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Thursday, June 30, 2011

today i woke up at 7.15 and then leave house at 7.45. was raining damn heavily and i had to walk a big round to the bus stop. after that in bus, jack msged and say mr ramesh cancel class due to the RAIN. wtf! then all my classmates can sleep more at home whereas i stone in sch for 2 hours -.- angrydieme :@

after that had econs and there were some ppl in the lecture that were a nuisance. keep laughing and making lecturer stop! WTF la! want talk at least talk softer la, BHB sia.
after that had a 1 and half hr break. stone again! zzz
had IHT lecture after that and it was kinda fun but distracting due to the same ppl making noise -.-

after that boyf came tampiness meet me and then we went his house. hehe! slack and talk cause it's been a few days since i last saw him and i missdiehim.
he act cute and childish, make me super addicted! hehe! <3
then had dinner at his house, western like today! haha! very nice! yumyum!
i enjoyed every minute with baby today! woo~
and baby, stop denying you're a pig!
hehe. iloveyou!

9:40 PM

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

today i woke up at 7 and then i went to school. it's a lucky day for me. HAHAHA!
the bus all came right as i reached the bus stop. HAHAHA!
went to school for RHT tutorial and i was early! woohoo~ wasnt late! awesomeee! after that had RHT results back! surprise! haha! a subject i thought would fail, but turns out i did the best. HAHAH! surprise like a bitch! woo~

after that had 3 hpurs break and i watched CSI: like a relax only. YAY! After that had comm skills and was laughing like mad! HAHA! hilarious. tmrw presentatation for comm skills lo!
mood was good until RHT D:

fuck cynthia pang big tyme! urgh! ruin my mood

then went for salvo drum. today was fun, hahahah! do alot of recapping.
lalala! ended training at 9 and went home at 9.30 :D
haha! reached home ard 10.30pm, bus was fast again.
yayay! now waiting for mummy to buy back with prata.
haha! hungry!

boyf past few days have been super sweet! i like! hehe!
tmrw can go find him awhile lo! happyhappy! likamad!
iloveyou babyBOAR!

11:09 PM

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2nd day of school today. Was able to sleep in alot. Happydieme. Cause am energetic and not tired. After that, went to school for microecons. Haha! Mr love was mad funny laaa. He ended half an hr early, thus i managed to grab some food. Maggi mee and otah puff. Awesomeee.

Then had BCS, for once it isnt excel. Woo~ im beginning to like the subject. And the best thing is, i used fb and twitter throughout. Hehe.

Boyf was sweet and nice today :) i like! HAHA! and i miss him sooo much. Can tyme faster pass to friday? Cause i cant wait to be in his arms again. babyBOAR, iloveyou :)

11:43 PM

Time now is 12.32am and i just reached home, finish bathing.

Today start of term 2 :/ woke up at 7 and prepared, baby woke up too. HAHA! we both left house, me going school, he going home:(
Anw, i went to school and then had OB lecture and tutorial. What a great way to start! :/
Boyf reached home jiu sleep le. He's sucha pig, but so lovable. Hehe. So cute <3
Anw, lesson ended at 1 and thn went to meet TB in library and saw J as well. Haha, went to mensa for lunch and then i went to find my classmates. Watched movie in library while waiing for salvo cca to start (Y)
6 went to salvo and then had training until 9 plus 10. Today was super tiring and my brain cells all used up le. Then went tamp mall with TB and HL to eat dinner. After that home sweet home.

My babydear, even though it's less than 24 hours since you left my side, im missing you from minute 1 you alight from bus and go home. Miss your huggies, your cuteness, your PIGness. Iloveyou!

12:37 AM

Sunday, June 26, 2011

just reached home from a super busy day. less than 2 hours ago, it was the end of 25th, which was me and baby de 8th month. <3 awesomeeee much.
baby stayed over from friday night and then we started preparing agaragar and almond jelly for 25th :D hehe! it's nice to make those things together as a couple! hehe! that's the first thing.
then it was bedtyme. baby was soooo cute when he hug the 3 piglets and we keep fighting over letting the other take the bolster. haha! at the end, he let me take it :) so nice of him. that was the 2nd thing. can sleep with him and my 3 piglets :D
woke up at 9.30 and then wake my piggg up, prepared and then headed to vivocity, bought a new swimsuit cause i lost my old one. haha! had lunch at white dog cafe, the place we first worked at together! hehe! so fun so fun! that's the 3rd thing. awesomeee like mad.
then headed to sentosa! woohoo~ we're so lucky lo. rain stopped before we went sentosa! yippee!
then played alot with boyf in the water, he keep splashing me lo. haha! played catching in water. 4th thing.
then had a picnic with boyf at the beach, like nice lo. cause can see him and then play and still have a picnic that all the food we made de. :D 5th thing lo.
after that headed home and then had moss burger for dinner at AMK hub (6th thing)
took 138 to night safari~ hehe, so fun, we finished walking the trail in like 1 hour and then went to play in the retail shops after that watched the creatures of the night show. NICE! that's the 7th.

and then last and most importantly. i get to spent the whole of 25th with my baby, all 24 hours :D
had lots of fun and i think this month we really had the most fun and enjoyed ourselves most! woo!!

Baby, thanks for everything in the past 8 months, though we quarrel and all, but you'll always be in my heart, every moment. i treasure every minute spent with you. iloveyou babydear! <3

2:01 AM

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Been a few days since i last blogged :/ boyf stayed over from monday till today :) happyhappy cause it's been quite a while since he last stayed over. Nice to be holding his hands and fall asleep. Just so cozy and it makes me sleep sweeter. Seeing the way he sleep, the way he looks when he wake up, the way i received a hug and morning kiss tp my forehead when i wake up, just makes me smile.

Anw, today woke up at 12 plus! Oops>< HAHAHA! and then went to tiong to haveAC for breakfast. After that i went home and watched spy kids before heading to school for salvo. It's fun, but the score is long and kinda hard. Still, the fun is there. After that went to see the seniors perform for drumzout on sunday. Hope they win cause it's awesomee :)
Then went to tampiness with all the seniors. Fun fun. All pack food and then sit in circle at some corner. enjoyed. Haha. But it's late. It's 11.30pm + le.haha! And im omy home :)

My babydear, i love the way you are. And you make me so addicted to you <3

11:36 PM

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today woke up at 2 again. Had some food and then laze ard. Boyf didn come today, he says tmrw :) anw, today was such a boringggg day.
Then went out to have dinner with family cause it's father's day. Didn eat much also. dk why no appetite, think the amt i eat today is like half of my one meal portion. Hmm.

Someone talked to me on fb today and N was brought up, made me think of the super long tyme we nvr talked and we drifted. I miss my bffl, and it sucks to think that we are like strangers now.

Anw, today didnt talk alot with boyf and i miss him soooo much. Hope tmrw faster come so can hug him again.

Dont like to be alone. Boyf can ease the pain of losing bffl. Can tyme hurry to when i see baby again?

11:28 PM

Friday, June 17, 2011

I cannot believe what i did, so dumb. To ruin everything. I want you to know that i nvr meant to shout at you, really. Im sorry, really am. You're the best thing that ever been mine. Remember all the tyme tog? I thought we said we can go through all obstacles and that we'll solve everything tog? I know im in the wrong. Im sorry, pls give me a chance to amend, to make things right.
I dont want to lose you.
Iloveyou, always have, always wil.

11:46 PM

2nd day in camp.
Today woke up at 7 and went to sch for salvo camp. Learnt score during the morning and then had lunch and after that had group discussion for score challenge.
After that, we had drum maintenance. Kinda dirty but fun, tired too.
Tyme pass fast and then had dinner.
After which had amazing race, was kinda fun at first. Until the last station and i sprained my elbow at trust fall :( pain like siao..
And bathed and supper. Tyme now is 1.43am and imma gonna sleep.

Today texted boyf very little :( and i miss him throughout the whole tyme. Soon will be saturday and can see him.
Though i hope tmrw aft camp can see him but doubt can.
Anw, iloveyou dear.

1:44 AM

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1st day of salvo workshop/camp.

Woke up at 7 today and went to school, was so tired i keep dozing off in bus. Had ice breaking session at first and then learned a score, well, part of a score. Then had the lecture on history of salvo and watched video and whatnot. After that went home, kinda boring. Tmrw is camp, hope it'll be more fun.

Boyf was on my mind constantly today. Didn really talk much as i was having workshop and he's busy playing lappy. Anticipated for skype session but doubt it's gonna happen. Wanna see him. I miss him soo much.
Hope tyme faster pass and saturday wil come soon and i can see him again. <3

10:24 PM

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

today woke up at 10,w anted to go school, but cramps attack did not allow me to. damn!
bad thing to wake up and realised the tyme of the month came to visit. anw, i asked boyf to call me after she woke up and he called soon after. told him i wasnt feeling well.
he came over at 12 plus, he thought my cramp meant leg cramp at first. felt really awful and kinda cried cause of the pain. he stayed beside and accompany me. feels really good to have him beside me when im unwell. went to sleep and woke up at 4, i literally left him alone for 4 hours and he hadnt had lunch. felt so bad :(
then had a late lunch at home. omgg.
anw, after that we both used our lappy! haha! he bought one lappy yesterday exact as mine <3
had mac for dinner and then he went to find jason. think he's still there now.

baby, thanks for looking after me today and yet i left you alone for like 4 hours and you skipped lunch. im so sorry but im greatful that you looked after me. thanks. iloveyou.
and im missing you!

12:07 AM

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Didnt blog yesterday cause i had SA orientation and then GESS SJAB campfire, enjoyed myself, but im super exhuasted after that.
Anw, today woke up at 10.30 and then went to meet boyf. Had lunch at his house and then slack slack. :)
After that went suntec city for IT fair with his mummy cause he need to buy a lappy for school. He bought the same model as me! Hehe! Glad he was happy he finally has a lappy :)
I then went to his house and then went to help him with the set-up of his lappy and installation of things. And im now otw home. Hehe:) school tmrw :/

Baby, im starting to miss you. And i enjoyed tyme spent with you. Wahaha! Dont got lappy then forget me ar. Teehee. Iloveyou.

8:55 PM

Friday, June 10, 2011

Today woke up at 8 and went to find boyf. After that went to the Zoo for my project.
Never went Zoo for close to 3 years and never been with boyf. Woo~
Kinda thought he would be bored and all. BUT, he love animals, hehe! Same same! Am so happy cause we both exicited to see the animals. Woo~ went to see the mammals first, just following the signboard until we decided to be smart and went to take a map! HAHAHA! and i suck at map-reading. He's better, much better. Think we managed to see all the animals. Happyhappy girl now! Hehe! Next yr will ask mummy go since she want go, but panda and some other animals only available next year! Hehe :)
Boyf said next will be night sarfari or reptile park! Haha! Woo~

Then went to his house as his parents called and he cooked for me! Yum! Watched the channel 8 show and then am omy home. Teehee! Am mad happy today.
Spent 11 hours with baby and mostly alone just having fun.

Baby , im starting to miss you and i cant wait to see you again. thanks for all the fun today! YAYAYAY! Loveyou sooo much!

10:31 PM

Thursday, June 9, 2011

today woke up at 10 and went to school and then studied for RHT.
had the paper and im so screwed. _!_ cynthia pang, an ass of a lecturer. URGH!
anw, ended and i went straight home. boringgg day!

but 2 good news:
2nd: TMRW im going zoo with my dear boy! hehe! but it's for project. kinda mood dampening. but well, anything beside him is awesomeee!

i miss my dear baby and i cant wait to see him tomorrow! <3

tothepeopleoutthere: you ruin/disrupt me and my boyf life's, make sure i'll pay back double. know who you are.

10:22 PM

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

today i sleep in, feels good :D haha! boyf came over and woke me up, refusing to let me sleep more! :@ keep disturbing me lo! hehe! my fatty pig pig is sooooo childish.
then we went to great world to walk walk cause my babydear nvr go inside great world before and we had mac for lunch! woo~ awesomeee!
walked walked for awhile and then went to play arcade. fun cause played alot of games then me and boyf played before but nvr together and today we play many games together. i love moments like these when i can be a child beside him <3
and then we went back, at the bus stop, boyf saw many cars he liked and he was saying he can sit there all day just looking at cars! HAHA!
but then, reached my house downstairs le then realised he left his couple ring at the arcade. cabbed down asap and then rushed to find. lucky no one took it. seldom see baby so scared and he almost cried :( glad we found it in the end. it means alot to me.
anw, we then came home and watched rambo! aft tt boyf made agar agar for me.. haha! he cooked and i poured into the mould, love doing things together!
then continued watching rambo.
ard 9 plus boyf went home and here i am blogging.

today was really fun and everything done with boyf will be remembered in my heart.
and i love you baby.

10:10 PM

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today woke up at 7 but laze till 8 cause am too tired, then went to school and i was early so i revised for econs test later. which aft tt, i am quite satisfied with how i do. Haha! :)

Then went to find boyf and slack slack. After that went to have dinner. Sooo long since i last met him, and i miss him sooo much. Haha! Nice to see him again:) everything was going well and a call came in and smths happen. Seriously, all this are sooo childish and what's the point? You can all think we are losers and back out. But fact is, we are not gonna go into the stage of arguing with you all, just get it over and done with. And no more facing of you all. I don think i regret breaking friendship with you all, because, me and boyf had the best of our relationships tymes when we are not with you all and alone.

Baby, please dont feel bad about whatever happened anymore. Im glad you told me all your feelings and i can share your burden with you. Baby, i nvr regret patching cause i love you more than any of our previous r/s, and more each day. Cause this few months alone made me know so many new things i nvr knew before. And iloveyou dear! <3

11:23 PM

Monday, June 6, 2011

Today i woke up at 9, freshen up and studied for OB, but awhile ltr due to my giddy head, i went to sleep and woke up at 11 plus headed to school and meet YY to study. Was afraid for the test, but whatever, it's over alrdy.

Boyf ends camp today afternoon and im sooo happy cause i can see him again tmrw.
I miss him alot, like really really alot. My fat pig keeps running in my mind! Haha. Im just worried he'll have not enough rest and i admit it hurts for me to see him sound lethargic. Sad i couldn give him energy kiss! Haha><
And i love him too! <3

9:24 PM

Sunday, June 5, 2011

3rd day of baby in camp:
today i woke up ard 12 plus i think and then had lunch at home and watch some shows before i start revising for econs from 3. i finished all my lectures le! woo~
but tmrw is OB and im sooo not prepared for it. wish boyf is here to encourage me and give me support. D:
anw, today is boyf last night in camp which means he'll be out from camp tmrw and i can see him on tuesday! yay!

baby ar, i miss you sooo soooo soooo much lo! hehe! iloveyou too.
today managed to chat more with you compared to past 2 days and i really treasure every word we say to each other.
i wish you can be beside me by my test so i wont feel scared. nvm, i'll imagine you're there ! hehe!
my big fat boar, see you soon<3

11:53 PM

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 2 of baby in camp.
today woke up at 11.50 and realsied i was damn late in meeting the girls for study date! LOL!
rushed and reached AMK by 12.45, cause mummy fetched my to dhoby. HAHA!
then studied the whole day and talked. OB sucks man! URGH!
sigh, today is boyf 2nd day in camp and i managed to talk to him on the phone for like 6 mins and i could hear the tiredness in him. he's mad tired and it hurts my heart to see him like this. sigh!
and i mean really pain.
today is kinda not as good as yesterday. msged lesser but he's busy and i dont blame him.
i just miss him super duper much.
really really wish he can get some sleep tonight. dw to see him in that state.
im selfish to think this way, but i hope i can talk to him ltr for awhile. even though i know it's hard. really wish for him to faster end his camp and i can see him again.
baby, if you're reading this, and you're very tired, here's a energy kiss for you! MUACKS!
pls take care of yourself. iloveyou and imissyou alot alot!

10:46 PM

Friday, June 3, 2011

1st day of baby in camp.
woke up at 1 plus today after boyf called me! LOLOL! i must have been such a pigggg.ohmy!
anw, all i did today was just sit ard and watch shows while boyf runs ard in my mind the WHOLE tyme, every second!
he called me twice today. hoping for a third later.
it feels weird to not msg him alot and cant talk to him.
but i know, he's in camp and he's busy. i just pray that he wont fall sick after the camp and he'll be enjoying himself sooo much. even though im kinda bored, but i want him to be hyper and enjoying!!

baby, i wonder what you are doing now. having fun? missing me not? hehe. oops><
iloveyou and imma gonna be hugging my 3 piglets to sleep tonight and the night after and the night after until you're beside me again! <3

10:30 PM

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today woke up at 7 and left house early. Woah! Morning breeze is nice and the fact tt i reached school early feels good. Even though i was mad tired. HAHAHAHA!

Had comm skills and needed to do a survey, like dumb can? -.- LOLOL! Teehee, our group did fast fast. But hor, i realise got alot of upcoming project. Oh well.
Then had microecons. I realised LRM students are actually attentive in lectures, just not during cynthia pang lessom -.-

Then discuss IHT project. Oh god! And went to seoul garden to eat. Food was sooo nice and we were all so fullfull! hahah!

Then went to meet boyf for awhile. He tmrw jiu start camp le. Treasured every single second with him. Even if it's just sitting down and talking, playing, disturbing each other. Just looking at him makes my heart warmth and my smile wides, cause my boy is just so addictive.
Baby, please please take care of yourself during camp uh. Idw see you sick okay? I'll be waiting for your msg and calls if possible. Will hug 3 piglets, wear your jacket and see your picture to lala land. Iloveyou dear.

8:37 PM

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

today managed to sleep in for awhile.. hehe! cause daddy fetched me to school.
anw, was still late by like 3 mins cause of the traffic jam! oh well, it's okay :D
then had RHT lab, just the normal and the project. sianzor!

after that had 3 hours break! teehee! went to library with YY and watched vampire diaires! left with 3 episodes, and once i finished watching, i realised i'll have no shows to look forward to! D;
then had comm skills, which gave us another project! seriously! my projects are piling up man! the 2 weeks up coming boliday wont be a break lo. it'sto finish all our projects and whatnot!
Anyway, after that had RHT lecture and before tt made a few jokes with 1k02, this class is seriously hilarious and even though we have arguements and disagreements at tymes, i still love you all !
Rht lecture was boring as usual with ms cute cute! urgh! PUKE
discuss project for awhile then i went to meet my boyf to pass him his house keys which he left at my house! forgetful piggg!
saw him and was so addicted to his new hair, so cuteee! OMG!
and then had mac for dinner with him and accompany him to buy his camp stuff and im home.
hehe! got to meet him for awhile today before his camp starts is like super happy for me lo!!

baby, pls take care of yourself during your camp okay? i'll miss you de. free must find tyme msg me or if can call me to chat. iloveyou babydear!

9:39 PM


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