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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today woke up at 10.30 and mummy drove me to work. Hehe. lucky lucky. Else, imma gonna be soooo late for work.
Morning shift sucks! I dont like it leh, sigh. Tyme pass so slow, i wish it can fly lo. Anw, boyf came find me after i ended shift and peh me have lunch, aft tt, we went walk walk and shared snow ice! Hehe:) went back crystal jade for night shift.

Both of us work korean tog again. Yay! But today very busy, rush here and there. Leg pain. Sigh.

Tmrw, boyf coming my house stay over! Yay' cnt wait cnt wait!
Baby, woaini!

11:16 PM

Friday, April 29, 2011

Today woke up at 10.30, cause sch start late, thus i cn sleep longer. But it's still not enough and i was mad tired. Didnt want to go sch yet but i was meeting classmates at 12.30. Haha! Otw thr, it rained. Like finally~ weather wasnt tt hot. Yay!

Went looking ard the CCA and signed up for 3, but idk which one i want. Probably cheer leading bah. See how.
Today have only 2 classes. So it ends at 4 and i head to NEX to meet baby.

Had mad jack for lunch. Yummy. And i like it :) haha. Then walk walk againaand boyf went play arcade. Childish! Hehe.

Anw, after that went to work and today was sooooo busy. Likasian lo!
Didn like today work, mayb cause im tired and isnt in a good mood. But, some ppl give me attitude lo. Wtf!
Anw, tyme pass fast today. Lucky. And daddy came fetch me as well as sent boyf home. Hehe :) and im omy home now!

Babypig, iloveyou. Cant wait to see you tmrw and your stayover on sunday and monday <3

11:09 PM

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Woke up at 7 today. And mummy fetch me to tiong to meet TB go sch tog. Haha! Was early, went CHEERS to get yogurt for breakfast. Healthy!

Thn went for first lesson-comm skills. I like this lesson. Hehe. Handed in my first assignment. Woo~
Class ended half hour early. Went to purchase laptop and there is stock! Yay!
Went mensa for lunch with yunyue.
And then lecture. Boringggg.

Anw, sch ended. And i went NEX to meet boyf cause he was working and is his breaktyme. Walk walk ard NEX, he helped me carry bag and laptop. Thanks! Then went to work tog. Work with him at korean side. Hehe! Funfun!

Work ended and we were both mad tired. Daddy came fetch me home and also sent boyf home! Hehe! He's asleep now. Wish he's having a goodnite sleep! Iloveyou!

11:13 PM

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

today woke up at 6.30. then went to meet boyf at ice house, smth happen and boyf mood was bad D: anw, everything is okay, can all this just stop not?

then went to lessons in the afternoon, was abit sian to go! but comm skill was soooo fun, teacher is humorous! hehe! but had homework today, first homework of my life. i went to cheers too, and i think that's gonna be a convenient store i'll go to alot! hehe!

lecturer let us off early! hehe! so went to the HP booth and wanted to buy a lapppy but out of stock so i think im gonna order tmrw! :D
meet norman for awhile and had lunch with him!

rushed to second lecture and this was hell! lecturer likka lame only lor -.- made me didnt wanna concentrate. urgh! but it ended early too, went to library and bought notes. sian!

after that went to tampiness mall for dinner with some classmates and talk talk! bought gong cha too! HAPPYHAPPY! then went home and i finished my homework le, now watching tv.

babypig, iloveyou and i dowana leave you ever <3

10:16 PM

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today woke up and first person i see is boyf! :D woo~ anw, keep falling back asleep until boyf really woke me up ard 10 plus. Went down for breakfast. Heh!

Came back home and slack awhile and thn daddy ask us to go ikea buy bookcase for my room. Spent like 2 hours thr! Fun fun! Came back home and use com again.
Smth happen, idw to mention it again. But, baby, know that no matter who leaves you, im always here okay? :)

Then boyf cooked spaghetti for me for lunch! Yum yum. After tt head to jason office as boyf pass him smth, thn peh him until they went off. And im home. He's playing bball now.

Tmrw lessons from 9-6. Boringggg!
Anw, tmrw cant see boy. BUT, thurs, fri and sat cn see him again during work! And im so happy! Hehe!

Baby, iloveyou sooo much and i cnt wait to see you again!

10:06 PM

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hmm, first day of school todayyy. Woke up at 6.30 and went to sch, lecture started at 9 and ended at 10.30. Woo~ went to collect ezlink and also see the laptops workshop. Hehe, think i know what i wanna get.

Anw, met boyf and came back my house to help me pack my room. Hehe! Oops>< today baby saw my bad temper. Sorry :(
Then spent tyme talk talk, hehe.
And then, boyf is staying over tonight! Woo~ happy 6th month leh! Yayay!
Tmrw wake up can see boyf :)

Baby, we went thru so much, and ILOVEYOU more and more each day. <3

9:45 PM

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today was woken up by boyf ard 10 plus cause he came my house! Hehe! Then at my house slack slack awhile before heading to plaza sing to take neoprints. Yea! First tyme taking neoprints with him only. Happyhappy. Played awhile of arcade.

Then head to punggol marina for prawning. Boyf caught more prawns than me! HMPH! :@ haha! Didnt want to bring those few prawns home so gave to other ppl. :)
Went to sakura there for dinner. Nicenice. Hehe. Then head over to compass point walk walk awhile. After that we both go home. And im in train now blogging!

Today celebrated me and baby early 6th month. First tyme took neoprint with him only, first tyme prawn with him, first tyme eat buffet with him. And i loveee it :)

Tmrw school starts, but am only going school for 2 hours cause lab starts the week after. Yeap. Needa wake up early. After end sch, baby coming over to help me pack my rooom! Thanks!

Today boyf was tired cause he didn sleep. Sigh, but he's gonna sleep early today. 3 more hours to 25th.
Babypig, i love you.

9:02 PM

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Woke up at 10.30 and went to NEX for work as waitress! Hmm, tyme pass kinda fast today. Cause alot of ppl. Hehe. LOLOL!
Then had break tyme and boyf was waiting outside crystal jade for me. Hehe. Waited for kathy for damn long. Slowww! Had long john for lunch and then had chats with kathy and jonathan along with boyf.
After tt went work night shift with boyf. First tyme working with boyf at korean side. So funnnnn! I loveeee it! Hehe.
Tyme fly super fast.
Ended work and slack abit, he ate macchicken. PIGGG :)
Am omy home now.
Dk why, parents keep scolding me and showing me attitude? Like tt want me leave house not? I work also wrong, go out also wrong. Stay at home be a cage bird thn you all happy?

Tmrw going out with boyf to celebrate early 6th monthsary. Cnt wait cnt wait :)
I just miss him, love him sooo much.
Just now cried in front of him. And he comforted me. Thanks baby. Iloveyou.

11:29 PM

Friday, April 22, 2011

Woke up at 9 today and went to find boyf first. After that slack with him awhile than head to bowl. He played and i just sit there. Haha!
Went off ard 5 plus to meet lester, sokting, pohwei and tingxin at chomp chomp! Woo~ i love food there. Nice eh. Haha! And had a lot of laughter and all.
And head to desert shop and have durian mousse, awesome! (Y)

And im omy home now.

My boyf, today you're sooo cute. And im just so in love with you. hehe<3

9:52 PM

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today woke up at 6 plus again. Was soooo reluctant to wake up. Oh well. Hah! but i stil woke up and today took bus, it's abit faster. So yea.

Today orientation was better in a way i got to know my classmates better. 1k02 FTW <3 haha. Then had some talk blah blah and went to meet stompers. Fun eh! And practiced and more. Then tp olympic, regatar, stomp and cheer! High ttm! And TP business got 7th tyme in a row! Woo \m/
I loveeee LRM people! Yay!

Anw, tmrw meeting kbox family, then saturday working and sunday going out with baby to celebrate our early 6th month! Sian! 25th start school :(
Oh well.

Baby, iloveyou. And imissyou.
Iwantyou. Ineedyou.
Babypigpig! Ashiteru <3

9:27 PM

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today woke up at 6.30, been sooo long since i woke up so early. Went to TP for orietation. Felt so akward at first cause idk anyone there :( sian!

Anw, as tyme goes, i joined stompers for tmrw thing and they were damn high, felt less akward and played along :) haha!
Orientation ended ard 5.30. And i went home. Was so so so tired.

Watching tv now, tmrw orientation last day. Hmm.

I realy hope boyf saturday got schedule. I wanna work with him. I miss him so much, and i wanna see him.
Baby, i love you.
My heart painpain, cause i missdieyou.

9:50 PM

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Woke up with bad bad cramps:( Managed to see baby for awhile. Woo~ haha!
Then baby peh to NEX for waitressing.

Today work was not too fun though, it's like i got a lot of scolding and freaking attitude. Hello, it's my first tyme at tt area, for goodness sake.

Hmm, am on my way home now. Im so so so tired.
Orientation tomorrow, which means poly is starting soon. Which i have mixed feelings about. Sigh. It's like i kinda wany school to start but at the same tyme, cant meet boyf as often alr. But he'll always be with me, mentally :)

My babyPIG, im glad i can see you again. Im working full day on saturday, hope tt day you're working too.
I miss you sooo much now.
I'll always cherish the tymes we have tog, like today, you become so cute and childish. You're my drug :) my addiction, dear. And i'll always love you.

3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning.

10:48 PM

Monday, April 18, 2011

Today woke up, and i had alittle tyme to laze in bed, before i went to telemarketing job at tanjong pagar. Today there sucks, i got a few naggings and blah blah. Sigh.

Then rushed over to waitressing job at NEX, here is much more fun :) the ppl are nicer. Now i ended work and waiting for train home.

Im mad tired and hungry. Had only 3 nuggets for the whole day. :/

Baby, i didnt get to meet you today, dk tmrw will have chance meet you not.
But even if nvr meet dao, you are always on my mind and in my heart, EVERY min!
Sarangheyo <3

10:43 PM

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Got woken up at 9 plus today, went to bring my 3 doggies to grooming. Then went to uncle andrew house to pray. Was there till like 2 plus 3, kinda funny. But oh well.

Then went to take our doggies, now all botak! >< bought a stingray as well and it's in my fish tank now. Weird huh?

Anw, after that went ikea and bought a new study table and some things, imma gonna restyle my room. Hehe!

Hmm, baby today isnt in the best of mood, sigh. Plus, he lost the watch i gave him, but, it's okay :) cause, NOTHING is more important than him being happy and healthy. He's working now. Miss him sooo much. Hope i have schedule next week and so does he. So i can see him.

9:21 PM

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today woke up and laze ard, watch tv and all. Thn boyf called me after he finish his SJAB things. And i went meet him.

After that met shengli, thn guodong and bearbear. And see them play bball, i really like to see baby play bball, it just made me happy.

Then went NEX met sokting mummy and lester daddy cause they suddenly call and say want meet. Haha :) slack awhile and talk talk.

Then peh baby go bus stop, and see him get on bus go home. Today really unwillingly to part with him, i want to see him for long long days.

Baby PIG, ashiteru <3

10:11 PM

Friday, April 15, 2011

Didn update yesterday cause i was too tired.
Woke up by bobby and he went tiong find me for breakfast and thn we went back hougang. I went to meet baby.
Aft slacking awhile, went to heartland mall, walk walk ard and saw some things i like. Haha! Boyf bought smth for me :) thanks baby!

Then met up with kathy and co. Went to bowl and meet up. Somethings happen. Sigh, idk whether i like the outcome, but at least boyf happy. Hmm.

Then he played maxtune while i talked to kathy and people. Hehe, im a good counsellor eh?

Baby! I wanna shout it out to the world that ILOVEYOU! i miss you already babyboar :)

11:02 PM

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Im maaaad tired now la. LOLOL!
Woke up at 9 plus and head to work at NEX, today only waitressing job :)
The tyme passs ssooooo slowly in the morning cause not much customer. Counting the tyme to end shift and go for my break cause im mad hungry lo.

Break started and baby came NEX find me :) we slack slack awhile. Then head to yuying park and meet guodong, thn went kovan to have MAC for lunch.

Baby suppose to go with me for work but cause jason needed help with his office then he nvr go. Hmph! Haha! For that, i angry awhile but aft tt jiu okay le. See boyf cute face, how can angry long? Haha!

Then they peh me slack awhile, accompany to yuying park and boyf went off. Sian.

At least tyme pass faster during night, cause many customer! Busy like heck. And my leg aches from all the standing.
Boyf still at Jason's. Sian. Waiting for him to text me and im omy home. Yay!

Babyboar, iloveyou sooo much. Dont be so rash okay? I know you care about me, but idw see you angry.

10:56 PM

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Woke up at 8 plus and prepared to peh girl to her interview at OG there. So tired, went there and they say her interviewer on MC! _|_ wtf lo. Had mac with her.gastric started acting up. Hurts like hell! :( waited for her boyf and slack awhile before i head to tanjong pagar foe my telemarketing job.
It was kinda fun! Haha! So slack :)

Then rushed to NEX for my waitressing job. Busy eh. LOLOL!
Tomorrow working at NEX the whole day.. Woo~ cause baby working too.

Didn get to meet baby today, and guess what! He was on my mind every single minute! 老公,我爱你!

11:42 PM

Monday, April 11, 2011

Woke up and peh kathy to orchard for recruit express thing. Suppose to go for my telemarketing job in the aftnoon, but change to tomorrow. So i went meet baby, had lunch with him, kathy and jonathan. Haha!

Then slack slack and he sent me to work. Yay!

Baby, i love you soooo much <3

10:59 PM

Sunday, April 10, 2011

slept at 4 cause i couldn sleep and waiting waiting for boygf to come back, was worried. hehe! then woke up at 7 plus to go pray ancestors, went to red star for breakfast. didn eat much cause i got no appetite. mad tired too. went home and fell asleep literally straight away, hmm, boyf slept like 1 hour earlier than me. went to suntec for the it fair. bought a video cam! love it :) bought a charger for boyf as well. hehe! laogong, i missdieyou. today didn get to meet you. soon can meet le, like tuesday/wednesday hopefully. woaini!

9:37 PM

Saturday, April 9, 2011


10:12 PM

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thought of alot in the past hour. Idk what to feel actually, hurting, yet i dont dare to express, cause i said i'll put it back, let it be. But im afraid. I dont want you to leave. So many memories, so much love i feel for you, i dont want to let it go. Stay with me. Dont mean anything, just want to say out how i feel. i feel like i done alot le bah, all just i want you to be happy. Iloveyou alrights? <3

9:02 PM

Baby came my house today. Yay! Haha! After sooo long. Then slack slack.
Knew smth and asked him about it. Hurt me alot, thought we'll be bad, but at least now is okay. So good for me, i really hope nth happens again. I dont want to lose you again my laogong. Never ever. I love you

8:12 PM

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Woke up and went to find boyf. Happy cause today he was only with me:) haha, and he got disturb like crazy by me lo. Wahahahaha:P
Then peh him go workplace and im home now.

Smth happen and idk what to do at first. Cried. Thn baby ask me what happen, told him. Thought he would be angry, but he explain. Let's hope nth like tt happen again. Sorry baby for just now.

And i love you my laogong<3

7:44 PM

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woke up at 12 plus, watched tv till now. So boringg. Aunt came to visit zillion just now. Hahaha! She miss her tooo much le.
Hmm, miss boyf alot lor. Lucky tomorrow can meet him le :) teehee! Wahahaha! Okay, im crazy.

I read my previous posts on my blog today, now i know what boyf means when he say this 5 months my post more childish :) but it's better than me last tyme so emo everyday and complain everything. Thanks to baby actually, he made me smile alot and made my day.
Iloveyou! <3 thanks baby.

9:46 PM

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Woke up at 10 today and went to Nex's crystal jade to work. Was kinda quiet in the morning and tyme pass soooo slowly:( was missing boyf like alot!

Thn during break went find baby, slack slack. Hehe, disturb him many many:P
He peh me go NEX work again for night shift. Hehe! Soo happy.

Night tyme more ppl and tyme pass faster :) pay taken on the spot. Woo~
Am on my way back home now.

Today smth stupid happen tt make me and boyf unhappy. But whatever, your mouth is yours. Your problem.

Anw, babyboar, dont care them le. Lovedieyou.
Even seeing you for a couple of hours is good enough <3

11:27 PM

Monday, April 4, 2011

Today slept at ard 5 am and at 7am baby called me up. Sigh, long story. Upset i couldn be with him immediately. Went back sleep cause was feeling very unwell. In the middle keep waking to check my phone in case he called again.

Woke up at 11, prepared to go for interview. Hmm, hopefully succesful. She said will call me tomorrow, we shall see. *prays*

Went find baby after that, he's in a much better mood le. Which is good. After that, go bowl slack and talk to guodong while baby playing.

Then peh baby go find his mother. They went home while i go hougang interchange to do my poly ezlink. Hmm. And on my way home now while blogging :D

Babyboar, i'll be with you no matter what. Im glad when you are upset today, called me first. And i'll go through any unhappiness with you, make you smile!
Iloveyou <3

7:00 PM

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today woke up and pray early morning.
Then went aunt house and uncle house to help aunt pack pack.

Baby woke up ard 3 plus 4. And i miss him soooo much. Really miss him.
Wish can see him soon<3

Went home after 7. Mayb going uncle house stay during orientation period.

Baby, woaini!

9:19 PM

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Someone just teach me what to do.
I dont know. Tomorrow is the end huh. Why wont you read properly? Why wont you know i have difficulties. I saw everything you write, but, have you thought of my feelings? Im hurting. I used to be important to you uh. Now what you treat me as? You said you'll always trust me. Now what are you doing?
I have feelings! And words can break me.

9:48 PM

Today woke up at 1 plus. But in between got wake up many tymes. Baby made me worried today. Thought he early morning wake up le go school, but at the end nv. He was sleeping. He okay jiu hao.

Thn aunt come my house with zillion. So my house has 3 dogs now.. LOL! Tomorrow helping aunt move house.

Baby, i really miss you. I want you!

9:42 PM

Friday, April 1, 2011

Went find baby early morning to peh him go for his interview. At the end, he nvr got into the course. Guess he's going in shatec:) mayb, he'll fulfil his wish now~

Aft that, he suppose come my house, but nvm. Next tyme must uh! Hehe!
Jason went tantockseng cause he baika, so we went see him. At there with him awhile and im now otw home.

Baby create twitter le. Like after sooo long, but bad thing is now i cant write bad things about him! Oops>< just kidding! Hehe.
Dk when can meet him again:(
But anw, iloveyou PIGGG<3

7:43 PM


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