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Monday, January 24, 2011

I dont know why things were like this a few days ago.
But i know it hurts, like alot:(

Today, i was so afraid you'll leave. I'm not gonna think too much le, cause it'll not do any good to both of us.
Idk why im always thinking like this. But i know that im not gonna leave.
Then at night we were better.
Im scared, but there's alot i dont dare to tell you.

But, i want you to know that i love you. I hope we can be like before. <3

10:29 PM

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's 2:19 am now and im still not asleep.
On the phone with girl and nephew.

Girl, i hope you are okay!
No matter what, im here<3

Baby, i miss you like alot alot!
Me love you alotttt.
Hope you like the sweetsweet i bought:D

2:22 AM

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Suppose to have training in the morning.
But i couldn wake up :/

woke up around 12 and msged girl, waited for her to wake up and went to meet her,
before heading to Bukit Timah for job interview at Venezia.
The journey is like super long can? sian!
Went for the interview and saw accepted:)
Starting training next week.
LOL! talk about concidence:
The outlet i will be working at is opens on the 25th and the Grand Opening is on the 29th.
Both me and girl cant work on that day. how great=.=
HAHA! plus we cant work during CNY! The person like shaggg only.

But after CNY and baby starts his traineeship, imma gonna chiong work lo. teehee:)
Best can save up money before school starts man!
speaking of that! my JAE submission results will be released in a couple of weeks. hmmm!

Then bus-ed back to hougang with Girl.
called mummy and daddy text me asking if im going dinner with them. I'll be a good girl and go lo.
Went home then went to International Seafood restuarant for dinner.
was like super super full lah!
Then daddy fetched me to Justin's house to meet baby, kor and justin.
After that, went to bugis and met Girl and bobby!

Slacked a while at the arcade, didnt feel like playing.
So all the guys played while me and girl sit and rottt. HAHA!
Then walked to Cathay to buy tickets for "The Ghosts Must Be Crazy"
Went to kopitiam and ate. talk talk and walk back to cathay.

During the movie, baby is like a PIG lo. sleep only! haha!
I was like scared despite the show being funny. urgh!
But it was a pretty nice movie:)

And head to chambers,
the guys playing Blackshot/Dota while me and girl use FB.
and here i am blogging!

once your traineeship starts, we'll meet each other less often le D:
but we'll meet once we have the tyme alrights?
Must put all your heart and soul in your traineeship! It's what you want, so muz JYJY!
Iloveyou! <3

4:50 AM

Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby complained i didnt post. so here i am=.=

Today morning woke up and text Girl and Baby. Baby woke up first, then went to meet Girl before heading over to my house.
Before that, baby went to his last tyme work place and complained. stupid company, so long le stil dowan give baby his pay.ASS!
If White Dog also like that, they die man!
Anw, baby and girl came over. After that helped baby do his iphone.
Then headed to tiong for lunch and met Girl's kor.
slack awhile and bus home cause of the super heavy rain.
then slacked at my house.
Girl went to sleep lo. like a PIG only.
and baby keep disturbing me.hahas:)

Girl, dont think too much alrights? when the tyme comes, everything wil fall in place.
Whatever it is, im always here if you need someone alrights?<3

iloveyou! & imissyou!
like super alot!
love spending tyme with you:)
tomorrow night gonna watch midnight movie with you and clique. yay!

10:15 PM

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long long long tyme since i last updated my blog.

got my results yesterday, cnt say im happy with it, but im not disappointed either.
oh well, baby, kathy girl and yongqing kor went take with me.lucky got them, else i think i break down le lor, was damn scared.LOL!

now have to decide what course to go..headache!
so many things to think of, sigh!

anw, baby!
i wanna tell you that i love you, treasure every single moment i spend with you.
you're my special baby<3

11:34 PM


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