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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

today woke up at 9.30 with boyf and then he peh me go TP for project consultation. haha! he waited for me outside school and then i went to TCA to meet zhihao and hweecheng, weird that only half of our group turn up :/ oh well.

then went to tampiness mall to have lunch with boyf! haha! and then he accomoany me go take bus and went home. it'll be another long tyme before i can see him again cause he has camp upcoming this week. which means we will contact lesser:( sigh! i'll miss him. hug him and didn wanna let go today!

anw, went for school and microecons tutor wasnt mrlove today! LOLOL!
then BCS test, hmm, kinda okay, scored 12.5/15. then 1k02 had the chat in our group! OMG! super super hilarious can? WAHAHAH!
then went to tamp mall and meet grace. super super long tyme never see her le lo! woo~ chatted till like 9 and then went home tog and chat more. lOLOLOL!
bought a new school bag too!

anw, baby, i'll miss you de. i'll be a good girl and study while you are busy this few days. piglets will be my company and your photo shall remind me of you! you'll be on my mind every second and i love you. please take care of yourself dear.
babydear, woaini!

11:17 PM

Monday, May 30, 2011

Today woke up late and cause i reached home at 4 with boyf after celebrating guodong birthday. Met some new friends and whatnot. Was kinda fun at first until me and boyf had arguement. Sigh. But it's okay.

He came back and then we talked. I finally know how he feels deep inside. How could i nvr noticed that?
Anw, when we woke up, he kinda forgot what he said. But it's okay, cause at least i know how he ever felt.

Woke up and then stayed home all day. Sigh. Parents anger was bad today. And so many things happen. I guess i needed to tell, that's why i finally decided to write in my diary. Cause i need to release without showing ppl my attitude, especially boyf.

Baby, i know you forgot, and i wont asked anymore. But at least i knew how you feel, and even though it's not a good thing, im happy. I hope next tyme you'll share with me anything that you're upset with. Iloveyou babydear.

12:02 AM

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today got to sleep in abit late cause school starts late and daddy fetched me. Haha! Sleep was soooo good. Daddy fetch me go do my concession then to school.

Had lecture. Dk why, i did smth during lecture. Sigh. Omg. Anw, after that went for lunch with some classmates and then after that went to NEX to find boyf for his lunch.

He started work early so i left at 5, then i went home. And watched finish vampire diaries season 1. Now watching show on channel 8 and gonna start my BCS soon. Ohmy!

Baby, i miss you. Tmrw can see you. And i cant wait. Really. I want to be in your arms again. Iloveyou.

9:55 PM

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's 12 am, meaning, it's the 7th month for me and baby!
so yea, imma gonna dedicate the whole of this post to him.

babydear, since we last got together until now, we know there's a few obstacles but all relationships go through them, and we will have many more in future. i believe so long as our heart has each other, we will be able to go through all of them together. i promised that i'll never leave you, never let go of your hand easily. and i want to walk down this road with you. to fall in love is easy, but staying in love and being together, need effort and strength by 2 people.
for the past month, im really happy, in fact, ever since 251010, i have been happier, because of your existence. thanks for being there when im down, when i need someone.

this month you stayed over at my house a couple of tymes, feels awesome to be able to see you almost every hour, every minute. and you're on my mind, and in my heart, every single second.
baby, i love how you smile when you're about to sleep. the cute yet innocent smile. i like looking at you and just thinking how good it is to have you in my life.
we tease each other alot, irritate each other, but dear, i cant live without you. just like how tom cant live without jerry.

and no matter how hard tymes will be in the future, i'll help you up when life gets you down. remember to smile always and never ever frown. my dreams came true when i met you, you bring me to where i am. I want to be the one for you, always!
I hate it when we quarrel cause my world turns grey after. and i hate to see you sad, cause i love your smile.
I need you in my life dear,
and ILOVEYOU always and till forever.
HAPPY 7th Month!

11:25 PM

slept at 1 plus and it was nice holding boyf's hand to sleep! :D
today alarm rang at 10, but i keep dragging till late then wake up. ooops>anw, boyf accompanied me to school! then met yunyue and chris for RHT project, boyf was beside me the whole time, hehe!
then it was tyme to start lesson, and he went home. sigh.
anw, econs was hard enough to make me crazy, urgh :@
then had BCS which consisted of a mock test that idk about before! LOLOL! lucky can ask teachers and friends. hehe :P

ended school and i went home, while boyf is working. have done my IHT quiz and research for comm skills. later can watch my vampire diaries le :D

2 and a half more hours to 25th. tyme flies and i never regretted being with you this 7 months babydear. cant wait to see you again, i miss you! <3

9:15 PM

Today woke up at 7. Then went to sch. Reached sch at like 8.30. Then went for lecture. Everyone seems so tired today. Hmmm. Then had OB tutorial as well. After tt went to library with yunyue and chris to study. Apparently not too productive. LOL!
Then went to meet mr yeo for RHT, seems like we got everything wrong :( sigh!

Anw, aft tt went NEX meet boyf and peh him awhile. Then he went work and i go study at library and after tt starbucks cause library close at 9 -.- luckily got nic didi peh me! LOL!

Then boyf end work and had mac for supper. And now he's beside me playing maple while im gg to my lala land.

Baby, i'll miss youfor the next 3 days. And i love you. So so much dear! And i love you! <3 remember your promise!

12:37 AM

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today I woke up at like 1pm. Which makes me feel like a pig. Oops>< anw, after that had lunch at my house with boyf. Daddy cooked. There was crab and cockles and fish. Woo~ like nice only! :)

Then watched vampire diaries for like a few hours. And then went to eat dinner at like 7. Haha. Today is like eat and laze and eat! Aww>< but dinner was at singapore flyer de kopitiam. The food was nice and boyf ate alot. Pig pig him. Went home and watched again. It's gonna be bedtyme soon.

Baby, 11july starts a new chaptet of your life. I hope that you will get through it and i wanna you to be happy as well as working hard towards what you want. Dear, i want to be the one by you. No matter what, i'm here. Iloveyou<3

11:46 PM

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Didn blog yesterday. Today woke up at 8 then prepared and went to meet boyf and his mum and peh him go shatec for the open house. Had some boring talk and walk ard and what not. Boyf submitted his application form then straight went for interview. Like fast only! Then they said he passed. Woo~ he finally got into the course he want. And im really happy for him.

After that, went eat at his house cause his mummy cooked and then came my house.
Then we went for another round of dinner. Like fat lo! Went NTUC also. Bought many things. Hehe. LOL!

Then after that came home and watched tv. Now am blogging while he's playing maple.

Idk why my mood is bad and down today. Sigh :(

Baby, im happy you got into shatec. It's your dream. And work hard towards it. I'll be behind you supporting you always. Especially through your hard tymes. Iloveyou.

11:18 PM

Thursday, May 19, 2011

woke up at 7 today and felt the damn pain in my stomach :(
eat medicine and then go to sleep, wanted to wake up at 8 then ask daddy fetch me to school, but the pain is excrutiating, thus, did not go to school.
went to sleep for like another 3 hours, the pain subside but it was never really gone! sian!
woke up at 10 plus going 11 and woke boyf up cause he has work in an hour.
after he prepared and otw to work, we talked on the phone for like half an hr! awesomeeee!

Went to rest more and watch tv. had porridge for lunch. boringgg!
went to see the doc at 3pm and then aft tt went to meet boyf for his break. haha! even a few hours, i cherish every moment! then had lunch with him and then i went home.
he started work early. hmm.

then home and watched movie and tv. watched home alone 3! which is so awesome and cute!
then did project from 9 to now, am skyping with yunyue and chris to do OB project! urgh! Hate projects!

anw, boyf is asleep now.
tmrw have no sch in the afternoon cause of CNN day, but am still going sch in the aftnoon, aft i meet boyf for awhile.
baby, iloveyousomuch and i love your cute smile! it attracts me so much
and you're my drug baby! <3

11:13 PM

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today woke up at 7 thn prepare and headed out for sch. It's a really bad day. Stuck at highway for 45 mins due to traffic jam causing me to be late for class!
Then had Rht lab, and ohman! I hate it.

After that had a 3 hour break which wasnt too productive. Oh well.
Then had comm skills. Before it started, my cramps already killing me. Then i couldn take it and went toilet. After that i was weak. Like really weak and i couldn move. Sigh. Had a bit of blackout. Thanks to 1k02 for looking after me. Then Daddy came fetch me home. I rested and felt better when i woke up. Sigh.

Anw, baby, sorry made you worried today. I promise i'll look after myself. Iloveyou.

10:17 PM

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

today woke up at 12 plus. okay, i admit im a piggg okay? tsk!
did nth much for the whole of today.
played maple with boyf.
then at 6 he left and went back home.
also to play his bball!

it's kinda weird, he was with me for like 4 days thn suddenly he's not beside me now
haha, i miss him lo.
and i love him so so much.

oh well, short post today, back to work!

10:44 PM

Monday, May 16, 2011

today woke up at 6.45. like after a few days wake up early again abit not used :/
anw, went to prepare and head to school. i slept in the bus. oopS><
reached sch kinda early, like at 8.30and i went to buy maggi mee to eat as breakfast! haha!

Had OB lecture and tutorial. i swear i hate this subject caause of mr chew! URGH:@
he's like a waste of tyme! On a better note, there's no APEL today, means go home at 1! ROCKS man! WOO~
then ended school and came home, both boyf and brother playing maple when im back. left them to play and i went to watch a while of show before i had my power nap. tired max! woke up at 6 plus. kinda PIG :(

then had dinner at home and am gonna head out in awhile with boyf to watch fast and furious 5! he's been wanting to watch it foreverrrr!

Baby, iloveyou, and tmrw you're going home le :(
it's okay. i'll miss you and next week can see you again! <3

8:02 PM

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today i woke up at 10 then went for facial appt with mother. while boyf and brother still asleep in my room. LIKE a PIG :D
came back and boyf was using com, brother still sleeping. and it's like going 2 le lo! tsk!
my mr pig didn realise that i left him a note to tell him where i went. PIGPIG!

then went tiong with boyf and brother. had 18chefs, superb long since i had that, haha! nice!
then they went arcade awhile. LOLOL!
met connie jie and jake at tiong then went to our house cause they need pass and get things from mummy. hmm.
went to lau pa sat for dinner with all of them.

idk what to say bout the dinner. sigh. at least, it's tyme spend with them.

Baby, even though you're beside me now, i cant stop missing you. and how i wish tyme would stop, in just a world of you and me <3

9:44 PM

Didnt blog yesterday cause blogger had problem.

This is what i blogged yest.
'Today woke up at 9. Then print some things. Left house at 9.30. Went for breakfast with daddy, then daddy fetch me to school :D

First tutorial is IHT. Kinda fun now with kwok bing. LOL! Did some group work. And me and babe going to zoo and night safari someday, cause of our project -.- waste money!

Then had a 3 hour break. Went to do and print comm skills work. After that headed to lecture. Sucks ttm lo! Urgh! Then had OB tutorial. WORSE of all! Seriously man, can kill me. Hate that subject.

Then slack alone at tampiness until cousins come. Had some games of jubeat :) haha! Had kfc for dinner thn walk walk ard with cousins.

And now am at the airport waiting for mummy. Haha, she's coming home today.
Also, waiting for boyf to end work. Haha, miss him! Tomorrow working. Can see him lo. Woo~ sarangheyo baby!'

Anw, for today i woke up at 10.15 thn went to work and what not. Now am home and boyf's with me.
Ilovehim. So much.

12:18 AM

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Didnt blog yest cause i was too tired. Haha.
Anw, today woke up at 9.15 and went to school. Was tempted to skip cause both were lectures but didnt do it in the end.
Went for first lecture of microecons. Was really tired. Head giddy lo. -.-
Lecture ended an hour early, so had 2 hours break. Went lab to ask mr yeo about project. LOL!
Some of classmates came to lab as well. Concidence much!
Went for second lecture of IHT, love this lecturer :) ended and have 2 hour break before CCA trial. Did comm skills homework and project! Woo~ productive eh.

Then went for salvo drum, was kinda fun. I'll go back again i think. Now am waiting for bus otw back home.

Boyf working now. And i miss him sooo much. Baby, remember our place? Desert story :D see you on saturday. I love you <3

9:33 PM

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Been a few days since i last updated my blog. Well, cause baby was staying over at my house, thus im lazy to blog.
Stayover was kinda good, watched movie with baby till late. Hmm. But got abit arguement :( baby, idw to argue with you again. Can?

Anw, today woke up and went prepare and left house at 10.40. Went to tamp mall and had mac with boyf.
He bought me chocolate also ;) hehe!
And peh me go sch! Thanks baby.

Lessons were kinda boringg, especially bcs, cold like mad, i shivered like siao. Hands were numb too. Then ended sch and went to eat mac again. Haha!
And now im otw home, trying to go home using the bus. Haha. <3 long bus ride. Hope i dont get lost.

Baby, i really do love you. Stay here with me for life.

8:32 PM

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today woke up at 9 and went to meet boyf at NEX for breakfast :) after thAt he went to buy his mother's day present.
Then went to work. Haha! I was at korean side, until the chinese side had lack of manpower, and i transferred to there :/ sian lo. Cant work with boyf. But nvm :) today is soooo busy, full house lo.

Breaktyme went boyf house and he pass his present to his mother, after that he pack clothes. He's staying at my house tonight, and tmrw, and the day after. Woohoo~ feel my excitement.

Went back NEX and went to work. This tyme i at chinese all the way. Really damn many ppl! All the waitress like running ard lo. Sian!
Ended work at 10.30. Super tired and legs aching. Now at chinatown going buy mac for dinner/supper :)

Baby is with me. And all i can say and know is i love him soooo much <3

11:11 PM

Friday, May 6, 2011

yesterday didnt blog cause i was too tired when i reached home.

yesterday i ended sch at 3.15 so i went NEX without letting baby know. haha! he called me at 3.30 and i thought he was done, scare me! haha! he say he go toilet, thn i went find him and surprise him! HAHAHA! after that waited for him to end work, and then had lunch at mad jack and dessert, HAHA! then went to SK and bought a necklace for mummy for mother's day! :D
then went to work and there was only 3 people at the korean buffet la!
busyydieus lo! eee! dislike!
anw, aft work daddy came fetch me and baby and we went to eat at some coffeeshop, haha! then sent baby home and i reached home ard 12.20.
gave mummy her necklace and she was happy! yay! then go orh orh lo.

this morning woke up at 9 and prepared go sch, thought i would be late, lucky im not! phew~
hehee! had IHT tutorial which was kinda stupid and make me confused like mad!
aft tt had a 1-hr break and went ITAS for lunch and went to APEL. kinda entertaining.
then had BCS lecture which is retarded. whatever~
and im now outside lecture room using lappy and blogging now.
OB make-up lesson ltr at 6. ohman!

babypig, imissyou so much. sad i cant see you today :(
but it's okay, i tolerate a while more, tmrw cn see you le.
iloveyou my dear
and i cant wait for stayover as well :D teehee! <3

4:42 PM

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today woke up at 6.45 thn went to prepare and left house ard 7.20. I reached school ard 8.30. Like super early lo. None of my classmates reached yet. Sian. So went cheers bought yogurt as my breakfast. Hehe.

Then went to lab to have rht lab, boringggg. Was kinda okay la, but so cold til i bored and i wanna sleep. Sian!
Then had a 3 hour break. Did comm skills work and configure my lappy at tp, then went mensa for lunch. After that went library to use lappy. LOL!
Had comm skills lesson and presented our work, was funny. Haha, but i was bored, so i went draw smth for boyf on my notebook. I miss him.

Then went to rht lecture. 2 rht in a day! Bored. The lecturer sucks! Anw, it ended at 6 and i went home. Was soso tired. Sigh.

Anw, tmrw got work, so can see boyf.
Baby, i miss you so so sooooo much. Miss your hugs and warmth. Iloveyou babypig.

10:30 PM

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hmm. Today alarm clock rang at 9.30, but i laze till like 11 thn wake up -.- LOL!
Anw, boyf also laze like a pig! Haha! Had lunch at my house than he peh me go TP tog. Went to booklink to buy textbk and thn he went home while i went for my first class :/

Tutor was a sub and thus, aft he finished gg thru tutorial notes, he let us off, which left us like 1 hour plus to our nxt lesson! Shiok! Had maggi mee for lunch, yum!
Then went to lab for BCS, the lesson is so boringgg and i catch no ball! Oops><

Went for cheerleading practice aft that, it was fum but tiring and i feel like im clumsy. Hehe. But i like it. Thursday got training but i cant go due to work. Oh well, nxt week then :)

Dont judge me for anything, cause you dk how i am and what i went thru.

Anw, baby, i miss you much! Tmrw you working le. So cnt talk much. Cant wait to see you on thurs during work. I love you so much.

10:43 PM

Monday, May 2, 2011

Today was so tired and i woke up at 12 plus. Haha! When i woke up, boyf alr using my laptop play maple. Haha! Childish.

Then went to bugis with boyf and brother. Bought our couple watch. Yay! I like, thn bought some shoes for school.
Went home ard 6. And head to dinner downstairs with family and boyf. He's staying over tonight again! Woohoo~

Hmm, today keep showing boyf attitude. Cause idk why in bad mood thn kept quiet alot. Sorry baby. But im okay le. Hope baby isnt angry at all.
But, no matter what, iloveyou<3

10:22 PM

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today woke up at 10 plus thn head to parangon to exchange my iphone because it has problems. -.- thn head to lucky plaza singpost to buy my microsoft thing. Hmm. Aft tt, went eat at Grandma's kitchen. Not too nice today.

Thn head to NEX to find boyf for his work break. And then we went walk walk. Hehe. LOLOL! sent him to work at 6.30 and i went library to find out it's closed.
Then go starbucks study and i finished my comm skill, just left tutorials. Urgh! I brought wrong tutorial out. Sianzor!

At 10, went crystal jade and sit sit while they pack there. Oops>< relaxing. Hehe.
And now am otw home with boyf cause he's staying at my house for a 3d2n! Haha:) happy happy.

Baby, woaini alotalot! Muack!

11:08 PM


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