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Monday, August 24, 2009

today sch started at 8.30 but i had to drag my lazy body up at 6.30..jux cox i wan mummy to fetch me to sch..i lazy walk..
so reach sch and slack and copied some ss work..haha..

when time was nearing to 8.15..people started debating where is the assembly held..some 3f heard the announcements last wk that we had to gather in arena..but like almost the whole sch went up to class..and i seriously meant almost the whole sch..canteen like oni left wif around 10 3f peeps who strongly believed tat assembly is at arena..so we waited for the announcement..
then mr teo said our the speakers:''pls proceed to the arena for the morning assembly''.haha..we went hyper and cheered..lollers..

then had lessons..i seriously hate mon la..all the lessons so boring and sian de..worse of all we end at 3.15 on mon...how boring is tat?
but ery, ap and me had quite some fun deciding wat to do on sun to *ahems*..cant wait for sun lors..hope time pass faster..

to ap:
babe! don tink too much k?
for the cold war thing, although its difficult and i agree to wat u shld do, but u shld make up wif them...nana was rite, they still cared for u aft all..tats the whole point..
for the gd thin, don tink too much la..jux let nature take its course..unoe its not possible so donn fantazise bout it jiu ok le..me and nana cn will be here k?
cheer up! lookin forward to sun wif ur..must be more hyper and happy on sun k? xD

aft a quite long post, i guess i shall end here le ba.still hav to do hw and prepare for upcomin tests..till my next post..cya

6:48 PM

Sunday, August 23, 2009

hmm..today woke up at 9 plus then went out..
come hm watch tv then slack..weekends are so boring..no show to watch and nth to do..
yesterday got a veri bad slp sia..had some bad dreams.make me so scared until don dare slp..
this time of the ye, hgf is my most hated part of the yr lor.keep hearing tings and imagining things..who cn protect me sia? if oni there realli is angels la, then cn protect me..lol
if i keep slpin so late, im so gg to hav dark circles..haha..
gonna find smth else to do le..

3:15 PM

Saturday, August 22, 2009

second post for today..realli shows how bored i am..
anw, for the past 2 hrs plus i keep surfin blogs and websites..
realli want a new fone sia, im aiming for the sony ericsson Satio..haven released but im so gonna buy it..

jux realised that the following week is gg to be a busy week..
fri-amaths & training
sun-nana bday (and buyin a lot of presents, i owe so many peeps present..aft sun, im so broke)

for the rest of the days i must go read up on first aid le..haiz, quite some time nvr touch up on my first aid le, dono sat cn pass ma..

lookin forward to sat and sun though, coz of some reasons..xD
nth to blog bout le..guess im endin here le..if ur c any post for today..im realli bored so someone pls save me from boredom..haha

5:07 PM

just some random pics of NA2..althought our dear no.1, jacelyn is not in the fotos..i don hav one of her..next times bah!

Its boring to be stuck at home with nth to do..
woke up at 11..didn slp for so long for a veri long time le..enjoyed my slp..
ate my brunch and watch tv till nw..guess im gonna turn into a pig soon..
gonna find smth else to do b4 i die of boredom..cya

1:05 PM

Friday, August 21, 2009

been a super long time since i updated..so to keep this blog from gg dead..im bac to update!

um..today sch ended early, at 11 coz apparently during national day tat time they let us go late so must return the time to us..haha..3f best lor, that period of timeal kena quarantine then nw stil got free time..

today went sch had amaths, eng, then bio life science..
bio was dam cool cn? see the bacteria glow under UV light..means our grp did it correctly..although i didn realli do anitin..haha..
yesterday durin the bio life science, ashraf was playin some fist punchin game.damn funny but realli must pei fu him sia.played wif haddi then chee leong but nvr giv up..
they play damn funny but their hand like all swollen..

hmm..today wanted go amandap house play ddr but coz of the laptop must come hm early..wth cn? seriously hor, y everytime is me de? i noe i eldest la, but must i reali do everything ur cnt do? im not tat clever and noe everthing..life is so unfair..

anw, ty to the few peeps who tried to help me but its no use de..coz tis is my life and im fated to be like tis..

dowan post le..buhbye

2:50 PM

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

super long nvr update le..i guess i will be updatin like almost everyday tis week..
coz my class kena quarantine until next tues, so i hav a lot of time..hate this lor..wonder who kena?
i wan go for sports fiesta and ndp de..sad sia, y must quarantine us? its jus a flu sia..haiz, so hav to do hw at home..sob sob..
anw, today went ap house wif lailin and ery..went to bake cookies, so fun..but out cookies like a bit weird..all kind of shape..nicest is nana wif her heart-shaped cookie..lailin go dere eat oni..hahah, lazy...jkjk......then played her dancing mat while waitin for the cookies to be baked..i sux at it la..so ps..nana best..mummy say my cookie veri hard...hmph..
anw, stop here le..gg to get emo coz of being quarantine soon..muhaha..lols

7:06 PM


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