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Thursday, July 28, 2011

this few days am really super super tired. i wish that i can just lie all day and rest, but i cant and i wont.
anw, today woke up at 7 as usual and head to school. comm skills and once again a boring one. i really dislike boring lessons. plus i wasnt feeling well throughout, just added on to my unhappiness. after that had microecons. had the good lecturer today :D and it was IHT mock test, didnt get much into my head cause it hurts but i still did okay :)

after that boyf came to find me at school. it's a few days since i last saw him and i miss him so much. seriously. only met for awhile today because he had to go play bball. i hoped he enjoyed himself.
i like playing with him, be childish together and all. babydear i miss you, i love you!

10:05 PM

Sunday, July 24, 2011

tyme now is 12 am, which means it's 25th again.
HAPPY 9 months my babydear <3

baby came met me at paragon on saturday afternoon, had lunch and then we headed back home. slack for awhile, and went to cousin's birthday and engagement party :D so sweet wor! heheh!
had lots of fun with baby and brother. at night, we headed home. haha!

and baby stayed over at my house! been super super super long since he stayed over. and it feels so nice to be able to hold his hand to sleep and wake up next to him :D seeing him sleep like a child reminds me the days when he stayed over and why i fall in love with this expression of his over and over again.
everytyme he acts silly, plays with me in his cute ways, act baby-like, it feels like i never have to grow old, stay young together. i can be anyway i want when im with him. he's just a guy who wont find me childish and ignore my nonsense, instead he'll play with me. and i like it!

i got to say, i have been showing him alot of attitude recently, been kinda unreasonable, but he has put up with me alot le. im glad he gave in to me sometymes. i hate to see him upset and angry, hate to see him disappointed. but on the other hand, im glad i see all of his expressions before and no matter good or bad, it will always be etched onto my heart, because all his expressions and the way he is forms him - the one i love.
he has been there for me recently when im stressed and i hope to be there for him as well, i hope that i can be the one who brings a smile to his face whenever he frowns. i hope that i can be the girl who makes him smile once he think of me.
even though he has start school, but we try to meet each other as often as possible. i will never let myself let go of him easily and not allow us to drift. i will always try to pull us back if we drift because i never want to let you go darling.

babydear, 9 months since we patched, many ups and downs, but we're still together. count on me to be here for you no matter how hard the road ahead gets in future. hold my hand and walk beside me down this road of love together, for this lifetyme. laugh with me, cry with me, so long as we're together, nothing can beat down my love for you. i love you CKC.

10:22 PM

Monday, July 18, 2011

today lecture was cancelled meaning i can sleep in, woke up late though, but am still in tyme for school! HOW AWESOMEEE RIGHT :D hahahah!
anw, had 2 hours of OB tutorial today only. sian ttm.
after that had 5 hours break where we rotted, met mr yeo during 3.30 with his super many comments D; sigh.

then had salvo, it was the test and kinda fun but very long. ended at 9.30 and i cabbed home.
nth much for today. just another boring dayyy.

and, today, didn talk much to baby, really very little and it really make me miss him so much.
i want him by my side always, but i know it's impossible cause we both got school. i can only see his picture everyday, hoping he is happy whatever he is doing :D <3

10:56 PM

Sunday, July 17, 2011

today woke up and went AMK to meet boyf and his parents. after that went to his house! HAHAHA! reached his house not more than 15 mins, we went out to meet clynston to get boyf notes for shatec. then after that went back his house again. his mummy cooked and he helped cut food! PIGGGG! after that went to watch tv and i was so sleepy i doze off awhile. oops><
woke up and had lunch. today suppose to pack baby's room but didnt :/ anw, after that peh him go cut his hair. haha, now his hair so fun to play with. :D
went back his house and watched tv, played with him awhile and talked talked. pluck his white hair also! HAHAH!
then went to playground slack awhile before i go home.

i truly and sincerely miss my babydear alot. i want to be by his side for super long and can hug him to sleep, can hug him anytyme i feel sad like today. i want to be have someone to act childish and play with me.
i cant wait to see him again, now, every minute with him is super precious to me, like a gem.
he's precious to me. and now, my heartbeat is accelerating every minute i think of him.
baby, IMISSYOU!! i wish i can shout it loud enough for you to hear.

10:28 PM

Friday, July 15, 2011

Today i woke up at 8.30. Went to prepare for IHT and left house at 9.30. I didnt wear too formal today cause my presentation is over. Reached class earliest and kwokbing reached. He used my lappy for the rest of the class presentation. LOLOLOL! Anw, after that had some project discussion and then went to kfc opp school to eat with a few of classmates. After that went to void deck and slack, watched scarymovies4, hilarious like siao! After that went back school for BCS.

Then went to AMK to meet boyf. Wanted to waste my tyme and take mrt from amk. But he end early, thus, we met at AMK.
After that went his house for dinner and his daddy showed me their collection. HAHAH :)
Left his house ard 9. And now am omy home. Gonna fetch daddy from airport later.

Baby, i cant wait to see you tmrw and on sunday. Remember, work hard for what you want, stress? Im always here for you.
No matter what, you can always talk to me. Iloveyou.

9:32 PM

Thursday, July 14, 2011

today woke up with bad bad migraine and headache. then went to school for comm skills meeting which i was kinda late. think our report wasnt too bad but need editing.
hmm, then had econs lecture, the lecturer was soooooo boring, now i cant wait for mr love tutorial to save me. HAHAHAH!
and then had break for 1 hr plus which we had some BCS discussion and then had some snacks for lunch. after that was IHT. i really like lecturer for IHT. like really, and it's so interesting haha! was playing with my babes. hehe! funfun!
after that it was home sweet home.

today didnt really talked to baby alot cause he was very busy, i guess this is how it'll be like alot. i got to get used to it. but i must admit i really really miss him. ALOT!
now skyping with him. the only thing that keeps me moving is the nightly skyping session. cause i can see him and hear him even though he is not with me physically. but at least it'll make me happier. iloveyou my dear.

9:32 PM

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

today woke up at 7 and then went to school. once again, ramesh cancelled lesson which means that after RHT tutorial i have 5 hours of break. -.-
had tutorial which consisted like 80% of project and we have to redo! WTF! :@ angrydieme lo.
after that had 5 hours of break, which was kinda good i think. soent alot of tyme doing RHT and then did comm skills, had project discussions and then my head burst le lo! SIGH! STRESS AR!
after that had RHt lecture of which i didnt care much! LOLOLOL!

had a small dinner and then went for salvo drum! today was fun, learned actions and all. and not my arms are aching D: next week got text! urgh!
but still, it was fun!

now am home and skyping with baby :D
baby, i miss you so much! i miss the tyme when i can see you many many tymes a week.
but at least now you're doing something you love and im really happy for you.
i miss you alot and i cant wait to see you again on saturday!
iloveyou so much.
thanks for being there past few days when im super stress!

11:12 PM

Monday, July 11, 2011

Im seriously exhuasted. Im tired of everything. It's been long since i felt this way. Look at me now, im a screwed-up. What can i do well in? Nothing!
It sucks having to act strong in front of people. it sucks not being able to express my feelings. It sucks not being able to tell people how i feel. Im too selfish isnt it? I hope people understands me and can give in, but not everyone will. I got to learn the fact. I got to learn that somethings i have to face it myself without the help of people, i got to face that if i dont learn to be independant, i'll lose out.
So i've learn to be strong, at least show im strong in front of people. Because i dowan people's sympathy. I need to learn, to be really strong. I can do it. Yes, amanda, you can do it.

But i need him, i know he's my pillar of strength. Baby, i really hope you're here with me. But idw to stress you out since you're gonna be real busy starting now with your school. I can face this alone, have faith in me.i just need a place to vent.
But, iloveyou, know that, wont you?

10:37 PM

Sunday, July 10, 2011

today i woke up at 11.30, wanted to go boyf house, but my cramp was killing so i didnt.
he came my house ard 1.30. it was nice to see him again :D and then he went to watched tv while i used com. hmm, after that watch some movie together.
ard 5, i start doing my make-up and dressing up for mummy early bday celebration.
went international seafood restuarant with family, baby, and mummy's 2 good friend.
was super full and then alot of jokes and laughter were there :D stuff baby with alot of dessert cause he not full yet! WAHAHAH! PIGPIG! <3
after that daddy sent boyf home and we went home too. baby took the smallest piglet with him home :D

babydear, tmrw onwards you are starting a new phase of your life le. work hard in shatec for your dream okay? you went through alot to get into shatec, and for your dream, must jiayou jiayou zai jiayou. if feel stress must tell me alright, im always here for you.
i'll miss you soo much after tmrw, cause we wont be able to see each other alot le. but still, so long as we have the tyme, we'll meet-up right? weekends can still meet and we can skypee! hehe!
im worried you'll tired yourself out, so please please pretty please take care of yourself, especially since now you got to wake up early and all again. i'll always be the woman behind you.
iloveyou my babydear.

10:55 PM

Friday, July 8, 2011

today woke up at 8 and pepared for IHT, felt so weird dressing up for presentation.
left house at 9 and i felt so weird D:
anw, met suzann at bus stop, then met the rest of class to celebrate lijie bday. like seiously hor, they all wear the same, i so extra.
anw, i was the first to be called out to do presentation. oh well, got it over and done with. HAHA!
then had IHT group project discussion. ended and then boyf came over to find me.
went to tamp mall to eat and then he bought his school bag and wallet. hahaha! nice eh.
after that went back to his house and slack. so fun to be talking to him! YAYAYAY!
then went to meet his mummy at kovan where he bought his new shoe, wa, baby go school with everything new! hehe! :D
had dinner and then went to AMK to collect the 2 shirt i bought online. after that went back to boyf house playground and chit chat. then i went home.
baby is soooo cute today and making funny faces to make me laugh when i cried today. oops>< i llove him for making me happy and trying to always bring a smile to my face. i can be childish and who i want to be when im with him. loveyou! <3

9:45 PM

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today woke up at 7 and then went to prepare and head to school.
Had RHT tutorial first. Luckily tutor make me undertand all the crap that lecture said last week -.-
sian. Then had 3 hour break. Of which i had my lunch and then i went to meet with IHT group and discuss. But zhihao wasnt there so we discuss what to do. YY and me wanted go lab do de, she did, but i was too confused to continue so i didn.

Then had commskills, im starting to dislike mr ramesh, he always has his excuses, doesnt mean you're a tutor means you're always right eh? I hate it when ppl make fun of others name laaa.
Anw, after that was RHT lecture, dk why but i paid abit more attention this lecture. Hmm.

Had dinner and then went for salvo training. 7 of us who didn turn up on monday were coached alone and i have to say i prefer it this way, more focused. But it ends like at 9.35. And now am only on the bus.
Im super tired but i've alot of assignments waiting for me when i go home. STRESSED.

I realise my temper recently is really bad, like getting very agitated and pissed off easily. Others say de thing i could have take it as joke last tyme, but now it can make me tear.
I've to be strong. I wont let this stress get to me.

Boyf today went to shatec for his orientation and tmrw too. Am happy he met new friends. And i really hope he'll enjoy his shatec life as well as learn alot of thing and take a step closer to his dreams. I want to be the woman behind his back, giving him all the support he needs, be the listening ear when he's stressed up. Be the one who makes him turn from frown to laughter.
Baby, i want you happy. Iloveyou.

10:08 PM

Friday, July 1, 2011

today woke up at 9 cause lessons start at 11. haha! can sleep in is like SHIOKNESS!
anw, went to sch for IHT, hmmm, kinda okay bah. then had group consultation. next friday is field trip presentation, must wear smart casual! D: oh well~

after that had 1 otah puff and 1 chicken pau for lunch. haha! slack with YY outside LT 21, playing salvo de rythmn, keep forgetting.
and then had APEL. ms joan ho is super funny and she's a good careperson. like really good.

then went to meet boyf after that to AMK! woohoo~ was looking for a shop but dont have, so ate pepper lunch, the student meal, hehe! after that headed to hougang mall and found a shop :D
hehe! and it's home sweet home!
tmrw baby coming my house stayover! yippee!

today is 01/07/11, 2 years since 01/07/09! knew boyf for 2 years plus le :D
baby, i hope you're happy today, remember sleep early and must hug piglet, smile to sleeep!
loveyou <3

9:37 PM


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