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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

today is just not my day, 我该怎么办? i startin to not believe in na 2 le, my co0nfidence for it like dropped totally, our hm nursin case today really screwed up la..oni angkasa was the superwoman lor,everythin oso noe.can say im jealous of her..haha..she realli veri confident of herself can..but the rest of us realli needa buck up, we like ruined the case..im nt tryin to blame anyone,jus tryin to vent my frustrations and to noe that our team needa buck up..even though tis is oni our first case, but it dont make a difference..we must strive for all our case..i can oni hope for the best for na2..jiayous bah!

obviously not oni coz of sj la..jus dunno y..even though today got 5 free periods but i feel like im not enjoyin them except for parlene de..im like kinda emo nowadays, but it dont matter, coz i noe that its pointless le..pointless to try..and a lot of tings screwed my day oso..ARGHH! forget it..don wanna write le

7:47 PM

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

jus 3 days aft sch reopen and i have finished 2 tests..wth la..
emaths test was ok, but chen test today totally crap la..i a lot anyhow bomb de..but the thin is, not i nvr study lor..is the paper too difficult le..ms mah la, set so difficult paper..like almost whole of my class and triple science people tink they fail la..wtf..
trainin yesterday was on fac, did like 2 cases..to na2: we r doin a great job, great improvement from previous cases..jiayous!..
fri got cross country..gonna be a veri slack day, not tat im cursin people, but i hoped got casualty lor, so wont so sian..

my brain is malfunctionin, dono wat to write le

7:57 PM

Thursday, March 19, 2009

gettin sick of sjab le..yesterday was cross country recee, today is sana course, tomoro still got civil defence course..if unlucky, sat still got home mursing trainin..argh..cant stand it anymore..still got tons of unfinished hw..wat should i do?

7:36 PM

Monday, March 16, 2009

yesterday came bac camp..how shld i put it? tis camp is more like a pt camp than fac camp lor..we did like oni 2-3 cases.
1st day- fall in at 4, bag check and all, our bunk is on the 4th lvl..my first tot was:''help'", dono how we gona survive...then went for pta, then book in at 8 plus..start breakin into groups and discuss for fac..nvr did any case but c people do case..sipper and lights out at 1.15pm
2nd day-woke up at 6.25 and went for mornin pt..then jacelyn sprain her leg..damn 'heng'lor,our team like cannot do a lot of things le, coz jace is leader, but nvm..she tahan but she was spared a lot of thin..then trainin for fd and fa and hm nursin..blah blah blah..bout the same thin over and over again..when sleepint ime, they let us light out at 12 plus, we were like, confrim got fire drill, then everyone prepare half-u..like bout 15 mins ltr, mdm wanteng cal us wake up for stand-by bunk..its damn stupid la..then went bac to sleep, i wal still wonderin got fire drill a not..but veri long past le still don hav, then heard long and continuos blow, everyone shout 'fire,fire'then run out..kena stopped by mdm jasmine, say its not sj de, its other cca..we we like wth..then the other cca sir start screamin at them for i dono y and its damn loud la..so inconsiderate of him..
3rd day-mornin pt was veri tirin lor..then had some team discussiona nd then pt games..so lame la..then had cheer competition wif officers..break camp..
i tink tis camp we did like around 250 push-up and a lt of runnin..my hand and leg are achina dn im sufferin fr a suber bad headache..

still got tons of hw left..

4:06 PM

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

was emoing today b4 trainin and some part of trainin...
durin first aid triage i got more hyper and somehow, i tok to them..
wonder if the camp will help more..and i found out smth today..smth that will make me sad and frustrated for the rest of my life..

7:39 PM

Saturday, March 7, 2009

today i woke up and sent derek to sch..he went for his competition..
aft that go people'park cut my hair..looks quite childish..but i don care wat people say le ba.. not aft wat happen yesterday..who cares bout hair when theres is somethin more important to care and ponder bout..
maybe my reaction was wrong..wat shld i do? even if i try to amend..ur might not wan to accept or forgiv..maybe aft i wrote tat letter..its too late to amend le..i hope our relatiomship will be ok again..but it might not.im in a dilema..

7:25 PM

Friday, March 6, 2009

its jus not my day..
i will not allow myself to hurt ur anymore and i will do wat i said to prevent that..

6:57 PM

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i so gonna relax today!

yesterday, for once, belive it or not..i study my A-maths test for 4 hrs straight to 12 am..but still veri unsure..then put alarm wan wake up at 5 but too tired le..then went sch, immediately took out my stuff and study..me and wendy become then stressful lor..we study durin el, bio, em and durin recess oso study..today needa thank shaun lots lor..coz he coach us a lot..thanks dude...
anw, durin cd period, me and wen nvr do le..we wan cool down if not will go crazy de..
aft the test, i totally go high la..so im not gg to stress myself or trouble my brain again today..=.=

i don noe wth u r tinkin, but u r seriously veri irritatin..sometimes its ok to get attention once in a while but too much will make me frustrated..do u understand me at all? u always so nosey, everythin oso wan noe..hello! im not ur puppet or ur doll, when i don reply,u bother me..STOP IT..im veri pek chek already..force me to my limit and i will seriously explode..u wont like wat u c then..

7:14 PM

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

lets see...today wasnt in a really good mood..in fact, aft sch reopened, i hav nvr really been in a good mood for a day..wonder y? maybe its coz im sad bout facts i hav to face or coz of the stress in both sch and sj, maybe its both..or maybe..i jus don wan to be in a good mood..
1 thing that was beta was my new com finally finished installin now..damn cool..
i guess none of tis really matters coz im not realy happy..hav been emoin a lot..haiz..wat shld i do?
today durin pe. wendy was not feelin well and me, ap and ery took like 2 hrs before we convinced her to go home..haiz..wat a stubborn gal..
today trainin we took the sec 2s, was kinda cool but not really much to tok bout..i guess my life is really borin and infruitful bahs..

gotta end here..tomoro got a-maths test, i tink i will fail..tomoro will again not be a happy day..

7:20 PM


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