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Thursday, February 26, 2009

lets see..
today was not a veri good day..i realise im gonna breakdown soon..im too streesed up or smth..i jus wanna find somewhere to shout it out loud and cry..some things kept inside the heart can make people go crazy..
anw, today start of sch was totally sianz la..i shant tok bout lesson coz theres absolutely nth to tok bout..except maybe eng, we went got lecture with 3h then somehow i quarrel with wendy coz of...then aft recess i oso quarrel with her coz of..(its 2 different person)..felt quite bad but then im gonna crazy anw, so doesn really matter whether i kana suan or not..
then durin assembly was a load of crap bout the leaps scheme..
aft sch went tiong eat with hl..
i seriously hope tomoro i will noe and be happy not sad

7:27 PM

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pics i postin for the 1st time.. bio lesson experiment


fankai bein stupid

i actually hav vague memory of yesterday event except that fankai keep playin with amanda p crutches la..damn funny lor and when he clip his hair, its really hilarious..look
i have a beta memory today obviously..
when sch started, i dono y but feel veri dizzy and then thruout the lessons i was like playin with wen or for some reasons, really listenin in class..anw, today had photoshoot of class and was kinda cool..but when we came bac, mr teo scold us for our discipline actions..haiz
then during trainin, i seriously got no mood la..we did like around 200 push-ups today..sianz..at first had pt then games then go home...today trainin was a real waste of time
i was actually lookin forward to trainin, coz the noticeboard say is first aid triage and first aid and games nia..but they all nvr do..
sharmine siad somethin i totally agree with, if they don folo schedule, y do they even put up the list on noticeboards..sometimes i wonder if i can take tis anymore..like hu are they to really scream at us and punish us without doing any pushups..haiz..im not carin le..jus be a puppet bahs..

7:45 PM

Friday, February 20, 2009

humph..today im not in a good mood at all...the lessons were ok..
the unhappiness start durin eng lesson when i had to go to bookshop buy thin wif frends..met sharon and she asked me find people go for pd tomoro by sch end..i was veri frustrated la but then...i hav to do it bahs..then veri little people go and i start gettiin frustrated again..how? i realise im very short-tempered nowadays and i break down a lot too..maybe its the stress bah..but i sometimes feel like cryin, not because im a wimp but coz i have the urge to or i will stuff everythin in my heart and feel veri bad..
the pd im going..so i guess is my first pd bahs..
anw, for trainin..somehow we were veri hyper, its really been a while since we r so hyper le..then did pt wif sir oenry and played games...i make sk emo..sry ar...bt durin games he ok le..anw,aft we number off, and form teams, jacelyn told me somethin of y we so hyper..i realise she was right..and when ... comes, our mood drops..then did fd..durin fd, i kinda complaint and we had to do 50, aft that i break down again..but i managed to 'ren' until break-time..dono wats comin over me..anw, fac was bad today..shant explain
i realise i cant control my feelings that well le..y? tis is smth that will not happen to me a yr ago..y when i come to sec3, i breakdown so frequently..someone save me..

8:06 PM

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

change my blogskin le..thanks to joie for helping me..
anw, today was kinda ok ba..sch started and then wen start worryin bout chem test..dono y im not so scared, maybe im prepared to fail ba..haha
then mrs parlene lesson..she veri tok crap la..then chem! start to worry a bit..i kinda finish quite fast la..but quite some i no confident and guess de..as long as i don fail jiu ok le..
then aft sch went popular buy twilight series..woahs!! i finally got all le..maybe start readin tomoro ba..then went eat mac wif wen..
haiz..tomoro got bio test..must go revise le..ltr fail then i cry lor..haha
i was sad and confused..
most im portantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JACELYN AND ADRIAN..i now then now their b'day same day

8:55 PM

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

today was quite unexpected...but not in a good way

firstly, when we started sch, somehow i jus got distracted by somethina dn then feel veri frustated le..but dono y oso..anw, lesson start and got hcl test, i tink im not gona do well but anw, aft that mrs parlene came then she started tokin a lot of crap then still say wan change positions..wasted half an hr, pe was really cool la..aft 6 rounds of runnin around arena, played table tennis..we somehow anyhow play but got tis *ahem*, really tink she queen sia, don pick the tt ball, anyhow hit and everythin, anw, i don like her since last yr.so no difference..
then recess and maths, eng and chem..chem did prac and quite cool..

then went for trainin..fall in and stuff, supposingly to do pt, but somehow got punishment..30 pushup and then go classroom block for ooa lecture but react too slow..kena 20 again..sianz..durin ooa, i almost slept la..so borin..but time flys and tranin end le..i tot got fd but at the end don hav..lucky

shall end here ba...
wat does it mean?

8:07 PM

Friday, February 13, 2009

today was total defence..kinda stupid la..
mornin reached sch at 6.15 then fall in 6.30..tok crap and go for skit preparation..
aft mornin assembly..vp tok a whole page of crap and then the skit start..kinda lame..
went back class and durin bio lesson i was tinkin:'faster fire drill..can miss bio quiz', really miss sia..but less than 15 mins go bac class le..mdm goh oso nvr giv e quizz anw..
then trainin was juss fd then cant do coz ken ng say veri hazy..LOL, so go help sec 2 mark the paper...then start fa..but was kinda nth to do coz rhon and py not here..cant do anytin except discuss lor..damn bored sia..did some pt then went home..
end up bloggin here..
wonder what it means ir maybe it doesn mean anytin

8:09 PM

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

today trainin was super SIAN!!!
like we waited fort he triple science peeps to come down..then did fd..i seriously damn sianz of trainin now le..don really look forward to trainin le..did push-ups..like wat we always do..
and like thruout the whole trainin i super tired and sian plus got gastric pain..so totaly no energy..
then still got the skit rehearsal..today was ok lor..but thanks to mrs tee who found the script a bit no link..we actually hav to ask peeps from each ug to speak..aft that,ms kong say thurs still got one last rehearsal fr 3-4 la..SIANZ la!!!
tis 2 weeks im like gonna die from stress and studyin..
4 more days to valentine..sadly no one celebrate wif me la..except maybe i play a game wif my girlfrends on hu will receive the first valentine day present(thoughi wont get any)..haha
if i could hav a choice..

8:45 PM

Friday, February 6, 2009

today trainin had its gd and bad parts..
start of trainin..had pt..almost died..kinda tirin.needa train up my stamina badly
aft that went 4 the skit rehearsal..is kinda lame..and the guy i hate keep actin big and takin charge..he's like jus bigger than me by 1 rank lor..if make me very frustrated..i go crazy than he noe..anw, aft tat had fac trainin..1 good news and 1 bad new...
good news: my team got jace, me, pui yee, rhon and hui lin..is a pure team(yeahs)
bad new: we in NA..damn suai..haiz
anw, had our first case together, since jace nvr come, hl take her place as no.1, we make some huge mistakes..but overall we had the basics skils and is quite ok for a first timer..jy bahs.!must win big time tis yr
umm..i shld really bang my stupid head against e wall

9:54 PM

Thursday, February 5, 2009

today is a super sianz day...lessons sian, sms sian..everythin also sian la
anw, tomoro got trainin for fac..wonder hu my team members will be..hope is sec 3 too..
hope ap and ery can stay overnite on 28..if can..i wil be lookin forward to it bahs.

tis is a damn short post la...but i dono wat to write le...leadin a veri borin life
once again, it happen..omg..help me

8:21 PM

Monday, February 2, 2009

gonna update again..
today was a freakin borin day lor..lessons were borin, and next week got like 6 tests..
the sch must tink we r god to be able to cope..siao de..
anw, tomoro got trainin..not sure i look forward to it as *u noe y*..tomoro half-u and all..wonder if fac trainin is gonna start..hope my team wont change sia..if not i really dono how to 'pei yang' the teamwork again..haiz.but all comes to fate ba..
the new principal really tok craps la...but she said somethin i tink is quite meaningful bahs..wat goes around comes around...but is it really true? i don c wat i giv comin bac to me..
i really dono wat to do le...argh...

9:04 PM


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