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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yesterday has been an awesome dayyy. Woke up in the morning w missed calls and msges from baby. I thought what happen, called him and he told me that, he is 15 mins away from my house. Waaa my boy ah, give me surprise but no warning de lo.
Anw, when he came, i was so tired i went back to sleep and he waited in the living room because yunyue was sleeping at my room too.
We woke up again at 8.45, ordered mac breakfast and nuaed till 9.30. me and yungue so freaking nervous for booking of bigbang concert. Keep refreshing, boyf said that we more nervous than when he watch soccer. Hahaha!
at the end, booked till the standing pen de! Though not what we want, but it is still our choice. Happygirl ah!.
Then went to sch to do proj w grpmates and then off to my makeup course. Love the lesson :).
Think is baby bring me luck. During our 20th month, so many good things happen ^^
Babyboy is at chalet now and im hoping he is having loads of fun. Iloveyou baby! ♥

12:41 AM

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's the 25th again! HAPPY 20th monthsary babyboy! <3 <3
so fast uh! bu zhi bu jue we are in our 20th month already. and i have to admit, i never though we could last this longgggg!
and im soooo happy we did! everything we have, every memory we share, every words we say, everything we've done for each other, it all makes up our journey of love.
recently i've come to know that you may not know how to express your love and concern for me through words, yet, you love me by helping me with things, doing things for me. Things i dont expect you to do yet all this just proves how much you love and care for me.
my boy, i may not be the perfect girlf, i still throw tantrums, think that im right alot of tymes. but never ever doubt that iloveyou. in my heart, i doubt there is space for anyone else.
and im not joking when i say i want to be with you, holding your hand, walking together through our life.
mayb we'll meet lesser in future due to our busy schedules, but being apart makes the heart fonder. and i'll always be here. no matter what, you're my destiny. <3

12:02 AM

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yoohoo! :D
Back to blog after..a week i think.
So. For the past week boyf has been staying at my house :)
Really happy to be w him for continuous so many days!
I like the feeling of awaking to my love beside me. That feeling, is not easily replaced or easily felt.
Parents went genting yesterday so me and baby could sleep late! LOL. Not to say we dont have to wake up early! :)
Boyf went home today cause he has exams tomorrow and i am omw to PoMo for makeup lessons :D
Mayb i'll blog tonight.

5:55 PM

Saturday, June 9, 2012

So, today marks the start of holiday woohoo!
i woke up at around 10 and prepared and headed off to school to study for ILR exam. exams at 5 but i was alrdy in school at 12. so good girl! LOL. but we went to have lunch and then i met bff for awhile. so by the tyme i studied it was 3pm. but it was okay as there was only 4 lectures to go. and when the test end, WOOhoo! happygirl94!

i was hoping to see baby today but he's not here and he'll only come tomorrow. sigh, i miss him sosomuch! how i wish i can hug him to sleep tonight! that pig makes me smile everytyme i think of him. cannot wait for the holidays and to go out and have fun and also for my course to start next monday! YEAH!

okay, i shall go to sleep now cause im tired from doing FEM. goodnight. dear, iloveyou.

1:04 AM

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today is another day i wasted my life away. Sian! Woke up at 11 and then nuaed till like 1 plus then wake up and watched show and all. Really boringgg day. I wished boyf was here.

The only interesting thing that i am really happy about is i talked to baby for 1 hr plus over the phone todayyyyy ♡ super loveeee these kind of convo.

Gosh, imisshim so much and how i wish i can see him tomorrow, but well there is always sat if i cant see him tomorrow. Main point is, no matter where he is. As long as he's not w me, i will always miss him. Baby iloveyou!

11:23 PM

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today i woke up and went to airport to study w the girls. And i spent a good 10 hours there.
W the girls, we chit chat and laughed with them made it easier to go through the notes.
And this 10 hours i keep missing my baby. No joke. I just miss him sooo much.

Baby i wanna see you and just hug you tight. Everytyme i hug you, im lost in that moment just for that few seconds. Iloveyou.

11:43 PM

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So today i have no school cause it's exams week. But, seeing that my last paper is on friday, i took the day off. study tomorrow.

Today i slept ALOT. Oops! But it's nice to give my body the tyme to re-energise. I slept in till about 10, woke up watch some show and went back to sleep. Only waking up at 3 plus 4.
Then i nuaed all the way until 5. I prepared and went to meet baby.
NUA again at his house and went down maplewood park. They went to play bball. And then, just sit there seeing him.
Super long since i went to see him play.

Anw, now im omw home :) gosh, i'll miss him!
And now i know why baby want me blog everyday. ♡ iloveyou my boy. And i love more! :)

10:35 PM

Monday, June 4, 2012

Back to blog again! hehee!
so.. baby stayed at my house since friday! :D happygirl!
yesterday we went for FAC together. he as helper and me as just a supporter for GESS SJAB. gosh, i forgot how much sjab bring me warmth until yesterday.
And a super good job to all the competitiors, like honestly. our school is so good.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, i met up w intake 07. GOSH, i miss them so much! it's like so much of talking nonsense and yet we dont feel akward even though we dint meet for close to 2 years!
yea, and then they came my house kopitiam for tzi char. baby dapao food come back my house eat while i was w them. Im v sorry towards him but luckily he's umderstanding :D

ya, and then today i woke up early to go to school for accounting which was better than i expected! :D
woohoo! so shiok can!
came back to baby waiting for me and then he keep playing his com ignore me :@ hahaha!
head out for seoul garden for dinner. very very nice dinner :D hehehe!
and then baby went home.

so weird not having him beside me after 3 nights of him around! tomorrow gonna find him! IMISSHIMSOMUCH D: i never knew love until i found you baby. saranghae. 

11:23 PM

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today i've no tutorial so i dint go sch ^^ managed to sleep in and woke up at about 11.15. :) hehehe!
Then had tomyum for lunch and prepared to go meet boyf. But his lesson dragged. So i went to NEX to grab things for my mummy first and then head over to his house to meet him :) slack at his house and watched some tv. Super long since we had our alone tyme together. I miss him and all the tymes we have :)

Went for dinner and then to esplanade for arts festival. Baby accompanied me through the whole thing even though he was damn bored and im so thankful for him doing so. After event end, we had a short stroll by singapore river and went home!

Now my baby is sleeping so soundly and i bet he's really tired which makes my heart ache. Iloveyou baby.

12:39 AM


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