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Monday, October 24, 2011

HELLO! it's 12am :D which means it's the 25th! :D

after so long, me and baby finally went thru a yr of up and downs together. even though it wasnt all pleasant, but being with him makes anything worthwhile :D
it's so nice to be with him and able to understand and know him more the past yr :D
dear, even though we have tons of arguements and quarrels, but one thing im sure is you were always there if i really needed you. you were ALWAYS there :D and i'll always be here for you as well. forever and always.

so many memories i shared with him, so many tymes, so many little things that make this journey full of colours and fun. i never forget anything that has to do with baby. because he is impt in my life :D
so many songs together. he's my hero.
365 days together, cant say long nor short, but i know that no matter what comes in future, this is the first breakthrough and i believe we can overcome all challenges. because we love each other right? <3

baby, i didnt tell you before. but sometymes during the darkest tyme of my life, all i have to do is think of you and everything just gets better. you always know how to make me laugh. and many said we wouldn last, but 1 year mark proves smth.
we had a few unhappiness also, but i believe we should not dwell on it and move on.
both of us have changed in the past yr. i used to hate changes, but now i learnt tt changing is part of life. and if we cn accept each other no matter how we change. baby, we'll last.

iloveyou! :D cya later ! lovelove<3

11:14 PM

in another 14 hours imma gonna start my new semester in TP. cant say im too excited because the tymetable is screwed up. LOLOL!

anw, on saturday i was nua-ing on bed when baby called me and say he and daddy wanted me to go down maris, and also baby sprained his leg D: so fast fast prepare and went dabao food for him before heading down to maris. got there and it started raining. also, i was more certain about why i didnt go back corp, i didnt need those attitudes. anw, me and baby left early, lucky got to see daddy first! HAHAH :D

went back to his place and watched tv until he feel asleep. JUST LIKE A PIGGGG! :P
HAHHA! woke him up at 6.30 and then his ankle started hurting real badly.
and it hurts me very bad to see him tt way.
bandadge him and then we headed over to my place. see him walk with so much difficulty makes my heart break D:

anw, had domino's for dinner and then watched our own shows till night! HAHAH!
this morning i woke up and went for facial while my PIG is doing what he always does, SLEEP! teehee!
got back and had late lunch, relax awhile and then i headed to work while he heads home. D:
luckily can see him again tmrw :D

counting down to another 23 hrs and 50 mins <3
baby, iloveyou

12:04 AM

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's 12am and im in the airport, waiting for flight to go to perth. Quite excited, but, i cnt see my baby for a week. And it kinda upsets me cause i'll miss him sooo much. Luckily, hotel got wifi, so maybe i cn talk to him abit at night. Hmmm, but it'll only be for a short while :(

It's been long since i went for a holiday and i nvr went away for long when im with baby. It's a first tyme and i'll really miss him. So not used to whAtever is gonna come in the next week. But, i'l| enjoy my holiday so i can take alot of happy photos for baby to see :)

Babydear, iloveyou. And you know you'll always be on my mind right? Hehe. Hope to see you when im back or the next day. :) i cant wait to be in your arms again. Please take care of yourself this few days alright? And must always smileeee. Love<3

11:55 PM

Sunday, October 2, 2011

today is the 3rd night baby is staying over :D and im mad happy about it. cause i can see him longggg. when i go work, he's playing games! So childish! HAHHAHA! PIGGG yo!
he's gonna start school soon, and i'll miss him so much.
my boyf wrote a note on my iphone which i constantly look at, and it makes me smile big big to myself everytyme im down. thanks alot.

recently,i admit i haven been thinking much about boyf's feeling and im really selfish. keep thinking to work, not caring much about boyf. i feel guilty but i hope he understand he's always on my mind, my one and only babydear. forever and always. recently there's been alittle arguement here and there, but please believe you matter more than what you think. trust me.

tyme really pass very fast! now is already 2nd oct le, soon it'll be our 1st yr <3 and my birthday :D
hahaha! know what? i really really want this yr birthday to be memorable. i hope it'll be good.
i want the last quarter of 2011 to be wonderful :D iloveyou baby, and im smiling everyday.

12:44 AM


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