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Monday, August 15, 2011

today woke up and prepared. supposed to go to school by bus like usual, but daddy decided to fetch me. which results in me reaching school super early. but it's a good thing :D i dont need to change and wait for bus. was super tired today, but very high also, that's what all my classmates say. i think i know why, cause deep down, i alrdy told myself that i will not continue with my emoness and unhappiness. if i can smile and make others smile, i think i'll feel better also. :D i say i will be happy and im trying.

anw, today is Jack bday, so after OB tutorial which was surprisingly hilarious, we went to tampiness mall for swensens, HAHAH! super fun laaa. then had cutting cake. im glad to see almost whole class was there for Jack. anw, after that, me , chris, zhihao, jack, chloe and casabella went to ehub to play bowling. OMG! playing with them is sooo fun and makes me laugh likamad woman.
anw, after that i headed home and met mummy. went vivo to buy my OL shirt for presentations. I LOOK SO WEIRD IN IT. whatevr~ HAHAHA!

i miss my babydear. recently have been showing him alot of attitude and whatnot, things i shouldn be doing. he's one of the reasons im trying to be happy. cause i know that my recent attitudes have been making him kinda upset. and i will not want to see him like tt ever.
anw, he stayed over the past weekend and im sooo happy. just seeing him makes me smile, lying by him makes me wish tyme stood still at that moment forever. ilovehim.

10:25 PM

Thursday, August 11, 2011

today woke up at 10 and then realised i overslept. so didnt go for econs lecture, instead, i stayed at home and revised for BCS. prepared at 12 and then headed out to school for IHT lecture. which is hilarious, like totally relaxation before BCS. ended at 4 and studied for BCS again! URGH D:
went engine school and took the test! it was a total FAILURE. D; can be prepared to go for sub-test le! sigh! oh well.! after that i came back home.
tried to install my jubeat! wahahah! finally can. happyhappy!

i miss my babyPIG so much. today managed to talk on the phone a few tymes and im super happpy cause able to hear his voice. glad he's feeling better alrdy. hope that tmrw he cn stay over but if cnt then staurday can see him! miss him so much i cant wait to hug him again. wanna take care of him and treat him like he's a sick PIG! HAHAHA :P
babydear, iloveyou. and i miss your presence. remember no matter what, you are my smartest, cutest, most important BABYDEAR okay? <3

10:52 PM

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

today, my babydear fell sick. and it hurts me to see him so sick.
very seldom have i seen him like that.
i really wish he'll take good care of himself and if i can, i'll take care of him. until he's fatfat and cutecute. like a PIGGG :D

tmrw he's having his exam and gosh, im praying every second that he'll feel better and be able to do well. he deserves to get good results after all the tyme and effort he sacrificed and put in. dear, i'll always be here for you and iloveyou okay?

11:34 PM

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

today is singapore 46th birthday.
anw, today woke up at 11 and then went to red star restuarant for dimsum with mummy and brothher. eat till super full :D
after that, went home prepared awhile and went to find boyf. by the tyme i see him ard 3 le. then we slacked awhile at his house and went to marina to watch zookeeper. it's a nice show, kinda funny and cute :D make fun of baby alot.
after that was deciding what to have for dinner. decided on secret recipe and the food there is delicious, boyf had a super cool food laa! OMG. hahaha! we managed to catch the last part of fireworks which is the very cool part. after which we slacked awhile outdoors and managed to catch sight of the second round of fireworks.
and then went Jack place to have dessert. YUM! i feel like a piggg lo. but baby more PIGGG! :P
the weather was really nice and cooling.

headed home ard 9.30. before that stopped at 7-eleven and baby bought smth super childish!!
and now am home blogging.

babydear, im know recently i have been not patient with you and always showing attitude. but iloveyou after all this. and i apologised for all the childish behaviour. anw, am looking forward to see you again :D today was alot of fun! and i enjoyed myself. i hope you did too <3

10:36 PM

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Woohoo~ am super happy now. For only one reason. Baby.

Yesterday woke up and went out in the aftnoon with mummy, went to highlight my hair. Now i look funny :/ hahah! But i like it. Then had shopping. Bought quite a few things! HAH! happy! THANKS MUMMY! spent alot of her money this month :(
Wasnt supposed to meet baby yesterday cause we were both busy. Then he msged me saying he at plaza sing, after which he came find me and had dinner at swensens :) then! Mummy asked him to stayover cause the next day which is today, am going his house. HAHA! yay!

Came home and chilled with baby, watched night at the musuem. Super funny show (Y). And then went to bed. Nice to be happy to sleep and wake up to him beside me :D

Then, today woke up and left my house ard 1. Went to NEX to slack awhile before heading to his house. Watched tong xin yuan and after which baby went to cook/practiced for his exam. He look so serious when he cooks. :) now, am omy home!

Boyf fell sick alrdy :( today looked after him awhile and it hurts to see him unwell. Hope he ltr eats medicine and sleep early. Tmrw got test uh baby, must rest well okay? Look forward to seeing you on tuesday again.ILOVEYOU <3

8:38 PM

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today woke up at 7.45 and went to school. HAHA! lucky today lesson starts at 9.30. Commskills and then a few lecture. Then i went home early.

This few days nvr blog. Hehe! I miss my dear so much. This few days he everyday go home late. My heart so pain everytyme see him so tired and all. Hmm. But it's what he wants, and he wants to be the best. No matter how hard your studies will be, baby, work hard and i'll be here to support your back!
This week seems like how we wil be when he's in school. This week nvr skype and msg little when he's in school. BUT, we got call abit and i know how's he is doing. Like how i am on the phone with him now, everytyme he can make me smile.
Babydear, iloveyou. I will always wish that you'll do well.

10:37 PM


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