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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

after less than 12 hours, im back to blog again. honestly lo, my baby super demanding. forever bully me only. i blog, then what you do for me ? :P heheheh!

so. today went to school for accounting only. before that got drama mama, LOL. cannot stand some people. BITCH MUCH. lololol.
anw, went to tiong to find mummy for watsons shopping! SPENT ALOT SIA! but im very happy w what i got. i can imaging what my baby thinking. sure saying, 'she ah, spent on makeup again, HAIYO'
correct correct? hehe!

anw, now im home and idk what to do. not sleepy though tomorrow's lessons at 9. so like sian much.
BABYBOY. i wonder what you are thinking now? i miss you so much and i really wanna spent alot of tyme w you and you only!

10:47 PM

Bloggie again!

Yesterday had lessons in sch and then had consultation for ILR and tbh, i think our group have fantastic ideas. Just need to modify. Seeing mr lee joke like tt im damn happy.

Then went to library to study w yunyue, cheryl, esther and jonathan. They are sooo full of nonsense but ILIKE. hahahaha! Then went for ROM test which is the worse test i've ever took in my life. Fuck you mr trevor.

Then had dinner w the girls, andd we cheered up bitching and all. I honestly lovee the girls!

Went home and watch abit of RM and then slept. Was soooo tired. Skipped morning class today and here i am blogging.

Yesterday baby went for interview. I soso wish he can get into the hotel he want. Baby imissyou. Dont so sian okay. You've me in your life leh! Iloveyouuuu so much my dear.

11:54 AM

Monday, May 28, 2012

back to bloggie again! i think ah, my baby addicted to seeing me blog le lo! everyday ask me blog! want me to show you how much i love you ah? :D

sooo. school today and this is the last week of lecture and tutorials before mid sem test! and then.. it will be test next week and HOLIDAYS the week after!
anw, i dint start monday w Monday blues so it's good! i mean, how to start it bad when there is good weather and boyf voice early in the morning right? :D hehehe!

anw, BEST OF LUCK to my baby tomorrow for his interview. i sosososo hope you can get into it cause it's what you want and i know you can do it de! baby, im here for you and even though i cant be there physically, morally i will give you all the support i have.

Now to show the whole world. ILOVEYOU BABYBOY CHUAKENGCHIN.You're my destiny! <3

10:34 PM

So imma back to blog again. Today woke up.cause baby disturb me. Which totally shouldn be happening cause im normally the one who wakes up first.

Anw, after that had lunch that parents cooked and then... Me and baby quarreled :( super hate this kind of tymes when all of a sudden we just piss off w each other. Luckily now we're alright.

So, after baby left home, i went to IT and food fair at expo w parents! Bought some things and then headed home.

Baby, i miss you so much. Iloveyou.

12:23 AM

Friday, May 25, 2012

Annyeong! back to blog again!
there's no school for me today cause tutorial is cancelled! shiok much!
i slept for about 12 hours which was AWESOME and then headed to work. it was not much fun today cause of some stuff. sigh! sometymes i really dowant to work there anymore. ohwell.

anw, boyf's was unhappy this afternoon and yeah. but he's better now.

ANDANDAND! HAPPY 19th month to my babyboy! he's so freaking awesome and well, i cant imagine not having him around. you're my one and only and boy, even if i may made you upset. i love you before and i love you now. no matter what may come in the future, you can be damn sure i wont give up on us without a fight. iloveyou. cant wait to see you later!

12:03 AM

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blogging again yoooooo.
So i managed to sleep in today cause lesson's at 11 :) hehehe. So happy to be able to sleep in.
Then went to school for lecture. Waste my tyme much.
And then now am having 3 hours of break and later got accountin. Boringggg!

I really wish my baby can get into a good hotel for his internship. And like i said, i'll always be there for him. Baby, iloveyouuu.

2:47 PM

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hahahah. Promised my baby to blog so here i am.
Yesterday morning woke up to him beside me :) prepared and head out to school! Happyhappy cause he was w me. Anw, then school was boring and all, spent a lot of tyme w grpmates yest and botanic gardens field trip was next.
What my grp was unbelievable! LOL. Anw, had dinner w grpmates and i love that this grp also v bitchy. It's like i dont really have to mind what i say.

And then headed home and then slept. I missed my lecture today in the morning cause i skipped it. Anw, i slept till i naturally wake up which was super awesome! :)
Otw to school now :)

I miss my babyboy. Soso much :(

12:58 PM

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello! So today i went to work in the morning and i almost forgot to choose my elective till esther msged me. So yeah, chose culinary. Hopefully i wont regret it :)

And then was a busy day at work, im starting to get tired and realy unhappy working here. Ohwell, anw, baby came to find me and then we went to have dinner w mummy also.
And thennnn, went to see phone and i bought galaxy noteee! Woohoo!

Loving my new phone. Speaking of love, baby's beside me now once again and i cant express how happy i am to have him beside me again ♡ babyboy, you're my destiny.

12:22 AM

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So.. Today is a good day. Kind of. :) HAHAHA.

Went to school early to prepare for marg's small bday celebration. And then, we all decided to skip lecture, and went to kfc to talk and then to slack. I miss my grpmates from 1k02. Sigh :( nice catching up w them today though, hopefully more to come.

And then, went for lessons and to marina bay w my grpmates for field trip. WALK SO LONG SIA. And it's kinda really retarded. But ohwell.

And now im back home gonna nua again.
I miss my babyboy so much :( and he today ah, keep didisiaosiao. Disturb me only! :@

10:19 PM

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So yesterday i woke up to my boy beside me :) HAHAHA! I could get used to this, if only every morning he's beside me.
Anw, we prepared for school, in a way, he was done in 5 mins and waited for me for half hour for me to dillydaly. Hehee.
Took bus and he alighted at the train station while i bussed to school.

School was boringgg today. Like really boring. 3 hours break=rotting.
So yea, after school came home and here i am. Gonna sleep. But my whole mind is full of babyboy.

Sigh. I miss you so much darling. And of course, i love you, to the very maximum.

12:18 AM

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Annyeong ^^
Sooooo long never blog le!

Yesterday had a longggg day. Went to school and then had 4 hours lesson before going to lavender to meet baby to accompany him go ICA take his passport. And then, had lunch w him. Nua awhile and went back school go help for nightwalk. ALOT of fun, but tiring.
Ended about 11 and i went to tiong o find kbox family and then came back to my house w them :) fun that they stayed over and we talked alot about stuffs happening :)
Slept around 2 plus and woke up at 11. Once wake up, JOKES all over again. LOL!
They accompanied me to national musuem for my project and we head to marina square korean bbq for lunch.
After that they peh me go esplanade for my training for festival :) so happy that they accompany me!

I feel happy these few days. Blessed to have people in my life i love and cherish who cares for me too.
I miss my babyboy. He was suppose o come today but smth crop up for him. Hopefully tmrw i can meet him and he can stayover cause i miss him more than anyone now!
Take care of yourself kay baby. Iloveyou

11:39 PM

Friday, May 4, 2012

Back to bloggggg.
Today i've only 2 hours of lesson, so i end at 11 :) HEHEHE.
And then i went to find baby! So happy lo. I met him at 11.30! Woohoo! Early early see him i feel gooood! Even though my class was not as fun and exciting as K02, but today meet till baby just brightens my dayyy.

Then went to meet his friend and to hougang mall and walkwalk! TEEHEE. Bought a braclet and some stuff. Played arcade for awhile and headed to kovan to meet his mummy for dinner.

After that i went to Cosmoprof to find out more about the private dip i wanna take for makeup. Came home and talked to mummy about it AND... She allow me to goooo! WOOHOO.
Today is a good day.

Babyboy, i loveyou soooo much! Cant wait to see you again!

12:09 AM

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1st of may today :)
Reachd home at 12 plus last night and then peh baby awhile before we slept. Woke up at 12 plus and then nua-ed.

Prepared at 3 and then we left house ard 4. Went to kovan to meet jason and elis. But as usual, jason dragged himself and slow max! So we only left kovan ard 6.30 and then went to east coast lagoon to eat.
Suppose to meet jack and caiyun, but they only reached ard 8.30.
Ate and talk nonsense :) HAHAHA! Then headed to guillemard for prawning but it's close so we went to bishan.
It was a v relaxing day and fun! Talk about alot of things and just joked around. Sometymes people cannot be too uptight must relax.
Prawned till about 12.45 and then prepared to bbq the prawns and then we left there at 1.30.
Jason fetched us home and now am on my bed w baby beside me :)

It's been super long since i spent quality and fun tyme w baby. Even longer w the others! So it's really nice to be able to catch up and meet w them :)
And baby, iloveyouuuu. Even though you keep bullying me :@

2:25 AM


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