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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hi! back to bloggg again! 
went to see BigBang concert yesterday! so, i woke up at 5 and prepared and meet yunyue as well as boyf at stadium to queue for the standing pen! super super long wait! but once it started, it was SOOOOO worth it!
Seeing them real live is like....a dream! and they were all sooooo HOT and handsome maximum! gosh! they are soso nice! except for the fans being unreasonable, the concert was overall fun! like super super exciting. im still suffering from post-concert effect! HAHAHAH! ohgoodness!

anw, then we went home and baby stayed over. i miss him so much! sigh!

1:36 AM

Saturday, September 22, 2012

So after Forever, im blogging again cause my babyboo has been nagging me to.

Been super super busy this few days w work or meeting/catching up w friends. And i got to say, i kinda like this lifestyle. EXCEPT, I MISS MY BABY SUPER SUPER MUCH.
Normally, he would be over at my house on a friday, but this week cause of F1, it's kinda hard for him to. Cause the traffic and all is bad. Which means im super duper missing him laaaa!

And now im sick. Like super sick. Gosh, idk why my body suddenly become so fragile. And i swear this morning i felt like i can faint. But i still went work. Im an awesome worker! Hahahah!
Wish boyf is here to take care of me. But since he cant, i'll have to take care of myself. Iloveyou darling.

1:26 AM

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last night babyboy came over for 7th month dinner and stayed over at my house :)
Soso happy that he's w me!
Anw, then this morning i woke him up and dint sleep until he went out. Im so afraid that staying over at my house will cause him to be late :(

Then, i spent the whole afternoon after i woke up reading my book which i am absolutely engrossed in :)
Left house ard 5.30 for my makeup lesson which i enjoyed v much! Hehehehe.
Back home and im missing my dearboy sosomuch. I wish we cn be tog for longer tymes. Iloveyou

11:48 PM

Thursday, September 6, 2012

So here i am blogging.
I finally found a job! And it's something i really like :) so i think, i will really be happy now.
Have been attending training the past 2 days and i rly love it, the ppl and the products <3

Alrdy 2 days nvr see my baby le, miss him sosomuch. I really hope and wish tmrw cn see dao him! :(
Tomorrow have training again and saturday work, sunday dinner! Which means i sat night aft work cn see baby alrdy. Cnt wait! I hope it's earlier though. Bibi iloveyou

10:45 PM

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Was supposed to blog last night. But too tired to.
So, yesterday marks the official start of holidays! Hiphiphurray!
Went out w mummy as she was on leave and we went to watch step up revolution. V v nice show!

Before that had lunch at billy bombers and after that we went to walkwalk ard plzasing before my makeup class starts.

Yesterday makeup class was fun and awesome. Alot of paintings and the removal of makeup was hard. Went for supper after class and came home sleep! Super tired.

Now it's 5.34 in the morning and imma gg back to lalaland!

baby, i missyou. Enjoyed the 3 days we spent tog. Iloveyou!!

5:35 AM


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