. my most memorable one was baby kneeling down and pretend like proposal like tt, omg, like super sweet la, i shock dao! he said he will only do this twice in his life. one is yesterday and one is during the real proposal. omg. like sweet until i smile non-stop!
and also went to find buddy at the shop he's working at! his uniform like GAY only :P hahahah!
hehe. and then went to see the film maker things and walk around more.feet super tiring. jason keep trying to psycho me to sit the galactia! no way man! hehe!
after that went to check into the hotel that jason book. OMGOSH! the room is so niceeee can :D like super super nice! hehe. last tyme is chalet, now more high class! hotel~ LOL! but it's still the same thing! it's just muchmuch nicer! haha! then waited for jack and caiyun to come! went back USS and eat :D then played transformer again,this tyme it was better :D
then baby wanted to sit mummy again, i really dw cause scared, but see baby wanting so much, jiu peh him with jack and caiyun. cause jason and elis went off for their xmas party.
anw, i know what it was like, but still scared. but it was still pretty fun :D like really fun, cause had them to peh me. luckily lo, else i die ah! LOLOL!
then went to walk abit more and then sit the canopy flyer again. MAN! the view from morning and night is like COMPLETELY different. it's nicer and more romantic in a way :S hehe!
and then went to sit the roller coaster, in which we keep geysiao scream cause jack trying to imitate jason! LOL!
after that, gossip alot about one guy! asshole! ohwell _!_
then went to vivo to shop for xmas gift exchange. jack and baby had gifts to disturb people, so me and caiyun also! i bought a rabbit band and caiyun bought wasabi! wahahah!
then went to skypark at vivo to slack with baby while jack and caiyun went home to bath and change :D
then went to fetch yiying. haha! went back to rws after supper!
and jason still haven reach :/ tt guy ah, only know how to be late! haha!
then we 3 chat at the lobby, talked alot about tt guy! like ewwww! hate him so much recently!

then the clock strike 12, and then it was 14th month for me and baby! woo! hehe :D
but his presents which i sent 6 hrs doing the day before was in the room! so i cannot give him. when jason they came back, went to room. baby went bath and after that i gave him his present! hehe! hope he like it! <3
and then waited for tt asshole to do a meaningless and pointless thing. stupid!
dw talk bout him!
but after that had the xmas exchange, everyone buyy thing to disiao one another lo! hehe! so fun!
baby got speaker. and he was suppose to sing song with the speaker playing in the background. haha! first song nth much then second song become like concert like tt! haha! jason, elis, jack, caiyun and yiying all sabo us. hehe! so like become baby sing for me, but it's really really sweet :D
and then had more fun with the other gifts. tt asshole still wanna emo, so nobody care about him, oh well!
then recieved complains cause we're too loud so we play other games and lower our volume. oops>< hehe!
and then just played random games. :D
was so much fun.
then me and yiying couldn take it anymore so we went sleep while the rest continue playing. and then woke up. LOL! we woke up over the checkout tyme! EPIC max! LOL!
and then they fetched me home! :D

now is still xmas and our 14th month!
awesome xmas i spent with them and awesome 14th with baby! really really enjoyed. i will always remember this 2 days :D like really really awesome! woohoo~
baby, iloveyou!

11:18 PM

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Didnt want to blog. But if i dont rant, i'll go crazy. I can explode anytyme with all these emotions.

Today is just not my day. Getting fucked up by family. And when all i wanted is to talk to him, he's not there.
Im used to him finding his friends and all. But when i need him and miss him, he mia-ed. And it hurt me alot.
I need someone to talk to, but no one is there. Idw to always be the lonely one.
I need him now alot. Like alot. Yet, idk what is he up to. Never reply msg or anything just now. And now he's prolly sleeping.
I hate myself for being this pathetic. But i just need someone who can be there when im upset. I cnt even compare to his friends. And tt hurt. Because, at the end, im still crying in the darkness, wishing for him to be by me.

3:35 AM

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

annyeong people! :D
am back in singapore after 3D2N at Genting with family and baby! woo~
on saturday, i woke up and went to meet baby at bearbear house cause they were helping him paint things, aft which, we came to my house tog and he helped me packed my bag and we watched abit of show before sleeping because we had to wake up early on sunday. and we were excited much! :D
hehe, and then on sunday we woke up at 6 and prepared before we set off! even though genting is not a very far place, but it has been 6 years for me and 8 years for baby since we last went genting, plus, it was our first tyme overseas tog. which makes it more exciting!
made a few stops and reached genting about 1 plus. thn waited for check-in & thn went for lunch! after that daddy went casino and we played indoor theme park. cause there was alot of people, we waited long to play the rides. :/ then also walkwalk ard first world! hehe.
then had dinner and then played. wanted go the bar and chill but brother was underage, so me, baby and brother went back hotel to slack. heh! soon, it was bedtyme.

2nd day, woke up, hoping that the mist will go away cause i wanna play outdoors, but it wasnt. even so, we had a good tyme entertaining ourselves through bowling, arcade, shooting and many more! hehe! it was fun to have boyf with me, oh, and we took neoprints too! likanice only!!
had dinner at ahyi restuarant and the food was good. forced baby to eat vegetables! :P heheh! his reaction is soooo cute laaaa! LOL! and then we went to shop. baby bought alot of things he liked :D and im happy to see him happy! HAHA! he was sooo cutee kay? that's my baby CKC!
then pigggg also got a wallet, which he absolutely loves! hehe!
went to play arcade more and then bought many food back for supper. LOL! fat die this few days! heh! reached hotel ard 1 plus and bath and went to sleep!

3rd day, which is today. tyme to come back singapore D: next tyme go must have 4D3N! hahaha! reached back sg ard 6 plus. and im really really glad to have baby on this trip to peh me, it just becomes much more enjoyable! cant wait for other trips with baby! wooo!
this week both of us are on holidays :D weee~
and this weekend imma gonna go out with baby and friends, also can celebrate our 14 months. tyme really flies, in a blink, we have been tog close to 14 months and we known each other for 2 and half years alrdy.
baby, i never regretted meeting you, and i loveeee spending tyme with you! <3

8:44 PM

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's 1.49am when i started to blog :)
Haha! Almost forgot to blog until i remembered boyf's reminder. LOL.
Anw, today i woke up at 10.30 and left house at 11, went boyf house to be his alarm clock and then we went to plaza sing.
Hehe, grabbed tickets for alvin&the chipmunks 3 before heading for lunch at mac.
After that we had nothing to do, thus, we went to walk around. Haha! Went daiso first and saw nth much there.
After that we went sportlight and we played with the hats there like childs, it was really fun playing with baby like tt, and i enjoyed it alot. It's like entertainment only we understand :) and then walked ard more before heading to the cinema.
Watched the movie, which was freaking adorable. And having baby at my side, exclaiming at the cute parts. Awww, he just made me love him more. HAHAHA!
After that went kovan meet his mum for dinner and then to NEX.
After which he sent me to mrt and i so didnt wanna leave him laaa :/ see him standing outside looking at me go is so sad :(
But anw, he's playing LAN now.
ANDANDAND, i'm gonna see him later again and straight for the next few days. Woohoo~ cant wait! It's our first tyme going overseas tog. Though it'll be with my family, but having him is blissful enough. Iloveyou <3

1:57 AM

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today is the first day of holidays but i dont feel like it is one :/ haha!
Anw, woke up at 12 today cause of the extreme pain of my cramps, and then had medicine and laid on my bed the whole afternoon. Oops>< supr lazy and reluctant to move.
Was suppose to find baby but didnt as well cause of the pain :( but im super glad he went shopping with his mummy and got some clothes :) though this piggg of mine should buy more colourful clothes laaa! Hehe!

And then i just spent my day nuaing. I realy dont like this tyme of the month. Oh well~ but at least the next few days will be exciting :) woo!
Cant wait to see my boy tomorrow again and for the next few dys toooo :) movie tomorrow! <3 imisshim soo much laaa! :) hehe! Loveyouuuuu baby!

10:32 PM

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ended my mid sem today with econs which was hard, but ohwell. anw, after that had a game of captain's ball with groupmates against some K01 ppl. HAH!
and then did project, suppose to do, but cause of my cramp didnt contribute much D:
and then cab home and rest cause it was super unbearable.

today had alot of moodswings, and my emotions are very unstable D:
saw what you posted on other's wall and i admit im quite jealous. ohwell.
and god damn it but im fucking crying now.
its a good thing i started my holidays, but whateever im going through now is unbearable.
i hate myself for being so fucking weak.

just hoping it will be better. i wish baby was here with me now. i need him.

10:39 PM

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finished POM today. And now imma left with econs tomorrow and mid sems will be over! Woo!
Anw, after pom today i went to find baby :)
And once i see him at bus stop, i ran up and hug him! Miss him soooo much!

And then went his house and slacked. He cooked lunch for me ^^ hee! After that he went to sleep. Cause he's too tired from the recent late nights he spent :/
But i woke him up at 7 plus cause he gotta play bball. And then, had some arguements :(
I hate tymes like this when things suddenly turned bad :( and i didnt do it on purpose :(

Luckily, after he went maple and start playing bball, his mood got better :) weee~ watched them play awhile and i went home. Hehe.
Oh, and baby's mum said he can go genting with us! It's like awesomeeeee much! Woots!

Now am home & missing boyf soooo much. Cant wait for the weekends! Heheh! Iloveyou piggy!

11:38 PM

Monday, December 12, 2011

Annyeong! hehe!
today is 12/12. nice date eh! HAHA :D
on saturday, met boyf at night at chinatown with mummy and went walk walk :D
hehe! and i bought my bracelet, though it wasnt like a lot of choice, but it was still okay. HAHA!
and then went OG walk walk and went home aft tt.
after eating domino's pizza for dinner, i helped him do 'facial', so nice right? :D
heheheh! and then baby helped me paint my nails.. weee~ so sweet nah!
after that he played game and i watched show. was tired so i went to sleep first. my piggg slept at 5 lo D: so scared he tired. cause he woke up at 1 plus aft i came back from facial. like not enough sleep for him. plus he ltr got exam D:
wish him all the best later! i will support him mentally. wink!
anw, after he woke up, we went to pray and then went to NEX to walkwalk and also bought Jason stuff.
and then went to eat at crystal jade korean bbq! yum! my piggg eat so much, but aft tt he was really bloated. anw, then he went off and me, mummy and derek went to shop awhile more before we went home.
and then watched the monkey and dog show, cuteeeee max! LOLOL!
and now am watching Family Outing while waiting for boyf to get home.

recently, i've been really sensitive and attitude boyf alot. i wanna apologise to him here. even though i may not be as nice as before to you, but my love and care for you will never change. <3 im glad through all these we're still tog now, cause we both start to accept each other. no one is perfect, so i wont expect him to be. Iloveyou baby. all the best in your exams next few days :D

1:48 AM

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today had FnB test. Was kinda okay i guess. But some qns were shocker. Anyway, aft tt went find boyf.
Thought could finally spend tyme with him alone for longer tyme. But, at the end, still had to meet jason :/ and had to leave baby early. Sigh.

Then came home, had no mood to study french. Think im gonna be a failure in everything. I just suck.
But whatever it is, i try to manage a smile :)

Then, waited till now for something, but once again because of others i waited for nth. I really shouldn vent everything here cause he'll be unhappy. But, i just cnt control.
And now, i remembered commskills due at 9am. Im fucked up. Arghhh! Need you now.

Oh well, i do hope baby's having fun now. I miss him so much it hurts me. Iloveyou.

All i hope is that after friday, when assignments and all is done, baby can really find me and spend tyme with me overnighting at my house.

1:28 AM

Thursday, December 1, 2011

it's the start of a new month! :D
today, my new cupboard is here! yayay! means i got more space for more clothes :D
but have to spend some tyme organising them when im free :/ HAHAHAH!

today's school was all about CDS. i really dislike my french tutor, she's a bitch and i hate going to her lessons. and then psychology was boringggg as usual. ohwell. went for french lecture after a long tymeeee. and the lecturer was nice, think im gonna start going to lecture already :D

i miss my baby so much, his exams is coming so the tyme to meet him will be shorter and all. dk when can i really see him and peh him again! but still, i want him concentrate and do his best for his exams! i'll always be here if he needs me <3

10:33 PM


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