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Saturday, June 27, 2009

yesterday went to sch, was supposed to have a meeting but dono y it was actually a packing room session.yesterday 07 spent like 7 hrs packing and rearranging the room that is awesome now..although i didn help much coz not feelin well but still the 2 log, nabil and eileen did a gd job of reconstructin the rooms by givin out orders..haha..i seriously don like my posts..pd deputy and next yr sec 1 head? wth!! means i have nth to do except pd until next yr..nvm..jh oso sama sama..he pd head, next yr sec 1 deputy..hahaha..

aft that packin session, today got another meetin, supposed to gic js the training schedule and all but it become a chrerographing session..we were like deciding the moves for the mass dance on 45th anniversary, wasnt veri successful coz of a lot of mischevious and funny acts fr everyone..in the end i tink we oni finished like a 2 minutes plus dance but mdm tx say must do at least 10 mins..OMG!! mon still must go sch early to tink of more moves and song..anw, today during the session, i got veri frustrated easily coz kinda late le, ltr my parents scold..then a few of them still playing.grrr...

pls, stop it le, i noe that intake don like me but don hav to keep makin fun of them usin me, must let me noe again and again how much they disliked me meh? i noe i veri disliked by a lot of people and them, but i oso gt feelin de, ur still say wan me stand in front of them and scare them, so i can c wat attitude they giv me? so i can c i nt veri popular and hated much by even ur..pls..stop le cn? even if i say i don mind hw they look at me, but don hav to like tat..

addicted wif the song 'have you ever'..first time i heard it, i cried..

6:36 PM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ended anco camp 2 days ago, cant say i like this camp a lot..but i did learned a lot of things and make a few good friends..
worse part of it was 3rd day i practically fall out and did not participate at all except for moi..hope it will not affect y overall results..i realli dont wish to fail this camp. anw, this yr we quite suai, still must execute ooa, still must do 2 moi(fd& fa), last time oni 1 nia..
wont elaborate bout the camp, jus tat it was kinda slack and not enough sleeep, super tired aft the camp de lor..got fire drills 3 time..wth!
oso in this camp i realise i haven change much, stil veri stubborn and got the bad attitude, maybe coz i not feelin well and all but realli, i shld change..i kinda miss this camp..

anw, today had 07 meeting to do a training schedule and a proposal on our post..we all damn high can? all were suffering fr post camp symdrome, we like keep dancing 'nobody' amd playing a lot of things fr the camp..this camp make us closer even if we are not in the same section, which is a gud thing..shant tok more le..


2:54 PM

Monday, June 8, 2009

yesterday was fac..and all the teams won smth, in fact all teams except our team got 2nd overall,we oni got 2nd in hm nursing and actually oso 2nd in fd( we tie wif another team but dono y the trophy giv them) but its ok, we noe we did our best and we got 2nd in our heart for 2 catergories..its still a breakthru for gess nursin adult! HURRAY!

To NA2:
remember all the tears, the hardship we went thru together, how i wished that fac nvr came, im beginning to miss the training, the fun and the bond in us..mayb we are not exactly the best team, but we did our best and in my heart, we are already a winner! Py and Rhon, im super proud of ur, its ur first yr in fac, whats more in adult category and we still won smth..*claps* for ur..to jacelyn, its ur first time being a leader in fac and u r still sick, but in fd, u gav ur best and ur command nvr got softer, u are a great leader and great squady...hope next yr , we can pasticipate in fac 2010 and win more for our sch..

T0 AC1:
last yr, ur nvr won anythin, but tis yr ur took bac almost everything..ur strainous and tough training is worth it..Nabil, im sure u are veri happy and proud of urself..next yr, win champion k?

To officers and eelin:
im super grateful for ur help and time ur gave up to train us, to help us..we gotten smth bac, at least to 'repay' ur for ur help..thanks lots..

like always, after fac, we cried..not coz we nvr won overall, but coz we did our best and won smth, and not oni won smth but won in hm nursing category, its enough for all of us le..recallin the first case we did, it was a total screw-up, but na2 peservere, we train and won smth..the tears are worth it..now, fac is over, anco is the next thing we train for..aft tis, we will be ncos..jiayou, intake 07(prove we are the best intake)

2:24 PM

Monday, June 1, 2009

super long time since i last blogged..lazy bahs
exam results was so-so, pass all but nvr realli did well..aniwaes, that is over le..upcomin is fac and anco

im like super stresses up when i c the things to do for anco, worse of all is my parents, they always don allow me to go out, wonder if they will allow tis time..i have to go for a lot ofmeetings to discuss a lot of things b4 anco..if they don allow, my assessment sure die de..
fac is tis comin sun, super scared..we are aiming high and that is a gd thin, but sometimes aiming too high u will feel more disappointed if u nvr get wat u wan..haiz.let nature take its course ba..
if im destined to not get champion and fail anco, then i dono wat to say le..jux try my best ba.

4:22 PM


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